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Quick Easy Shielding Practice

Greetings everyone!!

As you may know by now, I am always looking for new healing ways to keep myself connected to spirit-but sometimes I forget to protect myself from lower energies-even though I always ask for Angelic protection, the Angels can not interfere with free will-so whilst someone else may have negative intentions,the Angels can not stop them from doing this, or how it will effect you either..

It is therefore very important, to place something permanent around is what I was instructed to do recently, and I invite you all to try this, it really helps to "weed out" negativity, in all its forms,that may be attaching to your aura-it also gives you more confidence and strength, then you may have dreamed possible...

OK Lets GO!!

Stand at the window in your bedroom-if you don't have a window in your bedroom, stand at any window you feel comfortable at...or stand outside..

Next, just close your eyes for 1 whole minute, just become aware of your breathing...then when you are calm & ready, ask for the presence of all your guides, masters,angels, fairy's,dragons and unicorns-all things that you relate too..say it out loud ;

"I now ask to be surrounded by those who guard me in all ways ...please place a PERMANENT spiritual shield of armour around my entire auric field ...allow this to ACTIVATE, when someone/something of negative intentions is near,& return to them only love, healing and 1000 angels to help them ...I now ask that all the karma of the past be cut, and a new life to begin, free from pain, illness and affliction ...should it arise from now on, I will know, it is because I have asked to learn something from it ...I NOW CONTROL MY OWN LIFE! Thank you,Thank you,Thank it is!!!"

This is done immediately, because your intention is what counts..even if you do not feel any different right away, you have made a huge change, that will become more and more noticeable to you...when there are those who are angry or negative in nature, you can be assured that your shield will activate, sending them love, healing and 1000 have the choice to put whatever words you want to into this, so you can remember..but it is important that you speak out loud, place your palms up in the air, and really decide you want this, and wow, the changes that will occur will be magnificent for you!

What you put out into the World, you receive back-so indeed, you will receive love, healing and 1000 angels right back at you, every time!

Please feel free to try this when it is a full moon also, to instill the wonderful energies of the full moon, and this will also enhance all your abilities!

How wonderful!!

Much Love to you all!!


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