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Raphaella- By BDevine®

Welcome to all of you!

Here is an interesting article about a very special "Healing Angel".

We first met "Raphaella" in my article called" health",where she came to me along with many other Angels.

Since this time it has been amazing having her around,and I have found out that she has been visiting other friends of mine and even clients.One client wrote and told me she had been hearing the name Raphaella over and over,she did a internet search,and found my article about her! Amazing! So I have channeled a message for you all about this Angel,and she explains her function and how she can help you also a special "Tea" that is available everywhere,that will certainly help every single one of you to be functioning at your best!

So please enjoy this message from "Raphaella" & I trust you will feel her presence from now on !

"Dearest Children Of Light!
I am "Raphaella" the feminine counterpart of Archangel Raphael.If you so wish for a more feminine angel to be with you,then you need to understand,that every single Angel,or if you prefer,Spiritual Light Being,has duality.We are neither one or the other,& so there is no wrong way to call on us,speak with us or even see us.It is always your choice, and how you wish to perceive things.

I'm part of the band of Angels (& there are so very many) who is dedicated to the healing and health of humanity.We Angels all have the ability to help you to heal,however some of us dedicate ourselves to certain areas. Almost like what you would call going to see a "specialist".

My particular area is your DNA as well as cellular renewal.
You are each born with your DNA fully intact .However over the years you develop strained immune systems,circulatory problems,digestive problems-in fact all of your bodily "systems" become clogged by the food you eat,pollution,drinks,environmental hazards,certain medicines with worry and undue stress being the biggest problem.
This breaks your body down-thus you have all kinds of physical symptoms!

We Angels will help you to restore your DNA to its full capacity & stimulate your bodily cells,so that they can work how they are supposed to.
You humans were designed to withstand aging & also have the ability to self heal any part of your body.Yet many of you turn to chemical laden medicines,which while they may heal one ailment in the body,they can actually damage other areas!
If we Angels told you that with the power of thought,you can change the way your body responds to ailments,you probably would not believe this yet.

As each of you are designed uniquely,you need to understand,that your thoughts control your body!You even have the ability,in your DNA to heal broken bones-by the power of thought and activating the cells in the area!In fact,broken bones and disease will become a thing of the past,once you activate your own cells,and program you DNA to function fully.
So in this same instance,use your thoughts to have a healing that will change your whole perception of health! As you activate your cells you will notice that your youth comes back!

You can even alter your biological clock,so you won't even age at all!
But your earthly way of thinking,this may be bizarre to you.
"How could it be?" you are thinking-well dear human,you are much more powerful than you could ever imagine.It has always been the way of it!

So far,the way you have "thought" about your body,and what it does,has not helped you.So we say to you,broaden your mind about this! Take it slowly & start to ask for angelic assistance with renewing your cells. (There are millions in your body that lay dormant) ask to have your bodily cells and functions rejuvenated and activated,then believe,that it is taking place!Without question,without doubt.

Even one of your famous scientists, Albert Einstein, has said that cells are energy-& energy is always changing-therefore,no one person should look the same way year after year-it is only because you believe that you will stay the same -that you do!
You see how this can work for you?

The power of thought is the "secret" to your existance.Use this power to your advantage, & see how this will benefit you! Look for signs that we Angels give,that will lead you to optimal health!

As my partner,Rebecca writes,she knows of a special "tea" that can cure almost any ailment in the body-even reducing cancerous cells,heart conditions,mental conditions,hair,skin,nails and even act as a weight loss aid,if your body needs it! This "tea" is called "YERBA MAT`E" and is available everywhere!

Go back to the older ways,where people did live a lot longer! Even in your holy book "The Bible" it speaks of men living some 900 years!! This is your right,to live as long as you choose in abundant health. Train your thoughts to be positive,and this always attracts the positive-and the opposite is also true.

There is no limit to what you humans can do!You have been born with the ability to do,be and have whatever you want! Don't let the negative pull,stop you from your birthright.
We Angels stand by ready to help you live your happiest and healthiest life!

Do not worry yourselves dear children!Lead yourself out of darkness,& into the light.You are all equally loved & equally capable of changing your body's functioning.
Close your eyes & call to me! Feel the waves of goose bumps & love surround you! Know that I and all the Angels will do our best to help you to heal,but it does take action on your part-that is to stay positive,and don't give up!

If you are already unwell,this can still help you! We Angels,if you ask,will always direct you to the right foods & drinks that will empower you & strengthen your weaknesses!
Always imagine your most healthiest state & imagine rainbow light inside and outside your body,bringing your body back to that state!
Do not rush yourselves dear ones. It does take time to work and sink into your brains that it in fact will work for you.

Step into a bubble of green and gold light & allow this healing to be felt!
Remember,you alone have the power to change anything you wish,with the strength of thought! But with Angelic assistance,your very own eternal family,the options are endless!
I am Raphaella, and I'm with you now,and always!
Bless you all!!!



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