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Red Jasper


Red Jasper :


Chakra's - Base

Star sign: Leo, Aries,Sagittarius

Element: Fire

Red Jasper works with the lower chakra's of the body,especially the Base chakra.

it amplify's energy t the wearer grounding and protecting, it is also on of the stones which increases psychic vision, and abilities.

Mentioned in the Bible several times,it is one of the oldest known gemstones.

It acts as a grounding force when you need courage, and can help to help and bring emotion back to your life.

It works on the root of the problem in your life,and especially helps you with anything to do with love, and pain of the past.

Red Jasper has the properties of Hematite, and quartz,and is uplifting as well as grounding.

it does bring with it a lot of courage,and inner strength, and is also helpful with a sluggish metabolism.

Can assist with issues of circulation,liver,pancreas,feet,bowels,hormones, and sexual performance.

A very lucky stone for those who wish to appear on stage!

Leans and stabilizes the aura.