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Books Of Reference-By BDevine

Greetings Everybody!
I'm often asked about different books and guides that will help everybody or just too have some interesting reading .Through my study over the years I have found these books too be the most like what I believe is right and how I choose too teach.
Some have things in them that are not for everybody but it is good too have a variety of reference too make your own choices in life.There is no particular order here.
Each of these titles can be found at The Devine Miracles Bookshop,which also sells anything and everything under the sun,at huge discounted prices-so I'm sure you will find what you need!
This list will be updated regularly! Enjoy!

A Dictionary Of Angels-Gustav Davidson

Tarot-Johnathon Dee

Heal Your Life-Louise L Hay

Reaching For The Other Side-Dawn Hill

How Too Meet And Work With Spirit Guides-Ted Andrews

Hands Of Light-Barbara Ann Brennan

Healing With The Fairys-Doreen Virtue

The Book Of Angels- Ruth Thompson

Past Life Angels-Jenny Smedley

The Other Side & Back-Sylvia Browne

Messages From Your Angels-Doreen Virtue

The Faerie's Oracle-Brian Froud

The Light workers Way-Doreen Virtue

Angels-Companions In Magick-Silver Raven Wolf

Heaven And Hell-Emmanuel Swedenborg

Messengers Of Light-Terry Taylor

The Angels within Us-John Randolph Price

Spirit Guides-We Are Not Alone- Iris & Enid Belhayes

Inner Eye,Listening Ear-Paul Beard

Archangels & Ascended Masters-Doreen Virtue

Your Guardian Angels-Linda Georgian

Touched By Angels-Cassandra Eason

Adventures Of A Psychic-Sylvia Browne

A Book Of Angels-Sophy Burnham

The History Of Spiritualism-Sir Aurthur Conan Doyle

Spirit Guides-Eileen Goble

Hear Your Angels-Doreen Virtue

Opening Too Channell-Sonaya Roman

Chakra Power For Healing & Harmony-Cassandra Eason

The Experience Of God-Johnathon Robinson

The Indigo Children-Lee Carroll & Jan Tober

Fate & Fortune- Geddes & Grossett

Lifting The Veil-Dawn Hill

The Search for Psychic Power-David Hammond

The Magdelene Manuscript-Tom Kenyon & Judy Sion

The Cheiro Book of Fate & Fortune-Count Louis Hamon

Manifest Your Destiny-Dr Wayne W Dyer

The Ancient Art of Faery Magick-DJ Conway

How Too See And Read Auras-Ted Andrews

Spirit Messanger-Gordon Smith

Talking To Heaven-James Van Praagh

Angel Chants-Erik Bergland (CD)

Spirit Guides & Angel Guardians- Richard Webster



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