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September Guidance 2012


"If you build it-they will come"
~Field Of Dreams~

Greetings once again!

Thank you all so much, for being here today, and experiencing this journey, through 2012 with me!

This month, I tried something different with the message, and offer some quick advice for everyone, depending on your Zodiac Element.

So there is a short message for Water, Earth,Air and Fire signs!

There is also the usual channeled message from the Angels-this time, the Angelic Realm has something to offer all of us!

I really hope that you have been enjoying the guidance so far, and the video messages that I bring with this.

Here are the key points, for the month Of September :)


Key Points for September:
1: It is celebration time for many-it is important to celebrate life and be grateful for everything to ensure there is more to be grateful for.

2: You will notice the energy shift to higher realms-this means that your food and drink and physical levels will be heightened,and you may crave things you would not normally eat or drink!.

3: Ancient knowledge and artifacts will become known to the World.

4: Your psychic abilities and senses will have leveled up! Pay attention to your feelings, and keep a dream journal-this will reveal so much to you, at a later time, or perhaps right away!

5: Relief will be felt especially in the home.

6:Travel will be important for many, or you may find yourself with itchy feet-again it is important that you listen to and follow your intuition.

Message for the Elements:

FIRE SIGNS: Leo, Aries & Sagittarius

Overseen by Archangel Michael

The need to make decisions now- it is time to take leaps forward, and try not to procrastinate. You have the green light, so to speak,on your plans for the future, so take steps to ensure this is part of your daily life.See the opportunities that await you now-must move forward in order for change to occur.

Be careful of looking at too many options-this is another way that delays and procrastination set in.

Your Root (Base) chakra needs aligning-so bring red into your life! If you have been lacking energy, this is also a sign that your root chakra is out of balance.

Envision the colour red,and ask that your chakra's are spinning freely .Courage and strength are yours! Call on Archangel Michael to help you if you feel this is lacking in your life.

Red is the colour of healing for you this month.

AIR SIGNS: Libra,Gemini,Aquarius

Overseen by Archangel Raphael:

Speak up & speak out! The time has come to work on your throat chakra, so you can communicate your wonderful selves. Concentrate on blue in your life, and imagine the throat area clearing,and healing!

Invitations and excitement abound,along with exciting plans that you must follow through with.It is a very social month for many of you.

Raphael says "You don't have to swim too far to see the Dolphins" So, appreciate the blessings along the way! Romance and heavy emotions may overcome you this month, but try your best to give love,as well as receive it.

Be very gentle with yourself, and allow yourself to express how you feel!

It is a good time for business transactions, and breaking free from what has been holding you back thus far.

Blue is the colour of healing for you this month.

WATER SIGNS: Cancer,Scorpio,Pisces

Overseen by Archangel Gabriel:

Animal totems and spirits are close by working with you. The Bear, Unicorn and Lion especially.

Take time to accept and become aware of your animal allies. Avoid gossip at all costs, as this may come and backfire on you.

Affirmations are very important for you, so place special sayings all around the house, to vibrate this energy every day.You will be more impulsive this month, so go with the flow-it is about time!

There may also be a change of plans, or you may be delayed in some of your plans, but there is a reason or reasons behind this,just accept whatever comes your way,as part of the big picture for you.

Your colour is Green, so focus on the Heart chakra healing,and letting go of any worry or grief in your life-when you hold this in you may feel shortness of breath or headaches even chest pains from this. Ask Gabriel, to help clear this area.

Green is the colour of healing for you this month.

EARTH SIGNS: Virgo, Capricorn,Taurus

Overseen by Archangel Uriel

You will be feeling more content this month, and those of you who are having birthdays will be pleasantly surprised with the peace of the day!

Life is very much revolving around family,and many of you will see a resolution to long standing problems, or things will find a way of working out for you.

Those of you who are looking, may find the perfect abode this month, or have the abundance you need to fix your current home.

The colour is yellow, and the solar plexus chakra is ion need of clearing. Imagine yellow or bring yellow things into your home, as a way of clearing this area. Your stubbornness may be tested this month, so let up on some things you may have been refusing to budge from.

Dragon energy is very strong with you, and if you have not connected with your Dragon Guardian, now is the time to do so. This will change your life in positive ways, and help you to release from the old and step into the new! Take any help that is offered this month, or else you may find yourself burning out, by taking on more than you can really handle.

Yellow is the colour of healing for you, this month.

Message from the Angelic Realm:

"Greetings dear ones!

We thank you all for the love and support and also healing you each have been giving to the World-also yourselves!!
Each one of you, have embraced your lives more completely, and are being driven full force into your new life!

So many energies are on the Earth helping you! We love you, and are amazed how far you have advanced collectively, and this has brought profound healing.

Each of you will continue to sift through your thoughts and feelings and we ask you each to be gentle with yourselves and allow the changes to unfold whilst at the same time, release from your old selves.

Carefully weigh decisions, but don't procrastinate, This way you are learning to move forward in light and anticipation, eagerly looking towards the manifestations of your dreams!

It is time to take another leap of faith, and trust that you will each land safely! We have faith in all you do!

Your works and deeds will be rewarded -continue to have faith in yourselves and your abilities.

Be prepared for travel-new opportunities and relief from hardships is here for you-all the while you will have to learn to release those things that no longer serve you, because, you will begin to start to feel the weight of lower energies more and more and you will not want it at all.

Your bodies are in a sense "lighter" and composed of differently vibrating cells-so, your tastes, and needs will change. Keep going with it! As these are the changes that you have requested.

Continue to remember, above all else, that you are wise beyond your years, healer to all, and have abilities you can not yet even begin to imagine.

You are each adjusting in unique ways but expect nothing but benevolence for yourselves and the World.

You have leveled up!!! Be proud! Be free! Be unique! You are all creators and hold this energy much more now. Go forward, and don't let anything hold you back-not even yourself! We love you always! We SEE you!!

With gratitude and eternal love always,

"The Angelic Realm"







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