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Spells-By BDevine®

Greetings & Welcome everyone!

I have been wanting to write about this topic for so long now, as you can imagine, with all the readings that I do, there are some people who come to me requesting that certain "curses" be lifted from them, or they want a spell so that they can get their "ex" back, or they themselves are actively doing spells-for bad intent.

I am starting to get very alarmed about this, because it can become such a dangerous and extremely "addictive" practice, and so I would like to outline some of this for you, and also explain what a Spell can do to you.

Firstly, it is a comfort to know, that the "Spell" itself, is absolutely powerless-the Spell,is after all, just words and in some cases herbs- so the actual "Spell" does nothing.
HOWEVER, the intent behind the Spell, and the person who is the "caster" of the Spell, places energy that is fearful, and in some cases downright evil in this.

This negative,and destructive energy,can make you believe,that you have been "cursed".
You may then experience all kinds of bad luck in your life, which further makes you believe that you are in serious trouble-and you may then even look for a way to "break" the spell,and in turn you may even want to retaliate with a spell of your own!

Because of this, your energies are lowered, you may not be thinking straight, and you feel that this is the only way to rid yourself of your problems, which you believe have come directly from having a "spell" cast on you. The person who casts a spell, for any reason, with a negative intent, should be warned, that you will always reap what you sow-some say, three times over.
You are also attracting lower level, earth-bound spirits, who will feed on this fear that is created, and in some cases, will show themselves to you, and cause more fear, and more negativity, and so the cycle continues.

There are all types of psychics and all types of readers out there, and some of them are claiming to have special powers that will rid your "Aura" of evil, some say this is like an "Aura Cleansing"

I have had more than one person, tell me that they have been charged $300-$500 for an "Aura Cleansing" Which is absolutely terrible, because you can cleanse your own Aura with the help of the Angels, and also banish yourself from any type of so called "Spell" or curse that you believe has been placed upon you.
Sometimes, I can totally understand why people may assume that all Psychics/Mediums etc are frauds. Especially when so many are only ever concerned with how much money they can make on someone's fear.

So here are some signs to look for when you are seeking help, that the Psychic may not have your best intentions at heart:

* You talk with a Psychic, and they tell you that you NEED a Spell to change your situation
* You are told you need to pay ongoing costs for "Protection"
* You are told that you have been cursed- in this case GET OUT OF THERE! There are no CURSES!! Just unbalanced Karma!
* You feel extremely uncomfortable- trust this!!
*You feel pressured to have "protection" or scared of not having it...
*You are seeking revenge,and the person is encouraging this.
* You are charged ridiculous fees-
* The "Psychic" is claiming to be 100% accurate. ( Although I like to believe I am fairly accurate, I could never claim to be 100% accurate, as I am only human after all, and my interpretation of things could be wrong. No one can ever be completely right all the time, so people who claim that they are, are only going to look even worse, when they are wrong, so please watch for this)

At Devine Miracles, it is my intention, to help you to see, that not all Psychics should be painted with the same brush, and not all are interested in the money they can make.
In fact, this is the main reason for me starting this web site , because I myself have been "ripped off" and left broke many a time, by psychics who mislead me into believing that I had one or more "spells" placed on me. Because at the time of seeking a reader, I was obviously in a low part of my life, I had actually believed that this must be true. BUT instead of the Psychics helping me to get through it, they just encouraged revenge tactics-clearly something I would never do...and so I was left completely unsure of my next step.

And so, with much confusion about all of this, I simply asked that the Angels would please show me what had to be done, and what my next step should be.
I kept on hearing the word "Karma" and suddenly realized, that I was not "cursed" at all, and that the events that were in my life at that time, had been there for lessons,and to finally free myself of all the negative Karma, that I had been born with.
As we know, history is not full of happiness, there have been so many wars, and killing, and totally evil things.So it is only natural, that in lives past, we have each done some disgusting and terrible things..( even if we could never imagine we could now) and so when we are born into this life, there are certain things that come with us-and these are kind of like "contracts" Promises and vows that we took, anger that we had, as well as hurt and pain, are there in our lives when we are born-and I am talking about some of the bad things that we are born with, but along with this, we are born with all the good deeds and attributes that we have had in the past.

There is a way to wipe the slate clean, and keep the good Karma going.
This is not going to reverse any of the good things that are coming into your life, but instead,release you from any negative energies that might be around you, release you from anything that is weighing you down in this life, release you from any vows you have made in the past -these may be vows of celibacy, vows to the church, vows that you would never talk about your spirituality again, vows that you will never love or have love, vows of poverty-you may have been totally wealthy and not want that again, (I know, that one seems a little funny,but it is real) so you don't really need to remember or even know what it is that you have vowed never to do again, BUT you can cut these ties that keep you bound to them.

So this will be quite an easy process, but one which must be done with a pure heart and a willingness to have a fresh and new start to your life.

*Releasing yourself from past negative Karma, and also releasing any "Spells" which you feel may have been robbing you of happiness, and debilitating your life.*

Please do this when you have some time to totally be alone without interruptions, because you want to feel the full effect of this release. I shall also make a *video* about this, so you can follow along if you want to :)

* Step one, put on some lovely soothing music, and have a candle and incense going to relax you.

* Step two, close your eyes and take some deep breaths...when you feel calm, you need to ask for your Guardian Angels to be by your side,and Archangel Michael to be by your other side.
Then you are going to ask for Archangel Raphael, Archangel Metatron, Archangel Sandalphon,Archangel Gabriel,Archangel Uriel And the Angel Of miracles Hamied, to all come very close.

*Step three, now you are going to ask to be surrounded in a cloud of white light, then gold light, orange light, blue light, green light,yellow light and once you are in this beautiful light, you will notice that it turns into beautiful rainbow when you are totally at peace, you need to say in your mind
"Mighty Archangels, I (state your full name) do hereby give you permission, to clear me of any lower attachments, clear me of any vows and promises I have made in lives past.
Heal me of any wounds that have been caused, by the verbal and physical attacks of others,restore me to my original and perfect radiance, and grant me knowledge and access to my higher self,who is still in spirit and a clear channel to hear your words of advice.
I know that I can ask for your assistance in any matter of my life, and that you will always guide me in the right direction. Help me to strengthen on the inside and outside, and please help me to forgive others but mostly myself, as I move into a totally new and exciting life. I ask that all of my abilities and talents that I have had in the past to remain and renew inside me, so I will know exactly what path that I need to be on ...I thank you for releasing me from these ties, and I know that if I am ever frightened, I can ask for your assistance and a clearing again, at any time. I thank you for taking care of this for me right NOW.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you...

This is all that you need to do, not only to have a clearing in your life, but to completely clear and clean all your past negative Karma. It does not always mean that everything in your life will run smooth as silk, BUT you will feel that there is a way forward, and you will look at things differently, because you have totally surrendered to the mighty Angels, and because you are asking for help and knowledge etc, you are going to be a totally new and vibrant person.
You may even wake up feeling like everything is different, and you will be right! Also, as you have noticed, in the meditation, you have now got access to your "Higher Self" and this means that you will have sharper abilities, and a clearer focus,and also you will receive a lot of wisdom when you are dreaming.

I do hope that this has helped at least one of you, with this topic. There are some "spells" that are more like "Affirmations" and these are harmless, because your intention is a benevolent one.
If you are wanting your life to be clear and fresh and a whole new way of life, I suggest that you at least try the above meditation, and this will help you enormously!

Remember, that No-ONE can hurt you, use you, or abuse you unless you allow this too happen! That being said, something's come at you from out of the blue, and so you are not consciously allowing it to happen-but you can control how it effects you and how you choose to resolve it.

We should always ask our Angels for the most healing and benevolent outcome for all concerned,when ever we need some assistance in our lives-this way, there is a healed reality occurring for everyone.

I also realize, that because I have written an article about "Spells" that my google ads, down the left side of the page,may show all sorts of places that are related to it. Please be careful with automated sites, and promises of magic that they offer. A lot of these are run by people who have a computer program, and they automatically respond to you. There are many who offer "Free Readings" also, and what you receive is a standard letter with the names changed, and in the end, they are asking for a lot of money-so please be careful with who you trust,and if you are not sure, start by asking the Angels to lead you in the right direction!

With love and abundant blessings to everyone of you!


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