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In this article I would like too help you to connect with your guides on a more personal level.
You may already be aware of who your "Spirit Guide" is and there purpose in your life or you may be curious as to what all the "Spirit Guide" stuff means.

Either way I hope that you enjoy the article and hopefully have some of your questions answered as well as a chance to possibly 'Meet' your Guide and know how they help ,teach and ultimately guide us in our lives.

Here I will answer some questions to the best of my knowledge and it may or may not be different to what you know or are taught but it is important to develop your own ideas and theories on the subject.

Does Everyone Have A Guide/s?

The simple answer is 'yes' we all have at least one Spirit Guide.
This is how it came about. Before you were born you sat down with the Angels ,Master Guides and God, and thought about what you still needed to learn on Earth too reach the stage that you could perhaps be someone else's guide and not have to come to Earth again.

You then employed a "'Master Guide" who was chosen to best help you to stay on the path your have chosen & guide your Spirit.
This Guide,is with you for life.

They have known you through many of your lifetimes, they may in some cases be a family member of yours, but only if they have also gone through all of their Earthly lessons.
Most people identify their Spirit Guide as American Indian Chiefs ,Egyptian Deities or Wise People from all over history.

How Can I Know Them?

Spirit Guides will come to you when you call on them however unlike Angels who help no matter what the purpose, a Spirit Guide will only come when its absolutely necessary,especially for your spiritual evolvement.If you are on track with your life and where your heading Spiritually, a Guide may chose too sit back at watch from a distance so to speak.

Of course,if you have not met your Spirit Guide, there is a meditation here to find your "Master Spirit Guide" or the one you chose before you were born to oversee your life, & help you get on track spiritually.

There will be many others that will come and go through different areas of your life, but the Master Guide will stay with you until the end.

What Do They Look Like?

When we imagine what our guide may look like we are probably pretty much on track and many people draw their guides just by feeling .Trust whatever feeling you get as real!
I believe, your Guides, are more revealed with feelings, colors or even symbols rather than a full body figure.
My 'Master Guide" is, believe it or not, the Ascended Master 'JESUS' & this is only something I have recently discovered.

He was shown to me on the Spirit plane and I instantly knew who was standing in front of me.
This will not always happen and you may not always see them-I mean it took me until I was 33 for me too see mine!
But then my interest has not been with Spirit Guides as much as I would like or should have liked.
Everyone is different and how you 'see' or 'feel' your Guide will be how it is for you.


What Can A Guide Tell Me?

Your 'Master Guide' as I've mentioned is really only interested in your Spirituality & may go quiet when your on the right track.
However they can speak too you louder than Angels,in that an Angel will give a lot of inner guidance and deep 'knowing' where a Spirit Guide will actually shout at you and you may hear this sometimes before bed or when you are in real dire straights!

For example, I spent a lot of years going to Court over visitation with my youngest son,and needless to say,it was a very emotionally exhausting time & physically also. I had to travel long distances to get to these Court Cases at times and I've even been known to drag my suitcase into the courtroom to be there on time!
Well to cut a long,long, story short,I was due to be in the court room,one dreary day and my mother was with me & also my 'ex' and his new girlfriend.

This was a hearing,& generally, the parties involved listen to the lawyers argue their respective cases and come to a decision with the judge.
On this particular day there was much discrepancy in my ex's story and I was told that I could actually be called and have to answer questions on the stand! As you could imagine,I was totally unprepared for this sort of examining as well as having my ex & his new girlfriend leering at me from the other side of the room.EEEK!
My lawyer,turned to me and whispered
'You may have to get up there and speak-how do you feel about that?' Naturally I was mortified.

All I could think was 'they will crucify me up there-I can't possibly do this'
With that thought in my mind and my heart beating out of my chest, I heard a loud and clear voice say to me :
So without further ado I said to my lawyer " I'm READY!"
I did speak my truth that day-for over an hour I answered excruciatingly hard questions about myself and my son and I even cried my way through it but managed to hold my poise and dignity throughout the tears.

There was nobody in that room that did not 'feel' what I was saying and when I finally stopped-I Witnessed my "ex' and girlfriend with their heads down crying themselves....

*I never stepped foot in a Court Room again and all the so called "Issues" were resolved then and there.*
There was no doubt in my mind that my "Master Guide" instructed me to speak when I felt I couldn't even breathe.
So when your Guide does speak to you-its unmistakably loud and clear and generally it is a point in your life you need to face-or cross.

* Since writing this article, trouble has indeed come for me again with Court,and I have attended again a few times now.
However, I still believe that justice will prevail, and I am far less emotional then I used to be. Although I would like this to be all over completely, I am sure, that there is a higher purpose to all of this, and this is what has made me stronger, than I ever thought possible. *

Are There More Than One Guide?

As we now know, there is your 'Master Guide' with you at all times.
But you may want too call on some wise men or creative woman,famous scientists,inventors,musicians,historians,politicians, therapists,psychologists,Doctors or any one that you wish to learn about or have knowledge and wisdom from.
You may even meet some unusual of famous people that you have known of ,that have evolved enough to become a Spirit Guide in that field.

Of course you must always ask for a guide from the Light and have Archangel Michael with you in any event. A true guide, will always say they are from the light-some earthbound Spirits have been known to "Pose" as Guides because they see someone calling who wants to talk.

As long as you have protected yourself there is nothing too ever fear, and you can learn so very much from this Guide .
As time goes on this guide shall leave but is only a call away.

So there are a infinite amount of Guides too chose from and some will also come when they can see you are ready for what they have to teach you .

I will be updating this page as time goes on & if you have any of your own 'Spirit Guide' stories you would like to share than I would like to see them & post them here.
By sharing our stories we can grow from everybody's experiences and deepen our knowledge.

A meditation for meeting your Spirit guide,is on the right of this page.

Many Blessings to Everyone!


© 2009 onward





Native American MySpace Comments and Graphics
- -

It is my hope that with this meditation you will have a connection with your Spirit Guide who has been with you since birth.

It is important too remember as always that you should make sure that you are asking your Angels to surround you particularly Archangel Michael ,so that you have no worries with this session.

It is not necessary to have any special equipment however a candle for this occasion would be lovely and you could use this candle when you wish to receive messages from your Spirit Guide.
Seat your self or lie down in a comfortable position.
The idea is too be relaxed and ready to be undisturbed for at least 10 minutes. As you take deep breaths and relax your mind,ask that your Angels surround you and Archangel Michael. You will feel an instant sense of peace wash over you.

Once you have relaxed enough I want you too imagine that you are walking through a beautiful peaceful rainforest.

Only the sound of you slowly walking along is clear to you. You have your angels with you and Archangel Michael - but you can't hear them,you only have a knowing that you are safe and totally protected. You keep walking deeper into the forest and push past many overhanging branches and tall dark green grasses.

There are hundreds of multicolored butterflies dancing around you and in front of you. You can see the sun slowly going down through the trees and are amazed at this wonderful place that is so clean,fresh & perfectly peaceful. As you walk deeper into the forest you become aware of the wildlife and even large animals walking around but they are not bothered by your presence or feel threatened that you are there.

Just get a real sense now of the beauty of where you are. There are no earthly concerns,just you & the forest and everything else does not seem to bother you. You don't want this walk to end you are feeling more alive and energetic as you walk along. Suddenly and very faintly, you hear the distinctive sound of water.You have no idea where it is coming from only that you seem to be getting closer to it.

Curiously you walk closer towards it now and through the glistening trees you can just see the mist of a giant waterfall. It would have to be the biggest on you have ever seen,and you just want to get closer to take in all the beauty of this.

As you approach the waterfall,you see that a rainbow has formed from one side of this too the other,and the colors are glowing brightly and almost appear you can actually walk on it! With much excitement you start to walk faster,still knocking branches out of the way and getting closer and closer too the falls. You stand on the outside of it on top of a large rock & peer behind to see if you can walk right through. The sound of the falls is almost deafening but still you are urged to go further. You are finally at the edge and there is a ledge going from one side to the other.
You slowly start to walk through and look out through the water,and the view is amazing. As you get to the middle you can see a white glowing light coming towards you from the other side. You are filled with an intense feeling of knowingness and familiarity with this white light.

You keep coming closer and so does the light only now you realize,that there are more than one .Finally the one that is in the center starts to take shape of a person.Your 'Master Guide' You ask the being, Are you my 'Master Guide?'.......................... You have a conversation with them and ask them their name.You discover that the other beings are also there to help you and that they have brought you on this journey to meet your guide.

After a while you are told that your Guide will never leave you and shall come when you need Guidance. You turn to leave but first look back to see your Guide disappear into the rainbow.

You walk back the way you came aware that anytime you need guidance about anything,that you can come to the magical rainforest.

You may want to record this so you can relax with it and you must take breaks so that you can look around and take it all in. This is a meditation from my 'Master Guide' for everybody.

You will have a connection if not on your first try,keep trying but only once a day.
Once you have met your guide everything will become easier.
Many Blessings To You All!! BDevine


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