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What Can They Really Tell Us?

I am sure some of you have asked a Medium
to give advice about a loved one, that has passed.
A good Medium should be able to do this
for  you. However what they tell you maybe
different to what you where expecting!

It is quite a difficult process to call the
Spirit in.The energy is a lot lower, than that
of an Angel, and it should only be done in
a controlled manner,with protection.
However sometimes your loved ones turn up
unannounced and you may see electrical disturbances,
such as your lights switching on & off, smell a certain
flower or cologne that the person might wear,pictures
moved, songs that were significant,dreams of the person

Your beloved does not want to frighten you, so generally Spirits choose to visit only at your request & generally in dreams first.

The reason is deep down we are afraid of actually seeing a dead person. (Think Sixth Sense ) In my experience, Spirits have never looked anything like they are depicted in movies & books etc.

They will look a little aglow but this is just a energy level, and generally only speak of great love for you and a sense of peace is upon them.

They will also appear to you how you remembered them at their best, however in heaven they can choose to look like whoever they want!

Tapping In

A lot of people can actually tap into
the Spirit but then the Spirit doesn't say
anything- in this case, the Medium
will then get a general feeling from the Spirit and express
that,to you- Or ask an Angel for a message.

All Spirits commune with feeling
and thought, as well as smells or gestures only you
would understand. There should be some
sort of validation to you that you know this person.
Sometimes that may be a name other times a memory
only you & they have. Or a family member can also validate.

It's important to ensure that you ask only those from the
light to speak with you. In the Bible it talks of "testing A
Spirit" if the Spirit is not from the light, it will not be able to say that it is of Gods light-Some Spirits will try to contact anyone who is living & this process will eliminate that happening.

Spirits need to be escorted to heaven by Archangel Michael.
So be sure if you see a Spirit , that it is indeed it is from Gods
light.This is very important.

Also if you mention the word Jesus,any
lower energies will flee.


Light Treatment

All Spirits need to have “Light Treatment”
This means that they need to go to the
other side and have much needed healing.
This happens straight after death and lasts for at least 6 weeks.
Archangel Azrael escorts people to the light along
with your Guardian Angel & Archangel Michael-
still some Spirits want to hang around & this will still
be there choice but we should always encourage the
light treatment. After this, they can give us gentle visits
when we need them.

In other cases the Spirit may decide to stay
in “The Light” as there is such a positive
comforting atmosphere, it would be hard
to leave.
Surrounded by loved ones & famous teachers,
writers,musicians,scientists etc there is an awful lot
to learn! You are still able to connect with them, and they should still offer you your own personal signs, that they are OK and with you in spirit.


Others may have gone straight back to earth
to live another life- this happens quite a lot
with suicides.Some say suicides are born again
straight away & back into the same life path
until they follow it through.
I believe we all make our own decision- even in death.

So the person who you were expecting to
“hear from” could be in any of these places.
Most times, some other family member or
friend will come through to give you a message
of love.

Acceptance Of Messages

Please accept anyone who comes through
with this- as this may be important to them!
& a blessing for you.

Spirits can only give so much information. I
don’t believe a Spirit is able to predict future
events- only guidance.

Our best hope is that we are able to send as many
as we can back to the light.This is very important
as earthbound spirits or lost souls can be quite a nuisance
and have been known to scare people out of places.
This is why you must always have protection with
Archangel Michael who then escorts these Spirits
home again.

I myself am quite a gifted Medium however it is not my
favorites part of the job! However being able to tap
into this realm has served to heal so many people &
make it so I'm never afraid to die.
Over time, I have become more used to this role, and how much it helps others.
I also believe, we are ALL mediums- it is part of who we really are, but because we are not often taught this, or how to do it, many become afraid, and seek help from others, who they feel, are more "gifted".
I believe, it is part of my own special spiritual path, to teach others that they too are 'gifted' and are able to connect at any time in their own way.
Be careful of those who tell you that you are not able to do this- it is certainly something that you will become better at over time, and with protection, you can never go wrong.


If you need reassurance that your loved ones are ok,
ask your Angels to give you a sign from them
and be open to receive this sign from above.
Usually , a sign will be something that resonates with you about the person.
Also imagine your loved one bathed in white light
& protected by the Archangels.

Letting go:

It is very important, that you understand, that there are times when you will be overcome with grief- for example, the most common cases of not being able to let go completely, is with parents who have lost children.

When this happens, to parents, they often fall into a grief pattern of not being able to accept what has happened, and thus do all they can, to continue to keep connecting, or keep the memories fresh.

Another part of this, is guilt- A lot of parents blame themselves for the passing, feeling as though they have "let their children down" or that they could have done more, to prevent this from happening.

What must be noted, is that, the child who has passed, has done so, for the benefit of the family, and their soul mission. Of course, it does not seem like any sort of benefit at the time, to anyone! But, this is always a soul agreement, between parents, and children-one that was to prop ell, the parents into a new life, and way of thinking- and to reach their own soul potentials and goals.

It is a beautiful thing, and as sad as it is, family members always need to remember that the child is protected, comforted, loved and happy as can be in the spiritual realm. They will be there, acting as guides, as you go into your future as well.

A lot of children who pass over, also stay close to the mother, and if she should decide to have another child, the spirit, may decide to come into the Earth again.
This is a choice the soul makes.

Most of all, the children that pass do not want to see their family grieving- especially if it is stopping the person from functioning in a normal way.
What I mean by this, is that, some never do go onto their true path- instead, they spend their lived grieving, and in some cases, falling into deep depression, and even in most extreme circumstances, take their own lives.

The children who have passed, want their family to go on with their life in happiness. Of course, it is only natural to mourn your child, and grieve periodically for them. But you have had a unique experience, that only those who have lost children understand. You may in the future, be able to help others, who are also in your position, or even help children in some way- the list of things that are possible for you, are endless.

Never feel as though you are personally punished by God. This is not true- you punish yourself enough!
Always do your best to remember, that the soul agreement was for this to happen, in this way. In the past, on Earth, YOU may have been the one to make just this sacrifice, in order for spiritual growth of your family.

Always remember, most of all, that you are loved eternally by your child, and your child wants nothing more, than for you to accept yourself, for the wonderful person that you are, and go on in life, living your dreams, and making your life as wonderful as it can be.

You are wonderful, and a strong soul, if this has been your soul contract with your child. You can achieve more than you imagine, by having this experience, and using it for the benefit of yourself, your family, and those who you may be able to help along the way.

Please know, that your child loves you eternally- and can hear your words, see your pain, and love, and also can be with you at any time. You may not always physically see them, but they are there.

I hope this has helped someone out there, and as you have read this, be assured, that your child is with you now.

Please see some of the meditations on the right, to help you connect and feel happier within.

Bright Blessings!






There are times in our lives when we just want to know that our loved ones and pets in heaven are ok! If you would like to have a connection with them again,try these simple little prayers and see how you go!

*Again, we must be sure that we are always protecting our self so start from the beginning here.*


  • Dear Archangel Michael .I thank you for your presence here now and I ask that you stand beside me and with your sword of light protect me from any lower energies that I don't need to have contact with.Im so thankful for your help.


  • Dear________(name of loved one) I would really like to know that you are ok! I'm open now to receiving a sign from you that will tell me that you are safe.We miss your presence here on earth but know that they need your help in heaven. I will ask the Angels to help with this process.We love you very much!


  • Dear________ I request that you please try to visit me in my dreams and give me a clear message. I understand if you are not able too, but if this is the case,please send someone who can. I will keep my thoughts and eyes open! Thank you!


  • My precious Pet. I miss you so much .I don't understand why you had too go but I need to know you are ok. I know you may not be able to contact me but could you please give me some sort of sign that you are ok!Please remember how much you are loved by us!


When we feel like we can't go on without the person/pet we have lost,it's reassuring to know that they are indeed with us in Spirit & want to let us know they are ok.


It may not happen straight away, but usually when you least expect it,you will see,hear or feel something that reminds you of that person or animal.





When my brother passed, I did not seem to hear from him or receive any signs at all.It was this, that started me on my Spiritual quest & funnily enough the first thing that he ever said to me was:

" Now you are on the right path! You see, I had to go so that you would pursue your talents!"
To which I replied to him ;
" But Nathan, I read your Tarot cards for you, but I didn't tell you that I could see a death....Why didn't I warn you? I feel so responsible for this!"

He said to me that I was not supposed to warn him of anything like that at all.
That if I had said anything, that it may have caused a sooner accident because he would have had this doom on his mind.
Instead I did tell him to be careful driving-& he was-however his girlfriend was a learner and put her foot on the accelerator instead of the brake.
The car slammed into a tree on his side, of the car, & she walked away with just a scratch. He was killed almost instantly.

So you see,your loved one does not want you to feel any guilt about anything-they want you to learn from their passing,to embrace life to the fullest and to be the best you can! Believe me this is all they could ever wish for you.

My hope for all of you is to gain understanding of these matters & to stop the "guilt train " that we all
seem to ride over & over.

There is nothing we can do to prevent death,but we can learn not
to fear it!

Many Blessings To Everyone!




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