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Working With Guides
By BDevine


Welcome to everyone!

I am so happy to bring this article to all of you, as so many have requested information about working with guides!
If you have not read it already, I encourage you to read my article "Spirit Guides" for more information about Guides, as well as your MASTER GUIDE

Everything that I am telling you has come from many years of research and personal experience.
I also like to ask my own guides and even God and the Angels about ways in which it will be easier for you, to work with your guides, and even introduce yourself to new ones!

When I first began my spiritual journey (not my religious journey, for this is a separate matter) I wanted to work with my guides, but was so unsure what they could actually do for me, if it was really real, and how come it was easy for all these "others" to see and work with their guides-even have them give them information!

This was all so very fascinating to me, and naturally, I started to ask for my guides to show me that they were there, to talk to me, and help me through my life.
As with most other people, I felt that I was not being heard!
I felt as though nothing was really there, and I started to think that you needed to be "special" in order for Guides to work with you ...I eventually stopped trying,thinking that maybe I had done too many wrong things, in my life, to be able to hear and feel the presence of a guide.

Things in my life did not get any easier, which further made me believe that I was not very favored with God or the spiritual plane...In fact I felt totally abandoned by anything to do with spiritual things, and actually turned away from talking to God and my guides-even Angels anymore...

After a couple of years of this, arguing with myself about this, and determined once and for all to find a way to connect, I started to work on my attitude towards things...
I had to find out what I really thought of I saw myself in the Universe, and what I thought that God would think of how I had been behaving...

So the journey of reading and releasing began ...I started to stop putting myself down, and I stopped thinking that there was something wrong with me...and I believed that since I was God's child, no matter what I thought that I had done wrong, he would always love me ...Instead of fearing Gods wrath on me, (which was admittedly my REAL problem) I suddenly felt, that there was nothing but love for me...and I started to let it grow!

The more that I accepted that I was not perfect, but certainly my heart was in the right place, and that I was just as wonderful as those who I believed were better than me...
This feeling of Universal love, began to grow, and I came to a place of deep peace within myself ...right to the very core!
This was something I found, I had never truly known before...

It was almost as though I was the ONLY block to gaining enlightenment...for gaining knowledge, for feeling at peace ...because the love of God, the Universal source of infinite energy, had not changed its feeling toward me, but I had changed my view of myself ..
I had decided that what I was doing, so far, was not bringing me to the life I wanted...but I was not punished in life,for my decisions-I was punishing myself...& abandoning who I was..
This was the most IMPORTANT part of my whole is what has lead me to where I am today-because If I had not taken this important leap,then most definitely, I would be very miserable, lost and fact I doubt I would be alive...

So this too, is an important step for all of you, who are wishing a more immediate and closer relationship with your will need to ask yourself if you really believe that a Guide would want to work with you...if you don't know, then ask yourself WHY?
What is so bad, that you think you would ever be abandoned? This is crucial to accepting the help of your Guides, Angels and the Universal Love of God.

The whole truth is, we have been born with Guides who are looking after our spirit...
We chose those Guides who are at our level of knowing, who we have perhaps had in past lives, or who we feel will keep us in line the most!

Whatever reason that you have a particular Guide, it is always because you have asked this Guide to work with you, on your own ascension, and your own spiritual journey...& you walk a similar path as they did whilst on Earth!

Your Guide is so very close to you, especially your MASTER GUIDE, that you may be asking for a sign from your Guides or a special message and it feels like nothing is happening, and so what you might need to do, is find out for yourself what it is like when they are NOT there...

Has this peaked your interest? hehehe...



Your Guides are always very close to you ...unlike Angels, they are a denser energy,because they have had time as a human...
Basically you will need to ask for protection from God and the Angels, as we have discussed before.

Then try your best to relax and calm yourself...this may take a few moments of deep breathing..

Now ask that you guides come close to you, when you click your fingers 4 times...

Notice how this feels-my guess is, that it will feel much the same...but record in your mind the feeling that you have.

Next you are going to ask that your Guides come very very close to you...when you click your fingers 2 times...

Notice how this feels ....definitely you should feel a shift in your energy, you may feel that there is love flowing to you, or even "hear" your guide beside you...some of you may even "see" yours,even if it is just a glimpse ...BELIEVE that they are they, very close and sending love to you...

Next, you will ask your guides, to move right away from you, with you click your fingers 3 times...

You might encounter some resistance, as they don't want to leave your side! But to demonstrate, you will know what it feels like if they are not in your Auric field...

The reason that you click or give a number of times, it to get yourself ready for the experience to occur. This also allows your guide to finally be able to give you clear results!

It is amazing to know that they REALLY ARE there with you! And that when they really do move away, that you can feel this too!

You should ALL have success with that little experiement...this is something that I showed to my husband, and he felt every single experience-something that no one had been able to "prove" too him!


Another exercise, is giving your guide a name...

By this I mean, that sometimes when we ask our Guides to tell us who they are, we have no idea what it is! If instead we decide what the name will be, we shall have instant access to infinite amounts of knowledge! This works with Angels as well, who are only more than happy for you to give them a name, as this is a way that the whole experience becomes real for you..

So if you do not know, then choose! Shall it be a boy or a girl? How many Guides do you think that you really have? Does there need to be a number?

In reality, you are able access to anyone you would like to work with ..I personally have JESUS as my MASTER GUIDE, as I have explained before...& believe me, he is working with any one who is reading these words today...he is wonderfully patient and all about is the KEY to everything...

It took me a very long time to believe it! Because as we know, there are religions (especially Christianity) who do not believe in the things that I am speaking of here...
All I can say to this, is that everyone is blessed! Every one believes in what is right for THEM & no one has a right to judge anyone's spiritual and moral standing in life! If we do that, then we have totally missed the point of our time on Earth..

I believe that every single person is on the path that THEY need to be know what you are doing! YES YOU ALL KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING!

When we start to examine who is right or who is wrong, or what another person's "motives" really are, we are taking away from our own experience....we are dropping backwards, and losing our own personal power! This is bad for us,since the whole idea is too strengthen :)

You are developing and growing at your own pace, and NO ONE knows more than any one else...we are all just different. Isn't that wonderful!?
We are all on our own Spiritual journey, and our only goal is to feel happy and peaceful within soon as we accept this, our life begins to swing into motion, and things begin to happen in a wonderful and miraculous way!

SO ...working with Guides, Angels and spiritual beings, is YOUR choice ...whether you accept your own wonder or chose to make life harder, is all up to you..


It is really important in your life journey, to start to REMEMBER to ask your guides for assistance ..there are many ways in which to do this.

One of the easiest ways, is with the use of AUTOMATIC WRITING. I have already taught about this process, but it may prove to be invaluable in getting to know your guides, and even asking for the assistance of others!

There are many Ascended Masters, and even loved ones who are in Spirit, who you can ask to work with you-perhaps it is just for a particular purpose or perhaps you really want a particular guide to work with you for the rest of your life.

It is important to know, that you do not have to restrict yourself! The only requirement is that you are testing the Guides, you are asking:
"Are you from the light?"

Your Guide/s should be able to answer you immediately!! If you are ever unsure of "who" you are talking to, believe that Archangel Michael, and his band of mighty angels, are escorting this away from should never be afraid of having a beautiful connection with your Guides ...I can not stress enough the importance of having God and the Angels working with you whilst you are working with your Guides.


It might be helpful for you to have a few questions ready to go, and write all the things that you wish to know, down...

You may wish to put things in categories-of love, finances, life path and spirituality..and come back to these over time.

You will find that some answers do change over time, but generally, what is right for you,will always be given to you..

As you are writing things down, you may feel that you already know the answers! This is true! Believe that your guide is totally aware of what you are thinking and feeling and will answer you "telepathically"

A guide will also "show" themselves to you ...maybe not when you want them too, but there will come a time where the "cloak" will be off, and they will "reveal" their true selves to you...

So write your list, light your candle and keep things separate from your Angel work.

Some people always work with guides, and this is your choice, but I personally always ask for protection in all that I do, and I believe that it is instantly given.

Over time, you will really start to know when your guide is "pushing" you to learn something.
It is never a "pushy" experience, or an egotistical one, it is only ever a loving push.

One way would be when you are in despair,perhaps over a lost love. You may ask,
"Where were you, my guides,when my heart was being broken?"

Your guide may have nudged you right in the beginning, too "See this for what it is"

You may have seen,felt & knew, a lot of signs , that this particular "love" would not be the kind of thing that you were looking for in your life, but you did it anyway...
So believe that the lesson was necessary for all concerned, and never think that you guide is sitting there laughing at your efforts...your guide loves you, and wants you to fulfill your blueprint, becoming your own master. Yes, you are here to discover your own mastery!

Guides work a lot like Guardian Angels, in that you will have a deep "sense" of what direction that you need to go in and do. A guide will be very loud and "to the point" sometimes, and this is sometimes enough to wake you from sleep!


For instance, one time I was fast asleep, and I heard my name called so loudly, I woke with a start and sat straight up in bed!

Looking around the room in the dark, I could see no one there-BUT there was a security monitor in my room, as my "ex" had just had a feeling that someone was "lurking" around our place, trying to break in.

When I heard my name and sat bolt upright, the security monitor came ON!! In front of my eyes, I could SEE an INTRUDER on the screen!! Someone was trying to break into our garage!!
We had it on screen,and were able to call the police!

If I had not had a warning from my guide that loudly, I would have slept through it, and perhaps they would have tried to break into the house, or worse attack us all in our sleep!!
This is just one of many moments like this in my life.

So believe me when I say, that when you NEED to get out of the way, wake yourself up, or be in the right place at the right time, your guide will help you to see that, in a way that is real & unique for you!

There are many Ascended Masters, that we will begin to learn about, I have already written about
"Saint Germain" who is available to help you all get on the path of enlightenment, and also help you to transmute all fear energy in loving energy.

I shall keep on updating these pages for you all, so you can begin to work with Guides in a whole new way!

Thank you all for reading, and I would like to share a message from my Master Guide, the Lord Jesus, for all of you!!


"Dear friends,

It is with peace and love, that I am here, with all of you today..
As each one of you asks to be helped and guided, and also touched, it is now that you shall feel this deep inside of you..
Some of you may even feel that your face is beginning to tickle, and itch a little, and this is one of the many ways in which I will show you that I am also with you!

Do not concern yourself with the right and wrongs of are all on your own mission-one which you have set for yourself before you arrived this time on Earth. You only have one thing that you need to fulfill in this life, and that is to find the way that relieves you the most, the way that allows your heart center to light up with joy, and too feel deep peace and happiness within...

This is something that is part of your "Sprit" and thus, Guides and also myself if you wish, can help you too find this-but ultimately, it is you, who will need to work out what it means for you.

Never fear that you are letting yourself down by making mistakes-in fact mistakes will always bring you closer to your goal, because it enables you to release that which no longer serves you or your purpose-but again, these are mistakes only in your eyes...

You beautiful souls, set such high standards for yourself, and this is very fear based!
When you leave your physical bodies and you are reunited with your loved ones, your family of Angels and Spirit Guides, you will be greeted only with love and deep pride for the job that you have done, in helping the planet, and helping yourself too reach spiritual on will ever be turned away by is your choice, even in death,always.

Many of you will become Guides to others, as this may be your last incarnation...many more will return to Earth, after having wonderful healing on the "Other side" as you all like to call it...

Try not too dwell too much in the things that you think you have done "wrong" where there is love, there is life, and where there is life, there is always "understanding"

Those of you who feel lost and alone in the world, feel this way only because you allow yourself too...this is true, but you may not realize or want to face this yet...
All of life experiences are of your choosing, and because of this, you are also able to choose how you feel about it!
You can choose freedom from your own prison cell, and from the cell that others have somehow placed you are the key holders!!

Refuse to listen to anyone, who has a negative or fearful way of controlling you ...because these people are afraid, they want others to feel the way that they they are not alone in their fear..

But, I say to all of you, that you are only ever responsible for yourselves!
Yes, there will be trials along the way, but you need to learn to embrace them! Learn from them, but move on ...never allow a hurt feeling to fester ...never allow yourself deprival of anything that makes you happy! Find peace in the company of yourself, and once you do, you will work out the secret of life...

Those of you who think that it is impossible to get anywhere, are still in the old paradigm of limitedness...break free from the traditions of the past, decide that you will not be a slave to anything anymore, and have the courage too stand up for what you think is right for you!

Ask and you will receive! But do not doubt it before it even takes place! Expect that there will be good things available to you, if you believe it!

Love others unconditionally, and learn to love yourself unconditionally most importantly.

Love is not about who is better than the is about recognizing the differences between you, and allowing each too his own interpretation of things..

Your spiritual journey is in your hands.. You have the power within you to change your life, in one split decision, you can change your destiny, and allow yourselves the freedom of love..

Once you embrace your own sense of love, you will see the ripple effect this has on yourself, and more importantly the world..

Listen to those who you feel are radiating from their love center. If anything that you hear or feel does not resonate with you, shift your focus elsewhere...get yourself in the habit of simply shifting your focus, and you will see that there is nothing that you can't overcome!

I am so proud of all of you! You are doing what you came to Earth to do!! I am with each one of you, who are reading this! YES YOU!!

Every single one of you have worked with me, and also had personal training from myself, when you where in Spirit, so I am, a guide to all of you, if you want this..

There is freedom for all of you! Feel this, and embrace this NOW as your heavenly and Earthly right!

Each one of you are family to me! I love you always!!

Yours Eternally,


Once again, I am so happy for those of you who are reading here today!
I really hope that you enjoyed the message given for all of you...

Below is a video about Guides, if you need extra help!

Sending you all my best wishes!!

BDevine :)

© 2009- Onward