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Your Soul Purpose-By Archangel Michael
With BDevine

Greetings to everyone!

This is a very special message for all of you.
If you have ever wondered, "What is my purpose in this life?"
"What happens before we are born?"" Do we really keep coming back?"
Then you should enjoy this message from Archangel Michael.
Archangel Michael will explain this to all of you.
He does try to make things as clear as possible for us, as he knows, we can't see in the same way that he does.
So to write this article, it took me over 4 hours of deep "Automatic Writing" with Michael, so that I could also fully understand this topic, and pass it all on here. I have not left Anything out-it is how he wanted it laid out to you.
I do hope that you enjoy this article,and that you get a true perspective of your own "Soul Purpose"
and therefore can start working on this and start seeing that you are capable of alot more than you ever imagined!.

Archangel Michael Speaks:

"Dear Children of Earth!
It is with great pleasure & pure light energy that I am here to help you today & always!
Every human being, on this Earth, has the same "Soul Purpose". Meaning that, you are here or have chosen to be here to "heal the planet".
It has always been the way of it, for humans, and we Angels have stood by at every single souls birth & have continued to guide you, eternally. For it is our Universal service to you-humanity.

Even as tiny infants, you could sense, feel, and later see us clearly, & mothers will testify to this, seeing their infant child looking at nothing in particular and smiling away...and so we Angels stay with you constantly, & visibly in 3-D form, for the first 6 months or so of all of your lives, so that, you are not overwhelmed, with the sudden loss of your friends, & family-on "The other side" or what you call "heaven".

It is later in life, that you find us again, always of your own choosing.
As you were each born with all the memories & abilities of your past lives, and your time on "the other side" but you are also in reach of your higher self, & that is the part of you that exists behind the veil, (or heaven) and so you are given the ability to connect with this part of yourself, that certainly has all the knowledge and answers that you ever seek.

Should you so choose to walk alone, and never ask us Angels/Guides/Universal Energies, for help, we will still be by your side, and wait for your homecoming, which to us, is like a blink of the eye, as there is no time as you know it, on the other side.
This is something you may find hard to comprehend, because you think differently in "linear" time on earth.

Every single time you choose to walk the Earth - that is- born again; you do so at your will, for a healed Earth. You wouldn't have missed it! You wish to do your part, in the great healing, which is occurring right now as we speak! The world is changing to a peaceful existence, and this is something many of you have worked on for hundreds even thousands of years.
So you kept coming back to Earth, so you could do your part in this healing-although when you are in the comforts of what you call "heaven" you "think" that you will easily remember your life mission-and yet every single one of you-at some point in your life-are totally in denial or have no idea what is right,or what your purpose is.

So your "Soul" indeed has many many parts. Parts of your soul existed and "cracked" in past lives, and hence your earthly "karma" exists from these times. You have a unique "soul essence" one, which always comes back to earth time and time again.
This "essence" is how people that you know now ,remember you ,your "soul Essence" & have thus chosen to be near you again. Indeed every single person that you know, and even your friends, are your friends because, part of them recognized the "essence" of who you are and who you have been, and THIS familiarity is what makes you friends now.

It is never by accident, the people that you meet good or bad in life. They have recognized your soul essence in this life, and people may, instantly dislike you, or love you or want to stay near you,or sense something different about you. Do not be upset by those who turn away from you or even hurt you-because you have now "erased" or "cleared" the karma or energy transference between you-whatever that may be. Therefore your life,although not always straight away,will become easier and more peaceful with that part of it cleared. There are no accidents or coincidences, as you have carefully orchestrated events into your lives-hard to imagine isn't it?

We Angels don't understand how you humans can keep coming back time and again and go through such hardships, all for the one goal-a united and peaceful earth. But here you are again! We Angels consider you all the bravest warriors, and we see you in colors that to us, resemble all the things you have been will be and already are!

So again, when you are around negative people, who effect you or you don't feel comfortable in their company, just be aware that for whatever reason your souls have looked at each other, and therefore, the balance and your karma have been restored and cleaned. The energy exchange between you is noted, and so then move on from this. Don’t ever stay where you don't feel comfortable in life-this is true for any life question. Your heart will always relay to you the feeling that you need to follow.

When you "pass over" from your earthly existence, the pieces of you-the "soul essences" that have been existing in the "soul plane" will reunite with you, making you complete again. The pieces of you that are on the soul plane are like an imprint of which you were in the past and all of those lives, and these are the essences that people in the past have remembered you from. When they tap into their higher self, that have connected with your soul essence that exists from lives past, and this is what "mediums" tap into with their readings-the "soul Essence" of a person.

For example, one might wish to speak with their grandmother, who died 20 earth years ago. The chances of this grandmother being on the "other side" are slim, considering it are usually only 7 earth years, and you chose to come back again. So whom is the medium talking too? Yes, she is in effect talking to "grandmother" but she is talking with the "Soul Essence " of who grandmother was on earth. Those memories and lessons STILL EXIST on the earth plane, & the soul plane and so when a medium "looks beyond the veil" the mediums higher self, and the "grandmothers essence" can meet and talk, and therefore relay messages to you.

Yes I know this is confusing for some of you, because your earthly vision is that of 3-D, so the complexities of the "other side" are difficult to grasp. So indeed, you will need to think or shift your consciousness to a higher level, in order for you to grasp this properly. Even though, you have been to "the other side" so many times before, each earth experience is there so you will "remember" ALL of your abilities, that you have been born with, and use them to heal the world.

Because of earthly limitations on your thinking, many still are in the "old earth frequency" and naturally, doubts and fears will arise in the hearts and minds of all.
So, each of you have devised a plan of how your life on earth will unfold.
Yes, you have "pre-chosen" your family, friends, lovers, children etc, and although you may not get along with certain family members for example, you wouldn't have chosen them if they were not your family previously. You are, in a sense; always returning to the same "soul group" which ultimately gets larger over time. Some of you are even your own "Ancestors" in fact most of you are!

Each person you meet has a connection to you, and this is eternal.
The fact that you have crossed paths is not coincidence, rather, part of your life plan-and theirs. No matter what decisions you make, you are always going to follow the same path, and that is to find peace and happiness in your life, which in turn, has a ripple effect on the healing of the globe!

Oh, so you thought it had to be a huge job? No, you see there again, you are thinking on a linear level of 1+1=2. Your happiness brings peace. All of your emotions have effects on the earth, and so this travels through all your energy centers, into mother earth, even into the cosmos, and so the more love, compassion, happiness and peace you have within you, the more is transmitted to the Universe, and then the earth is at peace. Finding the happiness within, and being at peace with your life, will be the biggest challenge that you face, but when you just give into it, you will find that suddenly, all makes sense, and you will FEEL your "soul purpose".

As you can see, there is alot of work to be done. There will be no "end of the world" although you will still have to adjust to the climatic changes and the results this will bring, as well as the movement of the Earth's tectonic plates, which are always shifting, which will in turn cause more worldwide disasters. However, this is not from "God" but the effects of the decision people on Earth have made, thus effecting the Earths aura also.
But-from these Earth changes happening, as we have seen in the past, people band together, and unite in rebuilding and helping others, and showing their compassion-and although this is difficult, the flow of light from people does so much for the repair and well being of mother earth, that you will live in an entirely different & peaceful world. But the rebuilding together, as we Angels have seen you do so many times before, repairs the damage, and makes things better, changes come into play and slowly but surely, world peace will become yours.

Remember that there is never ever any type of "punishment" from God.
The Universal energy you call "God" or Allah, Elohim, Jesus ECT is not responsible for the choices PEOPLE make. He does not make you sick, or make children die~remember that your destiny is Pre-chosen, this includes your time of death. This is always chosen for the benefit of others~although your family will not see this as a benefit, in losing a child or family member, not right away anyway, but later is realized within you.
Your loved ones generally will chose to come back to Earth quickly, as a child born, to be with you again. Family with family.
The "Essence" of a person or people, who walked the Earth,is what you will miss the most.

The higher self stays behind the veil, and you are separated again from your "whole self" but the memories of lives past, and your Guides, and Angels, or Universal energies, are kept in tact, locked away in your heart & mind, ready for you to discover again.

You are all born with an "Angelic Seed" that gives you multiple abilities that you are naturally capable of. No one human is more special or "gifted" than another.
YOU have the abilities of what you think an Angel can do! Yet very few of you find it,embrace it, and believe it!When you are on "the other side" there are no limits to what you can do,and this is never lost when you are born on Earth.Your job is too discover that you still have these abilities. This is why we Angels, who never incarnate, think of humans as so wonderful and brave.

We Angels understand the limitations you face in your life. We told you all before you came back to Earth again, "Are you sure?" "With all the hardships of Earth, you want to do it again?" And you stood at the "winds of birth" and said you wouldn't miss it! & Please don’t let me forget what I came to remember" The winds of birth, or the vortex of birth, would feel to you as though you are what you call "sky diving". A rush of rainbow light swirls around you, softly hitting your face. If you can now imagine this scenario, you have just remembered it. Then, you are born.

So your soul purpose is one of MEMORY.You are remembering what you are here for. You are remembering your gifts, and when you start to put it all together, you are a lighthouse-or way shower to others. In effect you are all each "The MASTERS Of The Universe"& you teach those that are seeing your inner light radiating, and the difference in you, and they wish to learn and grow ...through this they reach their own "Mastery" and on it goes.

There are those who wish to exploit others for their own gains. Some of these have become quite good at leading people and then taking from them all their time and money. Do not concern yourself with what others are doing. If something does not feel right to you, do not follow this-because it isn't right. But let others walk their own journey.

You should only ever seek knowledge from yourself-if you feel that you can not do that, than only trust others who teach you how to do this, without wanting power in return. This never works. Knowledge should come freely.

So people are capable of doing wrong, thus creating this ripple effect-but the darker layers of the human being can be cleansed, with someone who shows compassion and love to them. A person, who is giving into darker urges, knows that this is harmful, and feels that it is wrong, but again, you humans have the ability to make choices that either harm or heal.
Since one candle can light a darkened room with its brightness, it shall only take one person too shine light in those dark places for a dramatic healing to unfold.

Dear humans, if you have a talent that you wish to express,and it will bring you happiness then do this.If you are looking for a "Life purpose"then don't limit your thinking to any "one" subject. You each have the ability inside you to use the power of your thoughts to manifest your reality.
Seek not to know about others. Let others walk their own path, and you walk yours.
It is not your duty to "worry" or concern yourselves with others. Let them lead their own life, and you may find that they instinctively know what they are doing anyway.

So many of you spend your life worrying about your finances, your children, and your jobs, ECT. This stress is unnatural to a spiritual being as your self, and so this forms hard pockets of energy to clump together, and this leaves you feeling drained and foggy in the brain. You have the ability to open your brain function to its full capacity, if you imagine it taking place.

Don't you see, dear humans, that if you can imagine it happening, it will be so! Maybe not instantly, although the thought triggers an energy vibration for that to happen, but if you doubt, this will shift it.

If you don't want it, this will stop, and so you can see, that with the power of your thoughts, you can make any single thing you want, become your reality. If you wish harm to others, then indeed, you will eventually bring harm to yourself, and this is directly against your soul purpose. You will have to come back to earth, and learn this lesson again, instead of lifting your self to a new awareness now, and if you so chose, you can stay in spirit and become a guide to others.And each of you have had this task in the past,at your choosing.

More of you are evolving to your highest state. The children that have been born for the last 20 years or so, are vibrating naturally higher-as you have evolved again.
So you older ones will be able to help the younger ones, who you may have noticed, have never been worried about the fate of this world. You try to get them to see that they need a job, education security etc, but their goal is on their own happiness, and they just sense, that no matter what they do, that they will be ok-and they are right!

This is the feeling all humans should have! As the generations have changed and evolved, your own parents had higher standards than you may have had with your children, and that has always been the way of it.

Each generation has evolved in different degrees, so it is harder for some of you to let go of ingrained beliefs or the right and wrongs of life.
Do not seek to make your life difficult, with unrealistic expectations.
In reality there should be no expectations at all-since nothing is ever totally how it seems,and thus life can change in an instant!

You could go to work a different route, and thereby you find a lottery ticket-you decide to check it and your vision of having wealth, becomes a reality, as it is a winning ticket.
But what if you had not gone a different way to work would your dream still come true? Yes, it will, but maybe not as easily or quickly-or if it wasn't this time, maybe there is even more coming!

So when you have had a vision about what you wish to achieve, it will involve effort or action on your part, as your Angels and Guides will co-create miracles with you-we can not make your dreams come true like magic-we only enhance that which you already have inside you, and create opportunities in your life, to have the things you are seeking.It will be up to you,to notice the signs of this happening.

Once you develop your awareness of your life journey, you will find that some of the goals and dreams you once had are now different.
The most important thing in your life journey is going to be to remember who you are and then walk that path.

It may mean that your choice of friends or habits for example will change, because they no longer serve your purpose.
Embrace the parts of your life that bring you joy, and for goodness sake, please do not feel guilty about anything that you do,or have done.
If you are not causing harm to others, or animals, and are having the best intentions in life, then don't feel bad about other things you do. You do not need to punish yourselves or fear that a huge being called "God" is watching you. The creator energy, that is called "God" does not watch your every move and mark this off in a large book and then wait for you to die, and then tell you you are not welcome.
This way of thinking, is human based fear tactics...look how this "old frequency" continues to frighten you into believing that you should be ashamed of yourself, or you are not "good enough" to enter "heaven".
If any organization or religion for that matter makes you feel like you are weak, and they are strong, simply walk away. If you are promised power, money or status yet have to give all of these things up first, walk away. The religions and churches of the world, are all still in an old frequency, yet, all should be free to choose! Bless those who follow their path,but,simply walk your own way.

So only enter into a belief system that you feel comfortable in. They should help you to grow as a person, and not hinder you or make you feel "bad" for anything that you have done. The way of religion will change when the younger generation takes over. This indeed will bring more people to it, but it will be taught in a more loving, compassionate and less restrictive capacity.

You know in your heart what will resonate with your soul. Listen to it! It is your inner compass, which YOU set, too always steer you in the right direction!
You should never be forced to make choices, or force changes on anyone-as everything has its place in your life, and the lives of others.

Do not evangelize that which you know, but rather lead by example, and people will naturally be curious "how" you look so happy and aglow and nothing bothers you."How do you do it?" they will ask, having no idea how far you have come to reach the state you are in!

So in your lifetime, you will guide others step by step with your knowledge, but it is always up to the individual, how they chose to rise above and see things from a new perspective.
Humans go wrong and actually turn people away from what they believe, by forcing their views and opinions on others.

This should never be the way, and will also never truly work!
So live your life how you choose. If you wish things to be different in your life, then start to develop your own abilities, and use the power of thought to change your reality.

. When someone has wronged you, try not to figure out their "motives"-this only causes more confusion. Just send light to the person in your thoughts, and remove yourself from the situation. Yes, it really is this easy, but because you humans have gotten into a "Worry Habit" you will, at first, doubt that anything can or will help you. Also you have never lived without worry of some kind, and thus, it makes sense to "hold onto what you know" But if you just for a moment forgot about the problem, and instead imagined for yourself a healed reality, we Angels get to work to make it so for you-because of course, we want you too see how different and easy your life can become!

When seeking relief from the stresses of your "jobs" find comfort in the fact that you can have your dream "job" and if you ask for assistance, then watch and follow the doors that open for you, it will be available quicker.Dont ever force yourself to stay in positions that make you miserable .Trust that all your needs will be met,if you are asking for assistance,and imagining it so.

Where your children are concerned, and you have no idea how to reach them or make them understand you, remember that when your child is ready, all the lessons and love that you gave them will shine through in their lives, like a jar with the lid of love opened, this will pour out and be reflected in all that they do. So they are listening to you, and although they may not always show it, you have shaped them perfectly for their time on earth, so let this worry go! When you are longing for a special mate to share your life with, remember that this too is predestined by you, and so sometimes you may have given yourself the chance for a couple of options in your romantic life, so don't concern yourself with this-instead trust that the right person for you will show up at the right time.

Don't be hard on yourself! If you haven't done what you call the best things in life, instead of living in that frequency, rise above, and know that no exact experience will ever be repeated again.

If you come into hard times, where all is going sour, don’t sit there and presume that you know how it will turn out! Think instead, that it is a good thing to have come to this hole in your life, because this is arranging your prayers to be answered fully-and as this happens, some things that do not belong in your life will fall away!

So life is not about having the best education, car, job, house or partner-unless those things are making you embrace your happiness. The most important part of your soul purpose is to find that happiness, even if nothing else existed. This will require effort on your part, but once you have had enough of all the weight of the world, there is relief and it will be easier than you imagine.

Even if you were sleeping in the street, and you have peace with yourself and are happy with who you are, you are wealthier than the wealthiest people on the planet, because you have developed your own "Self-Mastery"!"

Do you see your true potential yet dear humans? Are you going to awaken to infinite possibilities? Some of you are already tingling with energy, as you and your higher self connect and rejoice. Some of you will still be unsure but have read this anyway. And some of you will be happy to find something that you feel will really work, and to all of you people, we Angels are here waiting to gently guide you forward.
We will take you by the hand and lead you in the direction of YOUR goals and YOUR happiness.
You will not need to feel pressured by restrictions on what you can achieve.
We will help you to discover the magical wonder of which you really are.
We can show you glimpse of lives past and we can see all that you have ever been before,and you will also learn when you are ready to "see" about these things too.
We can heighten your senses, and increase your awareness, if you ask for help in any situation, it will be given, but you then need to listen to your instincts, and walk through the open doors. You will relax in the knowledge that you are always supported and protected no matter what comes into your life.
You will understand that the only punishment is self-punishment, and how this is very damaging to you physically, and mentally, and so finally you will feel like you are on the road to recovery and indeed you are!

You are all in different areas of your soul purpose, but the fact that you are reading this today, shows that you are ready for the next step in your life. You have risen above all the lower emotional levels, and you can sense that now, everything in your life will be different. Make the changes in your life that you feel are necessary, but never feel bad or angry with yourself, for being in a human body.

You all will pass over one day, (If you haven't already altered your biological clock to stay young-oh yes, you are capable of this too!) and we all will be there too greet you in spirit, and the wonderful homecoming celebrations will begin!
There is not one soul, who does not have this same welcome. Some of you will be confused or still feel a natural pull too earth and your time there-but you can chose to stay in this energy field, or move forward-the choice, even in death, is yours. If you have experienced a particularly traumatic passing, then you will have deep healing to recover from this shock.
We will never leave your side and we also are there too support your family adjusts to your transition.

I can not express the amount of times we Angels have watched you in life and held you again in your passing. It has always been the way of it since the beginning of time.

Here are so simple ways to evaluate your progression towards your ultimate soul purpose .

1: You make the decision that you are worth the best.

Immediately, some of you will adopt "worthiness" issues about this, so this is why it is number one on the list. If you really wish for the best thing for your life to happen, you must believe, that you are worthy of the best things in life. So finding your own worthiness is every single human beings biggest hurdle they will face.
Remember that as a Spiritual being having a human experience, you are like a magnet drawing in various energies, as you need them, to help you on your journey. This same magnet, also emits your fears, and thus draws in those energies too. So, you must develop trust in your positive instincts.
To put things very simply, if you want good things to happen, THINK good things!
To begin a whole new level of existence, and to experience complete worthiness from within, all you have to do, is believe it, and imagine it so...only you know when the time is right for you to take this very important, life changing step...but it is possible, and I am sending most wonderful white light now too all you wonderful readers, feel this, and know, that I and all the Angels, Guides & family, walk beside you and will patiently wait till you are ready to have the best things in life for you & believe that you are worthy of it.Once you take this step,you will never look at things the same way. A true sense of freedom, on many levels.

2: You focus on what YOUR goals are, & allow others their own goals.

When you know in your heart what you wish to be doing, then focus your best intentions on this. If others are going in a different and new direction, bless them, but keep focused on what you are doing. Never feel guilty about your goals.
You can do, be or have anything you want in life; it is your belief in it that will bring it too you. Imagine a workplace for example where everyone was doing his or her own thing & not causing a bother to anyone else? Where each are sending light to the other and remaining positive about where their life was going? So you can create this scenario from within, and soon it will be a reality around you.
Some people may comment to you about others, and what they should and shouldn't be doing, and you are not really going to be interested-since to make a comment would not help your own goal.
You won't feel the need to talk about others negatively, or feel jealous or angry, because this is not towards your goal, and only brings those negative energies right back to you.
So focusing on your goals, is a big focus, but when you are ready, it will be simpler than you think to achieve. It will naturally become at the forefront of your mind.
Be sure that you always imagine a pure white light around your goals, and in everything that you do, as this will help your energies to vibrate at a higher level.

3: Release anything that you hold in your prison cell:

As you go about life, of course there are going to be things that you hold onto.
Hurt,abandonment, betrayal,abuse,regrets,and the list goes on. All of these memories, of each individual thing that you have ever been upset about in any way, are still locked in a "cell" in your mind.
Some of these things have caused such bad internal pain and darkness, that now you may have physical and mental dis-ease in your body. If you can release any kind of negative memory and experience from your mind, you will experience relief that you can not imagine.
Ask for pure white light to surround the problems and dissolve them for you and imagine a team of powerful Angels pouring energy giving light towards you, and strengthen your inner body with fuchsia light,and you will create a force field of protection,from the inside out!
Erase your problems with the power of your own thoughts, the same way you allowed them to be there.

4: Live one day at a time;

So many of you fear the future and worry yourselves about it. All you can do is live in the present moment, because radiates a peaceful tone.
You can imagine the best future for yourself and draw happiness from that, but we can only live one day at a time, so never feel bad about anything you do in any given day. If you feel you haven't accomplished anything on a particular day, release the need to feel upset with yourself. Believe instead, that you have done all you needed to do today, and be glad in it. When you change your focus, you will still stumble around a little, but release the need to control everything.. And you will see that you are still guided forward.

4: Ask for help!

Dear ones you sometimes think that you are the only ones on Earth who have your particular dilemma's but some will never ask for the Angels to help, or you forget that help is Available.
When you learn to give yourself 5 minutes a day of peace you can ask for help in any circumstance in your life.
But the help will arrive in unexpected ways sometimes, so believe that the Universal energies that surround you in all ways, knows how to best cater for your needs towards your goals. So even if you do not see help immediately arrive, trust that with the Angels guidance, together with your own positive thoughts, will co-create a miracle in your life. Hold the excitement for that, and assume nothing. Only open your arms to receive, and allow the help to flow.

5: Seek Knowledge-share with your actions:

As you are all developing spiritually in your own way, expand your knowledge on all things, and take or leave the things you chose.
It is always up to you to decide what you believe is true. Do not feel pressure in any area, and if you do, allow yourself no guilt in turning away. Your intuition will heighten as you connect with your higher self regularly, and so you will become aware of what is right for you.
Seek places where you can find this information-start writing things yourself, and help others who feel like you do. This is also a way of teaching yourself, as you teach others.
Your knowledge will also shine in your actions, whether this is a gentler voice, a softer look, a giving hand, a kind gesture or a supportive shoulder.let people notice you and learn from what you have done to reach your goals.
As you search for knowledge, you may find this in unusual places, so be aware that when you ask to expand your knowledge, you need to be open to how the lessons are taught.

If you at least begin your journey with these steps,the rest of the lessons will become a way of life for you.
Dear spiritual being,this life journey can be as happy as you decide it will be. All the family you know and even some you can't remember right now,are supporting your efforts on Earth.
As you live this life,the hardest thing for you all,will be to accept yourself,and move your emotions to a higher level .There will always be obstacles,but it is how you deal with them,that will make your life so much easier.

Get in contact with your higher self.If you are unsure how to do this,imagine a golden white light coming down from the cosmos ...imagine this light is heading straight for you.It knows where you are and wants to re-connect with you.It travels down and forms a giant cone of light and nestles through your crown and down through your body.If you can imagine this,you have just connected to your higher self.If you ever feel the connection is unclear,just visualize this light again.You may even ground yourself to mother earth,by imaging brown and red light under your may have tingling there as this light spreads across as far as you can imagine,and also down into the core of mother Earth.
Let both lights touch in the middle,while imagining a purple/pink light forming in your body. Allow this to expand outwards,as far as you can imagine. Let this light repair your physical body,back to its most awesome state. Ask for your bodily cells to activate,and work to keep your body functioning in optimal health.All of this only takes your thought to make it so. Don't hold onto any thing that may weigh your spirit down. It shall be the task of your life to remember what you can do,and believe that anything is possible always.

Dear ones, thank you for listening to this message!For following your guidance here, and for beginning a new light filled life.It is yours to begin whenever you are ready.Dont let fear hold you back from your greatest accomplishments.If you fall down once in a while,get right back up and start again. There are no judgments,there is only love.Pure and eternal .Embrace the life that is rightfully yours.You are far greater and stronger than you can imagine,and your efforts to make a difference,will be felt for generations to come!

Blessed be!! I am Archangel Michael"


Thank you all for taking the time to read this, and I just know that so much healing will come from you & too you for taking the time to put things into practice.

The hardest part of our spiritual journey, will be, too keep the faith! Even in times of great despair & deep anxiety.
This is not in any way a "test" to you. It is simply life on Earth-but now, after reading this, you will have the means to get your perspective back!

As you work on your "Soul Purpose" & bring this into your life, you will see how much your positive thoughts,bring positive and unexpected solutions, directly into your path.

Previously, you might have dreaded something, or feared the worst outcome for example-Now you will stop for a moment in thought-perhaps you will rearrange your words before you say them, and this, is the beginning of your new life! A life full of positive steps towards your greatest future. This will be a future where you are in control of any situation, from a loving & light conscious perspective.

Live your life however you are happiest-this does not only mean the smiliest! Just learn to be comfortable in your own skin. This in itself is extremely liberating!
Don't forget, ask your Angels to help buoy your faith,to help you strengthen and make it through.

Be gentle with yourself in the process,and the best course of action for you will become available!

With the brightest blessings to everyone!


© 2012