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My services for you.


Welcome and thank you for being here on Earth at this time .I am so happy to connect with you!
I have many different services available for you, and my mission is to help you to reach your full potentials, and open you up to all of your natural abilities.

I have been working with the divine in various different ways for over 25 years now, and I am confident that you will experience expansion on every level, through following your guidance here.


Are you wanting to get to know your spiritual team?
Are you interested in Angels, Spirit Guides, your soul purpose and deeper healing and expansion?
Then my personal readings will definitely help you!
Each reading will include unblocking things that have been holding you back,(in all directions of time)and bring healing messages from your spiritual team, as well as helping you to uncover past lives, and how this is effecting you today. I will also share guidance intuitively about coming events in your life, and the advice and support from your spiritual team. Unlike a lot of readers, I don't tell you what you have to do but rather guide you as to what will bring you the most happiness in any situation.
You may choose either phone readings, or MP3 recordings, which range from 45 mins-1.5 hours long.
*You may also like to see me in person, if you are living in Australia*

You may order your personal in depth reading here:

Intensive Healing/Mentoring:

Are you ready to begin a whole new chapter of your life?
Are you suffering from physical symptoms, aches and pains that can not be defined medically?
Have you always wanted to begin working with your own spiritual abilities?
Would you like to hit the "reset" button in your life? Then my healing and mentoring services will be perfect for you!
Intensive healing and my mentoring program, are an 8 week program designed especially for you,to unblock your full potential, and also clear away and identify physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological issues that have caused physical symptoms or blocked your own amazing abilities from fully surfacing.
I am also availbe for in person 2 hour intensive healing sessions in Australia.

You will need to read more about these services here:

Space Clearing:

Do you feel like you have had some kind of curse or spell placed on you? Is your home full of heavy energy or bad feelings?
Do you believe that your workplace is making you ill or draining your energy? Do you feel like you are being watched or feel that you have spiritual negative attachments?Are you a natural empathic who needs stronger shielding an assistance?
Any situation where you feel uneasy,or you feel is blocked needs clearing and release.
I work with the spiritual realms, to clear away anything that is not from the light, or that has accumulated around you throughout your life. This is very powerful energy, and I will work with you for at least a week to make sure this is cleansed and cleared, to bring peace of mind, physical energy and mental clarity. In the workplace, or anywhere you frequent, will also have a complete clearing of the negative, and enhancement of the positive. This service can be done distantly, anywhere in the world. I also offer personal sessions to your home, or wherever you choose, if you are in Australia. (through arrangement)

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