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BDevine is a Spiritual Guide with a difference. She is the author Of the Angelic Guidance System-Domino Angels & new book "Angelic Guidance" AVAILABLE NOW
She has been reading for others & studying all forms of Spirituality & Healing for over 20 Years.
BDevine offers you clear advice & assistance from the angels,guides,higher consciousness & God the source of all!

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Gabriel Angel Of January-2015


Gabriel: (Aquarius)
Is traditionally speaking, a member of the "Archangel'' choir in angelic hierarchy. He/She is a beautiful healing & protecting angel known as "God is my strength'

His crystals include: Amber, Aquamarine,Hematite,Lapis Lazuli & Clear Quartz. You can get more information on my crystals and jewellery here: Online Crystal Store .

You may also like to work with Essential Oils- here are some of the oils that help you connect with Gabriel.
Orange, Geranium,Sandalwood,Eucalyptus,Lavender. You can connect with me about oils at any time here:

His colour is Lavender & any sort of crystal or candle in these colour's will help connect with him.
Remember that your INTENTION to connect & give thanks is all that is required.

Gabriel is a beautiful angel of moon energy, intuition, healing and protection.

Gabriel will help those who are starting a project, preparing for a baby, are open to messages from the Divine, and also looking for an increase in intuition.

Gabriel brings the energy of Air and Water and helps all those with need of healing, retreat, travel,psychic abilities and deep knowledge.

Gabriel works with the energy of Water and Air and also has close ties with the elemental kingdom-especially the 'Sylphs'& 'Mermaids'. You can read more about this here.

Here are some lucky numbers, he has given , for you to try:3,5,9,27,45,28,16,11,42

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Name :Helen

What an absolute joy to receive my crystals and angel cards today, I did not expect them to be packaged with such care and in such a lovely way. It felt like I was getting a surprise present! Myself and the recipients of these beautiful crystals and cards will take so much pleasure in using them. You can simply tell that they are carefully selected and this makes buying crystals on-line very easy!
Thanks, light and blessings to you :-)

Name: Cindy

I love this site and you are such an amazing person. I have truly learned so much from you. What a great teacher you are. Thank You


Name: Kristie

I love all the articles you have available! So much valuable information and guidance. Thank you for sharing your light. Blessings!


Name: Jimmy

Thank U Becky! Love u lots for spreading so much angelic love in the world!! Amazing hugs for U!! :D











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