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BDevine is a Spiritual Guide with a difference. She is the author Of the Angelic Guidance System-Domino Angels & new book "Angelic Guidance" AVAILABLE NOW
She has been reading for others & studying all forms of Spirituality & Healing for over 20 Years.
BDevine offers you clear advice & assistance from the angels,guides,higher consciousness & God the source of all!

*Reiki Master *Energy Healer *Spiritual Guide

*Angel Channel *Spiritual Realm Channel

*Author *QHHT Level 2 Dedicated Practitioner

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BDevine will be in the following places this year for readings, healing and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy! Be quick to reserve your place & check for confirmation of dates!! :

HOBART-Tasmania. April 16-21

BRISBANE-Queensland- March 5-10th

MELBOURNE-Victoria- April 9-14

SYDNEY-New South Wales- May

PERTH - Western Australia- June

FREMANTLE- Western Australia- June

If you would like a private session with BDevine, please send us an email, and let us know where you are in the World, and we shall endeavor to make this happen!! Blessings to all!




Asmodel: (Taurus)
Is traditionally speaking, a member of the 'Archangel' choir in angelic hierarchy.
He is the angel of April and of Taurus.

His crystals include:Rose quartz, Quartz, Raspberry Tourmaline, Sapphire, Emerald, Iolite..

His colour is pink & any sort of crystal or candle in these colour's will help connect with him.
Remember that your INTENTION to connect & give thanks is all that is required..

He is a bringer of lovel and spiritual manifestation in your life, and is perfect to add a beauty into all that you do.

He worls with you on bringing into your life, harmony and peace, but also asks that you get to work on your projects-the time is right now.

Asmodel, will also ask you to see yourself in a more magnificient light, and not put yourself down any more.

Asmodel also works with the energy of earth, and the energy of the Gnomes.

Here are some lucky numbers, he has given , for you to try: 19,25,6,40,23,15.

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Name :Jill

 I am awakening to who I really am recently and feel the power within so much so that I have totally altered my life and have decided to return to Aspen, Colorado and work in a healing center that I was told back in 2004 that I would be the administrator. What's interesting is that I do not know what's happening in the Aspen area or whether or not this healing center has come into the physical yet. I am being peaceful in the not knowing and trusting that the universe is lining everything up for me to go back to Aspen next month. There are people in place there now, and it is soon time for me to join them. I also know that by me typing this message here that I have helped things come together even faster. This healing center is very important for many in the times to come. I feel it!

Name: Dave

My wife and I have recently discovered you via video on You Tube and have visited your web site a lot recently. Thank you for your time, patience, and understanding of matters of the heart, soul, and mind. We have recently been opened up to the energy in our hearts and world, and feel we are soul mates on our way to an even better understanding. Your words and writings have totally hit the mark for us. I would like to ask for help from the Angels or to which Angel to direct my thoughts and questions. I often send a general "Thank You" for what I have and for help but not specifically to any being, just "God". I will be observant for little things nudging me this way and that, which seems to be the way of the Angels. Thank you again for everything you do.

Name: Deborah

I am delighted with the teaching you have giving us all. It opens our eyes to a new world. We are so unaware of the small things in life that gives us big miracles. Keep teaching.

Name: Lillian

Hi Becky, Came upon your videos on YouTube. Never in my life have I been involved with anyone who does what you do. You made me feel comfortable and connected to much of what you say. It's really the small heartfelt comments that you interject here and there that really show who you are. Hopefully we will get to know each other a bit better in time. Thank you!