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BDevine is a Spiritual Guide with a difference. She is the author Of the Angelic Guidance System-Domino Angels & new book "Angelic Guidance" AVAILABLE NOW
She has been reading for others & studying all forms of Spirituality & Healing for over 20 Years.
BDevine offers you clear advice & assistance from the angels,guides,higher consciousness & God the source of all!

*Reiki Master *Energy Healer *Spiritual Guide

*Angel Channel *Spiritual Realm Channel

*Author *QHHT Level 2 Dedicated Practitioner
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BDevine will be in the following places this year for readings, healing and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy! Be quick to reserve your place & check for confirmation of dates!! :

HOBART-Tasmania. April 16-21

BRISBANE-Queensland- March 5-10th

MELBOURNE-Victoria- April 9-14

SYDNEY-New South Wales- May 28- June 2nd

PERTH - Western Australia- June 25-30th

If you would like a private session with BDevine, please send us an email, and let us know where you are in the World, and we shall endeavor to make this happen!! Blessings to all!




Verchiel: (Leo)
Is traditionally speaking, a member of the 'Dominions' choir in angelic hierarchy. He/She is a beautiful healing angel known as 'God's affection'

His crystals include:Onyx, Danburite, Citrine, Crystal Quartz & Ruby.

His colour is golden yellow & any sort of crystal or candle in these colour's will help connect with him.
Remember that your INTENTION to connect & give thanks is all that is required..

Verchiel is a beautiful angel of surprise, recognition of your life, happiness & release. He is a wonderful support for those who are looking to move away from the past, and into a more pleasant and rewarding future.

Verchiel l brings the energy of change and also helps those who are wishing to expand their own "clairaudience" which is hearing clearly.

Verchiel brings the energy of suprise, change, healing & also protection, and works alongside Archangel Michael as a warrior of light and peace, bringing protection to all those ho ask for it, and expect it.

Verchiel works with the energy of Fire and also has close ties with the elemental kingdom-especially the 'Salamanders'.

Here are some lucky numbers, he has given , for you to try: 6,14,22,19,12,34,45

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Name :Geralron

 I just wanted to stop by and show some love to a person that really helped me with my spiritual journey. 

From deep deep down... Thank you B. Devine!!!

Name: Alane

 Your videos are very helpful and clear! Thank you for posting them. I find your work "real" and down-to-earth so when watching any of your videos (or reading your book)it feels like being with a friend. I ordered a crystal and some other items, and they felt "just for me". At the same time, I feel like I am taking a class in "Angel Guidance" and you are the best teacher!! I have been learning bits and pieces of metaphysical stuff for years but it is a unique set of qualities you have that I have chosen to trust for such a special process. Also, your book is very interesting and informative and, again, accessible rather than out-on-a-limb. Anyway, just wanted to send my thoughts and to thank you for everything, especially the care you take into putting together your orders. It is appreciated so much! I feel truly blessed.

Name: Okonji

thanks to God for his mercy, very inspirational! Thank you for all that you do for the good of mankind there is hope for mankind

Name: Diane

Hi Becky, I've been following you for a while, and I'm always happy whenever I see a new video has been posted. I think you are so genuine, and I love that you try to be as accessible to everyone as possible and don't feel the need to have some kind of gimmick to get your message across. You really lead with love and compassion, and I'm also appreciative of the fact that your compassion extends towards animals as well. With so many messengers online, I'm so glad I found you and look forward to more inspiration from you as I try to figure out what brings me the most joy -- which will then lead me to my life purpose.  (I know I've been searching for my life purpose, but according to Abraham Hicks, I just need to figure out what makes me joyful, and that will lead me to my purpose. Based on your messages, I think you offer the same type of advice, so hopefully,I can just get out of my head...and just listen with my heart.

Thanks again for all you do. You really are an angel hear on earth! 









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