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BDevine is a Spiritual Guide with a difference. She is the author Of the Angelic Guidance System-Domino Angels & new book "Angelic Guidance" AVAILABLE NOW
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BDevine offers you clear advice & assistance from the angels,guides,higher consciousness & God the source of all!

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Asmodel Angel Of April-2016


Asmodel: (Aries)
Is traditionally speaking, a member of the "Archangel'' choir in angelic hierarchy.. His colour is White and Mauve and any crystal or candle in this colour will connect.

His crystals include: Sapphire,Azurite,Emerald,Rose Quartz & Quartz.

You may also like to work with Essential Oils- here are some of the oils that help you connect with Asmodel.
Lavender,Eucylyptus,Camomile, Neroli.

Remember that your INTENTION to connect & give thanks is all that is required.

Asmodel works with the energies of love, beauty and creation, and also most importantly on opening of the heart chakra. This area is so important to be healed, because of all the stress and strain we place on ourselves, and also because this is the seat of the soul. This is the 'hub' if you will, of your divine connection.If it is closed, dirty or stagnant, you may find yourself restless, depressed, lethargic, and over sensitive to other people.

Here are some lucky numbers, he has given , for you to try: 33,19,6,45,38,12,

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Name :Denise

I just want to thank you for all the help you have given me, even when I could not afford a reading with you, you went out of your way to bring me messages and assistance to help me with my own path ! I can not thank you enough and love your videos and website too!

Bless you!

Name: Michael

BDevine you are an inspiration to me, and I thank you for assisting me in finding the perfect job and showing me ways in which I could guide myself to the perfect partner for me! You really do change people's lives, and I don't think that you know how much you do for other people! God bless you always!!


Name: Darcy

Thank you so very much for inspiring me to have confidence in myself and also to start my own business! Through your teachings, I have been able to quit my job, and live for happiness, without so much worry and concern over everyone else. I can not wait to see you again in person, and to be around you is healing in itself!! Lots of love to you and your new life in the UK!.


Name: Jimmy

Thank U Becky! Love u lots for spreading so much angelic love in the world!! Amazing hugs for U!! :D











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