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Mr & Mrs Devine!

Mr & Mrs Devine! August 2008

Yes, the big topic everyone wants to know! Who is my soul mate?
How do I find them? What do they look like ?etc. I do get asked these questions all the time, and it reminds me of how I must of sounded when I thought I would be left on the shelf!

I will explain a little more where I have come from to where I am now so you will may get to know me that little bit more & who knows, you may find it not unlike your own circumstances. It will answer these questions I promise!

I won't bore you too much with my first 16 years of my life,
(that's an entire books worth) but at that same age, I met my first partner, and was soon pregnant . As a young girl I've always wanted to be a good wife and mother & being deeply religious at the time, I thought I had committed a terrible sin (sex before marriage) And felt that my "punishment" would be too stay with this guy forever.

I was beaten almost everyday for 5 years.(Among other things)I had 2 sons to this monster before I was 18. Still I felt I could "change" him because I longed for the time after the beatings where he was sorry & showed me affection.
He would switch violently between moods and I can't tell you how many things my head has been through! I've had my fingers broken, toes, ribs, cheek. I was also stabbed by him on my 21st birthday, as he went for my throat, I put my arm up and that's where the blade landed.
My children where terrified!I cried & cried daily, lost most of my hair, & weighed next to nothing & lost more and more confidence.
I don't tell you this for pity, but I want you too understand that my life has never been easy and until I broke free of ridiculous relationships as hard as it was, I would find myself dead . Simple as that.

I finally did leave, and as I had nowhere to go I stayed with my sons at a women's shelter .There I got back on my feet and started to recover. My second relationship lasted 7 years & I had one more son. Although this guy never beat me (praise god) he was financially and emotionally damaging- just really a plain jerk about life. Once again I stayed thinking "at least he doesn't hit me!"

Still he hurt me in the worst way possible for a mother-he took my youngest child and has never let me have him back. I  can visit with him now as often as I like, however from the time my son was 2 till he was 7 I barely saw him.
Court case after court case I begged the courts too see my son.They granted me access however when I would arrive, no-one would be there. This happened time and again.

I always dream of a happy home for my children, a place where there was no fear and no arguing!I never ever thought I would find that especially since all the damage that these two men had done to my self confidence & my reputation.

All the while I was doing readings for others but still feeling like something was missing.How could I help others when I couldn't help myself? Why was my son taken from me when I live and breathe for them?All lessons I had too find my own answers for.

Over the last 10 years through study & struggle, I found the secret to being ok with everything that has happened to me .
I've learnt that we are never punished for anything by God, but we punish ourselves over & over again by having unnecessary guilt & pain, by staying with abusive people and hanging around negative influences.
When we ask our Angels to guide us, all of these things seem to disappear-we make better choices, we analyze our actions,we release guilt, and we learn too trust again.

So how do we meet the right person? Easy, we teach ourselves to be the right person for someone else, we become what we would like as a perfect partner & yes, before you know it, we are happier than we have ever been.

But the most important thing is too love ourselves from top to bottom(even if the bottom has gotten dimples over the years)
You will need to accept yourself before anyone else can ! This is by far the hardest of all! Then one day when you are going about your business,you will perhaps get invited to some event you may not want too attend, and there will be your soul mate-staring you in the face!

How will you know? You will just start to buzz .I mean your whole body will actually tingle, you will  feel as If you have known this person forever .There will be no nerves only pure happiness.This will be mutual so if you are smiling away and tingling and they are trying to get the heck out of there, then obviously its not it!

When its real you both will feel like you are on another planet that you guys are the only ones on it. There is also an unspoken vow of love forever-and the rest just falls in place.

The only way to true love that lasts forever is that you are both heading in the same direction in life and that you both are trying to develop your own spiritual awareness.

If you are Spiritual and your partner is not, you will never really be able to express anything to them you will never fully grow as you would and because of this you will always resent them.

Obviously even in the best soul mate relationship, it doesn't run smooth all the time-but there is never any yelling there is just simple talk to each other and best ways to solve things.
Everything should be gentle with each other every day a new day to love.

Finally, I found my perfect soul mate (life Partner) quite by accident.
I had been a single mother for 5 years raising my two older sons alone. I also worked to support us and did private readings for people.
Like everyone else I had a good time and loved to sing karaoke.!

It was November 2007 and my older boys where 15 & 13, and I went for a visit to my mothers.
While I was there, my son's dad (the one who beat me) turned up. These days he has a whole other life but every 3 years or so he tries to be nice. Anyway, he asked me to visit an old friend of ours.One I hadn't seen since I was 18.
I was curious as this would be out of character to go anywhere with him.For some reason I just had too go. There was no stopping me, so I went. I'd forgotten what he had looked like but remembered that all the girls would gush over him. His place was 10 min's drive.
( coincidence?) As soon as I walked in he looked at me. I nearly died. Wow is all I can say. The problem was my ex was right there (and we already know what a nut he is.)
But it didn't seem to matter.We where both the only two people on the planet.We where at ease talking to each other.He was everything I had ever wanted and more.We couldn't stop talking and really, that was it.

One month later on New Years Eve 2008 he proposed to me. After Which,I moved home,400kms with the boys straight to him. We were married in Aug 2008, and have never had a day that we didn't fall in love again.

Obviously It wasn't easy for my husband or any of us in the beginning but he never showed anything but kindness too us all and continues to amaze me with his patience.
Being on my own for so long allowed me to become who I am today but having the right partner has enhanced this 1000 fold.
I'm now able to live my dream of running Devine Miracles and helping others who may be guided to me or relate to my life somehow. I was going to edit this text and make it short and sweet but I realized that it may be helpful to someone who has been in similar situations or has felt like I did.

I will be talking more in the future about inner emotions that can tear people apart among others but bit by bit I pray that whoever are reading these articles, are starting to get the picture.
That a switch is turned on in your head and you see how you can turn everything in your life into miracles, now that you have learnt to trust yourself and the advice that you know to be true in your heart. Everything changes.

Wishing you all Bright Blessings

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