Angel of May- "Ambriel "
Known as " The Prince of Thrones "


The energy of this month, is overseen by the magnificent angel Ambriel, who is said to wear the color's of the sunset-russets, oranges, yellow and also a mix of white and yellow.


He also oversees travel, and travelers, and will also help to increase your own personal power and confidence as he works with you.

It will be of most importance, as things are changing rapidly, and there is fear and energy of stress everywhere, that you are not getting caught up in this energy.

I truly feel that the energy of Ambriel allows things to swiftly change for the better.

Whether you see this as information, messages, awakening,and deeper faith and trust, work with Archangel Ambriel, to help assist you with your abilities, and understanding of this new light.


Right now, we are each in our own way being tested, in matters of spiritual faith. We need to be honest with ourselves, about our fears and why we have them.

Is it because you have been let down your whole life? Betrayed? Not gotten what you really wanted? Or is it because you are not sure what to believe anymore?


All of these questions need to be asked honestly of yourself, and then you will begin to see why it has been hard , on some levels, for you to relax.


Archangel Ambriel, (as with any angel you ask for assistance) will bring with him, the energy of swift action, and changes that may (at first) not be to your liking, but you will soon understand, why all has to be this way.


We are here to either experience or receive blessings. When we have had enough of "experiences" we can see how we can shift our mind over to 'Blessings"

A lot of things we have programmed to be a certain way, and by unprogramming your mind, and lifting your vibration, you will see what can truly and will truly begin to unfold in the most amazing ways for you.


If you can hold the faith, in the face of huge obstacles, you will be rewarded every single time. It's the law of attraction at it's best.


Ambriel increases your wisdom, and connection with others, as well as bringing in creative energy, that allows manifestations to occur, in the most unusual ways.


You may be called on for assistance, or be the one who needs to reach out. You may suddenly hear deeper messages and dreams, and will see signs and intuition will be on target.


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Watch the video of the month here:



Crystals include: Citrine, Peridot,Tiger's Eye, Agate & Clear quartz.


Essential Oils include:Juniper,Cypress,Lemon & Patchouli.


Incense: Nag Champa



He/She also brings the "Air" energy of the elements, and you can read more about it here :


For each month of the year, there is an 'overseeing' Angel or a group of them.


There is also an "overseeing" Angel, for each element.


Earth's overseeing Angel is "Uriel"

Air's Overseeing Angel is "Raphael"

Water's Overseeing Angel is "Gabriel"

Fire's Overseeing Angel is "Michael"

On with the key points for this month!



Key Points for May 2020:


1: Change:


2: Soul Healing:


3:New Directions:


4:Life Path:






7:Fast Action:



9:True Life Partner:




Message from 'Ambriel':

Greetings everyone!


I am Archangel Ambriel, one of the Angels dedicated to helping humanity awaken, and uplift your vibration, and thus receive the information you truly need.


The Earth, as you know, is now undergoing re-set. Because of this, so are YOU.

When you are re-setting energy, on such a huge scale, (which is new to ALL) it is natural to feel like everything is actually falling apart-and thus old triggers, wounds, memories, and issues come to the surface.


The reason for this, is for self healing, and recognition of who you are and why everything happened the way it did.


In order for the next wave of ascension to swiftly move through the earth, and all of you, it will be so important, that you have acceptance of this taking place. That you begin to truly understand, that each of you ARE a portal of light here on the Earth, and as such, you each play a role in opening up more and more portals on the planet.

The way things were going, the Earth could not sustain for much longer.


You were all very close to really experiencing some truly catastrophic energy, because of the pressure the Earth has been under-however, your beautiful energy and meditations, and visualizations of wellness, have created an altogether new and exciting way forward.

The light really has won! It may take a little while longer to truly see what has been happening behind the scenes, but your thoughts, and positive vibrations, have changed a whole dynamic, that would have ultimately been very negative for earth, and everyone would have been affected in very big ways.


That is not to say, what you are each experiencing now is very different and challenging.

There have been rights violated, and some places on the earth are very harsh with their energy-however, there is, and will be change, even in those places.


The more you work on yourself, and better yourself, and heal yourself, the easier life becomes, and the more you will then continue your growth, and help others along the way.


We have helped the Earth in this reset.


She is so happy to have such an enormous rest. It will surely change the way things are done, and bring back the older technologies (Nicola Tesla free energy will return) and many other wonderful inventions, will come back to life.


This will change abundance on the planet forever.


When the people truly wake up and see it all for themselves (without being told) it will be a scary time and shocking time for them, and you will be the beacon of light they need, and onward humanity will go...arm in arm..and together your power will be amazing.


We Angels are here to support, and help you, whenever you need it, so please allow us to handle things, and follow your intuition, as we telepathically bring forward information for you all.


You are loved dearly, and you will see this through.

Stay strong in your faith, and hold gratitude and love in your heart.


Those who have been trying to destroy you, will not prevail. Remember, you have already changed the course of this globe in the last 20 years.

You will continue to do so, and bring peace back on Earth.


We love you all unconditionally!

Archangel Ambriel"




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