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*ALL Readings include healing attunements for you* DONATE HERE
*If you need a specific reading, or specific one time healing please email me directly*

*Shamanic Healing*


*Timeline Energy Therapy*


*Shamanic 6 Week*


-- NEW !--


Deep Shamanic/Angelic healing with BDevine. This is an amazing and powerful experience, which we can do over the phone. It will include TWO phone sessions, each one hour long approx. Those who have experienced this type of healing with me, have seen their own guides and angels, opened up their abilities, healed long term illness and emotional trauma, and so much more. You MUST be willing to let go of expectations, and allow what you need to come to you.
Be sure you are ready for everything to change, and also have your issues ready to discuss to tailor make your healing session. Powerful and life changing!

$200 USD


*Ask me about healing/reading packages.

1 Hour Phone Call PLUS Follow Up Phone Call

With the use of the body and intention, we clear the intense energies that block us from moving forward. We can hold energetic imprints from past lives, our ancestors, this life and from different dimensions. This energetic clearing is a powerful and easy healing that you are involved in, with myself and the spiritual healers, and is perfect if you feel that you have deep blocks in any way, and wish a fresh start. Works beautifully before a Shamanic session, and both combined is the ultimate in healing for you. I will work with you to get you where you need to be, and feeling amazing on every level!!

$125 USD

Add One Shamanic Healing With Any Other Service!
$75 USD




Now you are able to experience the ultimate in total healing! From the comfort of home!
A 6 week intensive healing with BDevine®
You will have 6 x 2 hour sessions over the phone with bonus consultation call to arrange a healing plan - plus free phone reading.
Read more about everything you receive and what can happen for you!





*Bonus Pack! -Special Price!


12 Part Reading or Forecast


* Spiritual Guidance MP3


approx. 1.5 hours long


Angel Messages and Guidance Plus Past Life/ Soul Purpose reading.


This reading will give you insight into your past life (of most importance) as well as your soul purpose! Advice and healing from the Angels and your guides!


Tons of added information!!


A shift in your focus and life purpose begins to unfold for you after this reading. Soul signature alignment, is done by the Universal Angels for you!


It will also include, messages from the Angels for you, and you may ask any amount of questions. Perfect for those of you who want more messages from the spiritual realms, life direction and unblocking your potentials more completely!


Via mp3 within 5-7 Days.

$150 USD Per Reading




MP3 Recording
1.5 hr
(or more)

Excellent huge reading for 12 months!
Breaking down each month for you. Also includes, angel messages, spiritual advice, power animal messages and attunement for the year!!
Tons of information for you to keep!
Unblock your energy and be ready for a whole new YOU for 2019.
Please send me your questions/focus for 2019

Via Mp3 within 3-7 Days

Special Price:

$150 USD






- - MP3 Recording- -
60 min's
-Special Price
You may ask (4) questions. Are you stuck or need to make decisions? Are you looking for an awakening of abilities? Do you wish to know more about what is blocking you? Do you want to know which Angels/Guides are assisting you and their messages for you? Do you want a clear start? Then this is the reading for you!
Tons of information for you to keep! ONLY Available as Mp3 Recording.

- Please include your birth date.

Via mp3 within 3-7 Days.

$90 USD






*Phone Readings*


*Healing/Reading Package*


*Donate Healing/Attunements



One hour phone call readings available now,on any subject. Can include counselling, life coaching,and mentoring.
You may call me on messenger, whatsapp or if you are in the USA I can call your cell phone.
Healing can also be added to your call as a package.

( This is not a video reading. I only do audio phone calls. )

Book your call now!


One hour 25 minute calls.

Discounts apply if you are a patron or you have already used my services. Please email first for price!


$165 USD





Timeline Energy Therapy or One Shamanic healing session PLUS recorded reading, or phone call short reading!! Excellent value!

Please email if you have already had a service, and I can give you a discounted price!







$275 USD



 Distant healing and attunements are available now via donation.

Please email BDevine® to set up a time
that suits you. Healing and attunements are set up for your individual needs.





In Person Appointments





BDevine® is available for healing, readings, space clearing and QHHT sessions in the privacy of your own home.

Please email BDevine about this experience.













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