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1.5 Hour Phone Reading/Healing -By Appointment Only

Email me to book in your time/date BEFORE PURCHASING:

*I am currently on Mountain Time*


$155 USD Per Call

* To book your sessions please email*

Quick 30-40 Min Reading-$88 USD
You may ask (4) questions. Are you stuck or need to make decisions? Are you looking for an awakening of abilities? Do you wish to know more about what is blocking you? Do you want to know which Angels/Guides are assisting you and their messages for you? Do you want a clear start? Then this is the reading for you! Digital Recording-Straight to your email.
Love, Career, Spirituality, Angels, Guides & Spirituality.
Tons of information for you to keep! ONLY Available as Mp3 Digital Recording.

- Please include your birth date.


Via mp3 within 3-5 Days.  
$88 USD

New!Huge Soul Strand Reading
Via Mp3 Voice Digital Recording!
(This is not a phone call)

This reading is an in depth look at all the parts of who you are as a soul. We will discover why you are here, what you came to achieve and why you may feel unbalanced. A break down of the different parts of your "soul stranding" with special healing attunement frequencies, and advice from the divine, about your future and best course of action. You may ask questions for your reading. A very powerful and life changing recording for you to keep!


This reading is $125 USD

12 Part Astrological Reading

A 12 part reading designed to go over every house and aspect of who you are in greater detail. Also shows what is coming forward for you, in life, work,career,finances and relationships. Discover yourself in a new way, whilst being able to navigate into the future.
This reading includes, healing attunements,and wisdom energy from the divine, to help you on your path. Choose this reading if you want to move forward, and help you to make decisions. Recorded for you personally. Receive this reading in 3-5 Days as a digital recording. Fantastic huge reading!



Buy Now: $135


New!Angel Whispers Reading
Connect with messages from the Angels for you on any subject. You will learn more about different Angels, and awaken to your own abilities and strengths. A channeled message for you will also be given, as we move through the reading. Get to know a new team of Angels working with you,and powerful healing energy and attunements, which flow through the reading!
A digital recording of your reading will be sent to your email.
3-5 Days for delivery of your reading.

$111 USD

Buy 2 Healing/Mentoring Sessions!
$222 USD

You can purchase two healing sessions for any ONE of my HEALING SERVICES-Choose From:
Soul Star Healing
Shamanic Healing
Past Life Regression Therapy
Dragon Energy Healing Magic
Or Talk To Me About Your Specific Needs

You may also choose 2 Mentoring Sessions On:Psychic Abilities, Angel Work,Spirituality, Becoming A Energy Healer,
Business Mentoring, Personal Trauma Counseling, Or Make your own sessions to meet your individual needs.
*4 Week or 12 Week Sessions Available*

email me to book in:

Four Week Mentoring Sessions!-$555 USD
* With Bonus Week Added*
Available Now!
Your Mentoring Program, will last 4 weeks (dependant on your needs) and EVERY program is unique, and will be tailor made to suit you. You may also save money by choosing to work with me over 12 weeks, which will also include life coaching, counseling, healing and whatever it is you would like mentoring about. *Weekly Phone Calls and added lesson notes. Whatever we decide to work on, I will send you information about our lesson.
*4x Healing (once per week) to help implement the new knowledge and way of life. This will be tailor made individually.
*Email support as needed.
*Your abilities and healing will also increase as we do meditations and healing over the phone as needed.

*You will be working with me personally, to help you on every level. You will need to reserve 1-2 hours per week on our calls, and further time on the lessons. There are no tests, or any homework. You will learn at your own pace in your own time.

4 Weeks Mentoring:Buy Now- Pay Only $555


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