4Week Dragon Energy Healing Magic

with BDevine®


Thank you so much for your interest in the "Dragon Energy Healing Magic " with BDevine®
This is a huge healing and awakening experience for you!

As a dedicated healer, and with the prompting of my own Dragon's, and the Dragons of the Universe, and Other worlds,I am offering this beautiful and intensive connection to the magic and the healing of your very own Dragons!!
We will be working with 4 Dragons, which are connected to you, from the beginning of time, and possibly more Dragons will also come forward!

I have been working with Dragons for many years now, but this is the first time they have really pushed to have this kind of connection with the World, and an awareness of how much they are trying to assist us, as we ascend into the new world, we are creating already.


Healing, and clearing from obstacles as well as great spiritual protection, will also be a part of this amazing journey.
Powerful and LIFE CHANGING experiences that will stay with you throughout your journey (if you allow and work with them) and opening of your own magical and spiritual abilities, this is a MUST for those who already love Dragons, and want to change their life, and ultimately the lives of all those who know you!
Because of the work you will be doing, and the powerful shift this will have on you, you will also be helping to heal the planet, and allow the Dragons to walk among us again.

As protectors, they will clear negative and toxic buildup, and clear your past life karmic ties, as well as help to design a whole new way forward, with regards to your own life path. You may also ignite the inner Dragon, to allow a clearer flow of connection to all things, and help you to work more closely with Universal energy and goals. You may wish to fly to other realms, and connect with the Elders (which we will do as part of your package) and thus become more in-tune with your role in helping to expand knowledge, heal, and change the world.

You may be surprised at the size and the colors of your Dragons, but once connected, it will be up to you to maintain.
Attunements will happen to increase your own abilities as well as to help you connect with the Dragons and nature spirits.

I will also recommend Crystals for you to use as part of the journey, but it is not a necessity to get started.


You will also have healing Dragon/s assigned to you. These not only work with healing you, but also guide you in healing and working with others, and animals as well.
There is nothing that the Dragons can not do-BUT if you plan on using them for bad energy or for negative intentions, this will come back on you times ten.



Here is more in depth look at what we will be doing in your 2 Week Dragon Energy Healing Magic Sessions:

Working with your own team of Dragons,(and mine) magic energy, Nature Spirits,Spirit Guides & Angels, you will go through a time of great
transformation on many levels-all from the comfort of your home!
Karmic clearing, negative attachments, spells, curses and frozen in time hex's will be easily removed through generational healing.
You will connect with one or more PERSONAL Dragons, and have special attunements each week.
You will awaken to your true soul path, and develop great healing powers, as well as magical and spiritual knowledge.
Connecting with Dragons will be guided and you cannot get this wrong.
You will also receive messages and deep healing, for you and for the World. If you are drawn to Dragons, chances are they have been guiding you here!

This is not for those of you who are NOT ready to let go, and change behaviors about yourself that are self destructive.

This will be intensive, and because of this, it is wise to be sure you have read and understood what to expect, (below) and also that

you are willing and prepared to receive healing, which means that some parts of your life and people in it, may also change as a

result of this taking place.

Everyone is different, and this is tailor made especially for you, and your specific issues.


The greater your willingness for change, the greater the healing will take place. You must decide to be well,and that you are worthy of the best, and this may be something that is harder than you think! So take your time deciding, but once you do, the Dragons are right there waiting!


ALL healing is really self healing.

Because of this, I can not guarantee anything other than I will work my hardest for your complete healing, point out the areas of your own

personal work and envision your healing as already taking place-the belief in it will be up to you.

Miracles can occur, when your energy is focused on it actually happening.

Consider this, when you are considering this "Dragon Energy Magic ". Please read below all that you receive in your healing package.


4 Week Dragon Energy Healing Magic With BDevine®

4 x 1.5 Hour Dragon Energy Sessions
BONUS 1x Free Phone Reading
Connect with 4 (or more) personal Dragons
Learn about your true purpose
Open your magical and spiritual abilities
Clear timelines of Karmic Debris
Start a whole new life
Gain closer connections to healing and Universal energies
Connect with the elemental kingdom and nature spirits

Work with your spirit guides and Dragons to unlock your potentials
Receive special ancient attunements to the Dragons each week
Clear and protect from negative energies
Email Support & Guidance As Needed
& Much More!
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What you may experience from "Intensive Healing Energy".

Typical symptoms from healing can vary from person to person, but at any time you may experience one or some of the following:

  • Tiredness * Body Aches and pains *Flu-Like symptoms * Stomach aches *Change in digestion patterns * Headaches * Ear "buzzing"

  • * Aching Joints * Extra Thirst * Increased or decreased appetite * Mood changes *

These are just some of the symptoms-but it is important to note, that they may come and go over the 6 week period,

and as different things are healing within you, but should not last more than 48 hours. Anything longer than this, or if you are concerned

in any way,

always see your medical professional.

You will be encouraged and advised to drink a LOT of water as your energy changes and to flush any toxins away.

It will be wise to really "listen to your body" and follow it's strong guidance. If you are tired, rest! If you are hungry eat! And so on.

Throughout the healing process, I will be updating you via email as to what I've been working on, and what "symptoms" you may get from this.

Also, I will give you insight into areas of "blockage" within the body, which needs to be removed by your emotions.

I will be able to pinpoint what these emotions are, and also how you can clear this type of programming.

It will be very important for you to share as much as possible about yourself and your family history, as this is VERY important

to understand how things are effecting you, and that it may be attributed to family and the generations past.

Extra advice in life direction, love, goals, dreams, work,activities,psychic abilities and your soul purpose, will also be included for you.

You can expect to go through massive changes on every level, if you are willing to put the advice into action, and see yourself as being

the biggest part of your healing success.

I will guide you all the way through, and also assist you in being able to maintain your healing, for your highest good.

Looking forward to beginning a wonderful healing journey with you!

I do not in any way claim to be the one who is healing you. However I am facilitating in the best way possible, and working with the divine,

to bring your soul into alignment with your higher truth, and your own natural healing abilities, as well as all other abilities within you,

begin to unfold as a bonus!


Blessings and healing love





*Not a substitute for medicine or seeing your Dr. Please ensure that whilst you are on this program, you still meet your medical appointments,

and do not take yourself off of any medication. You are undertaking distance healing of your own free will, and the suggestions and advice are to

be a guide for you only. Your healing success is your own responsibility, and BDevine® or DevineMiracles® take no responsibility for your

long term health or any issues. Once you have purchased your Intensive healing program, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.

Check with the Dr after your healing to be re-evaluated.*