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By BDevine®

Greetings & welcome to everyone!

You may already have an idea of what a Soul-Mate is supposed to be like- you may long for the moment that you finally meet yours..... If you are in a Soul-Mate relationship, this is something that you never will question-you will never wonder if they are your Soul-Mate or not, because your soul is content.

A lot of people ask me "When will I meet my Soul-Mate?" or "Is my partner my Soul-Mate" " Is my ex my Soul-Mate?because I can't get them out of my mind" ...and questions similar, and so I wanted to help you all understand, when a relationship is right for you & when it could be wrong...

So firstly,what is the definition of a Soul-Mate?

Without a doubt,this is a relationship that will change your life. A very deep soul attraction, an instant "Knowing" of your fate, an uplifting of spirit and a surge of energy from within .Both people,in this relationship,feel the same!
This is important,because if this is not true, you have found a "Karmic relationship" which is completely different.

A Soul-Mate will generally be on the same path as you,meaning,they have the same desires as you in regards to their needs and wants and even their goals are similar.

A Soul-Mate may be a person whom you feel instantly comfortable with.You do not feel threatened in any way.You want to spend time with each other.You are both willing to grow and learn spiritual things together. A have a deep respect for every part of the other...

A Soul-Mate can be same sex, or even a best friend .
You may never have a physical relationship with them,but the love and depth of connection between you, will last a lifetime.

Even family members can be a Soul-Mate, and this happens a lot because you all chose to incarnate into the same family,thus it is only natural that you have known this person in the past. Possibly more than once! This is a real connection, and you are lucky if you have this.

It does not mean that your Soul-Mate is perfect. Sometimes Soul-Mates do split up because of how powerful the feeling is between them-this can be overwhelming for someone who is not ready to embrace the full impact of love.
Also there still may be timing or emotional issues that hold you apart-this may not be your only Soul-Mate. Oh yes,there are actually many that can enter your life!

Again,you may have been through a period of being alone,and suddenly you are met face to face with your life partner- (which happened to me by surprise!) or you may be dreaming of a person to make you feel special and happy. This is great,as long as you are also happy with yourself how you are,and are wanting a partner to "Merge" with you-that is to blend together-not looking for someone to "complete" you.

So where you are right now in your life on all levels, will reflect in the partner that you choose.

Signs of a True Soul-Mate:

  • Instant magnetism,that you BOTH share
  • Unexplainable feeling of connection that is very deep right from the start.
  • A calm atmosphere, and inner calm.
  • There is instant trust
  • There is instant lifting of spirit
  • There is no nervousness
  • There are no judgments
  • There is patience & encouragement
  • There is a shoulder to cry on
  • You are never made to feel bad or lower than them
  • There is great equality
  • You think very much alike
  • Sex is optional-never forced or expected.
  • There is gentleness towards each other.
  • This person will also be your best friend
  • Will never restrict you
  • Loves you for YOU not just your physical appearance

Of course there are variations,but this should always be a loving and gentle experience.

There are all types of Soul-Mates in relationships.
For example,you may meet someone who you have a strong connection with and you have a very happy life together for the first year or so..then things may slowly turn sour. You may have "let down your guard" and start taking advantage of the other or feel you are being taken advantage of.You may want different things now.
You may have children and see a side to the other that is not as you had hoped or you simply may have outgrown each other, and thus decided to separate. This is still a relevant and important part of your journey, and one which leads you to an even stronger Soul-Mate relationship.

Obviously an ideal Soul-Mate relationship, will become your life partner. This can only work,if love and compassion are at the center of everything. There will be little habits that stay with your partner, but these are easy to deal with. But-no relationship is always simple and easy this will always require equal effort and spiritual consciousness with the end peaceful result always in mind.

Here are some signs of NOT being in a soul-mate relationship:

  • You have a partner and so do they-( this is an attraction-nothing more!)
  • Your relationship is abusive( Translates to fear not love)
  • There is no equality-( Your needs do not matter)
  • It is only physical-(You only feel appreciated physically)
  • No commitment-(I love you but.....)
  • There is jealousy-(Mind games-or purposely flirting to upset you)
  • Anger-( always walking on eggshells)
  • Resentment-(You did everything for them in the beginning -this was never appreciated)
  • Selfishness-(Its all about them)
  • You are suspicious of lies-(You check their phone/emails when they are not around
  • You/ they have cheated-( This is an ultimate betrayal-period!)
  • No spiritual growth to handle problems calmly
  • Treating friends like they should treat you (you are a trophy)
  • Zero tolerances for children/animals ( does not want responsibility)

Of course this list can go on,and I hope you understand the idea.
One thing is for sure,if you have the strongest attraction to someone and you know they are all wrong for you-yet you can't help visualizing yourself happy with them-it is one of the most confusing things in your life to come out of.
You may have been guilty of driving past your ex's house after the break up. Asking friends to give you information. Or even caused trouble for them,trying to crush them like they have crushed you.You can't understand how you could have fallen for all the stories,and trusted someone again!
Far too many people have never recovered from a "Karmic Relationship" because they thought that despite all the drama, this person was their Soul-Mate-so naturally that means they are always going to be "the one".
This is such a waste of ones enjoyment in life!
But when you have a real Soul-Mate, all of these things are never an issue.

Not everyone is interested in finding a great love-this is fine also!
But I have to say, (now that I can speak from experience), that there is nothing more wonderful than waking up every day knowing that the person beside you adores you on every level,and you also feel the same.

Each day the love deepens,and has new angles.
I see love as very dimensional,and so sometimes we get the flat side of love-sometimes the curved side or the top..but when you have the whole entirety,it makes you so thankful for the choices you have made. Everything including all the breakups,all the hurt,because if it led you to this person,it was worth walking to the ends of the earth for.


Here is a message from A special Angel called "MIHAEL" (not to be confused with Archangel Michael)dedicated to the finding of your Soul-Mate,or for strengthening an existing one..

"Greetings dear ones!

I AM MIHAEL- one of the Angels of lasting love and deep happiness. I and many other Angels are with you whenever you are crying out for help and healing from past trauma,but also am especially instrumental in helping you to discover your "Soul-Mate" partner on the deepest level.

When you are truly ready to be with the right person and you believe that you are certain what this entails,as well as being certain of what you don't want from love,this is when I come speedily into action for you!
I will help you to just be trusting of the flow of events that will occur,as part of the process of connecting with your Soul-Mate .Never forcing things to happen too quickly,but instead nudging you in the right direction.

A Soul-Mate relationship-although not as intricately connected as a "Twin-Flame" may be given to as a representative of your "Twin-Flame" who could in fact be, a Guide or Ascended Master, in the Spirit Realm.
Your Soul-Mate is not of the same SOUL as you are-this is what a "Twin-Flame/Soul" is -but-can be the most wonderful experience for a couple.Also this is the kind of relationship that you should be wanting to experience-a deep and lasting love!

Do not dwell in relationships or old ties that you do not understand.
We Angels hear your words of help when you are in a situation that is toxic to you-We offer you a way out-and in some cases you don't take it! Instead you ask us Angels & God to: "make my partner trust me" "Why can't they just love me?" "Why is this so hard?" "If you Angels don't give me this person,I won't believe in you" ETC
Still,we Angels stand by you and try to bring peace and knowledge to your heart,but alas,the "Signs" you receive are to move on! And still you stay. This is also your choice,but does only delay the inevitable.

Humans need to realize that you are only ever responsible for YOU-no one else.It is natural to worry about others,but this does nothing to help them or you!
When you are ready for a new life to begin,this is when we are able to lead you! It is impossible to guide you into a happier direction,if you are still rooted in the past or in a bad situation now.

Dear humans,I am delighted to offer my services to you! We Angels are totally aware of each and every one of you! We are family! We know your SOUL,we now what you are here on Earth for,what past lives you have experienced,what you fear,what your talents are everything!

We see your potentials and we also see your happiest,peaceful,and most enlightened life-BUT We can not interfere when you make a "Wrong" choice (wrong is not the right word,but just to keep it simple) Since a "wrong" choice will only "delay" you for a time until you indeed awaken again.

If you so choose,you can live alone and still experience a Soul-Mate relationship with others in your life.As long as whatever you do,is bringing you joy and happiness and gratitude.
We do say joy and happiness a lot, because it is your GAGUE or COMPASS in life-always trying to steer you in the right direction.Your joy and happiness gauge,is the answer to almost any question...and so we have almost reached the end of this lesson.

If you are miserable in any way,please talk with me or any Angel you feel comfortable with. No one deserves to be unhappy,and certainly you do not need to "Suffer" in any circumstance.

If you have a longing for the right partner,become that partner! Let go of outdated beliefs,wipe the slate clean,and most of all expect the best to happen!
Treat others how you would like to be treated, meditate just a couple of minutes a day!
it is foolish to wait for someone to whisk you away from your troubles and misery-learn to pull yourself away from this! Raise your standards and keep away from negative people and views.

Most of all be gentle to yourself! There may be times that are particularly tough,and you almost give up trying-it is at these moments,that you will experience true bliss,and peace.This relief will spur you right back into action!!

So light candles,and talk with us whenever you need things to come to action in your life or if you need a deep cleanse of your system and are no special words that you think that you need,because to the Angels, all of your words are special!
Please talk with us in quiet moments,shield yourself in beautiful loving light morning and night-be open to an uplifting of spirit,keeping you comforted and safe through the changes. Together we can co-create a miracle soul-mate love that will be the type perfectly suited to you and your life-a beautiful merge of light and love,which to us Angels,is like watching a beautiful scenic view of fabulous fireworks

You WILL be with the person you have been waiting for,it is up to you to never settle for less than you really want!
Call on us also,if you have the Soul-Mate relationship that you wanted. You and your partner can go to many levels of love and if you are both ready for a new deepening or your relationship,then ask this of us! We are here for any situation,and ask you to open up to the realization that you are worthy of great and lasting love! You are wonderful and so very special! Believe it! Embrace it!!

We Angels love and care for you and want you to experience the deepest of love connections. Allow us to help you to see it when it is presented to you!!

With Love and many blessings!

In closing, everyone is able to find the love relationship that is suitable for them.
The relationships you have had thus far, are only a small part of the big scheme of things.
If you are in a bad situation,it is easy to say to yourself ;

"All this is true for other people but I know that my partner loves me and will eventually treat me right"

Being treated with love and affection should never be something you have to earn from your partner. You are not their possession,and have a right to live peacefully and equally in harmony with each other.

There certainly is at least one Soul-Mate for each individual.
And if you are extremely lucky,you may even discover your Twin-Flame!

I hope that you have enjoyed the message here-and through this, you gain some confidence & believe that you are worth loving & certainly deserve to have your highest dreams, come true...

With many abundant blessings,


© 2012 onward