2015 and messages for all of us
By BDevine®

Channeled message from The Lord Jesus (My master guide)


2015 is the year of the Sheep (Goat) in Chinese astrology. This means that are year will be under the influence of tranquility, peace, creativity, arts, nurture and healing.

Emphasis will be on joining together in peace and love, and doing our own part in creating a worldwide healing.

There is a special closeness occurring for the new year, and many of you will find connections with others to all new heights and levels of communication.

I also felt, that since this was an 8 year, that it represents limitless and eternal joy, that we hold within our souls, and rejoice with others through the year.

Those who are not required in our lives will continue to leave, but it won't be as it may have been in the past-in other words, it will be a natural progression, towards claiming your soul journey.

There will be others who flow towards our light, and allow us to shine, and grow onto and through the next levels.

I also have had a lot of occurrences with Spiders-since they represent the 8 and also creativity, it seems to be fitting with the year, and the events that will unfold.

The spiders also teach us of storytelling, and getting your message out on paper too. Perhaps you have wanted to write about your life, but have been worried about the reactions of certain 'family members' that you may need to write about-or you were abused and neglected as a child and have been trying to forget this. You will have to come from a standpoint of detachment, and you will receive great healing.

Each of us have a story to tell, and our own unique way to tell it. Don't be ashamed or worried about anything other than getting things out, creating good from it, and allow yourself to receive.


You may also like to try some essential oils that enhance the feeling of wellness and great joy.

Geranium, Orange, lemon, Peppermint, Fennel, Frank inscense, Cypress, Fennel , Lavender, Ylang Ylang are some that are favored for the year. If you would like to buy pure essential oils, please contact me anytime.



There are also some guides and Angels who are watching closely over us throughout the year.

The Angels Lumiel and Hamied are both of the order of miracles, and spread peace, love and light wherever they go.

You can read more about them here: Lumiel & Hamied

You may also look up some well know "Star spirits" Alcyone, the Pleiadians, Sirona, Seven sisters spirits and the Weaving Maiden (Closely connected to spiders).


"Dainichi" is the spreader of light, and is known as the "Great sun Buddha"

The name he is known by is "Mahavairocana" & I felt a great connection with him as being a part of bringing in the peace for the new year.


We must know as always, we have so much protection and love surrounding us-and although we don't always consciously appreciate it, it is there nonetheless.


I believe 2015 is going to be the start of a fabulous new era of love and light on this planet and encompass all those who inhabit it.

We have no use for drama and trauma, it is all the old paradigm, and we are just not buying this anymore.

As we stop 'tuning in' to the 'new' and so called 'current affairs' this power of greed and negativity, cannot survive.
It will be so important to call on your support team, and also ask to connect with your spiritual council. This has made so much difference to my life, to connect with a 'team' of collective guides called "Aura".

If you would like to meet your team, you can try this simple method :)




This year, I have asked the Lord Jesus, to oversee the message for us all. I am very connected to Jesus, but for me, this is not in a religious sense. It is from a feeling of deep love and heart connection. When I found out that he was my master guide, I nearly fell over. I thought "he is MY master guide ?" I did not feel in some ways 'worthy' of his love. But I realized this came from a place of fear, and I accepted this as true .Since then, I have never stopped asking for advice, and thinking to myself "what would Jesus do?" the answer always comes!


Here is his message for everyone for the year 2015.

"Dearest ones,


With love from, the spiritual realms that surround you always! Each one of you are forever surrounded with love and understanding, this will never change! As you open your hearts more completely in the New year, a lot of healing and hidden knowledge will begin to unfold for you.

Each one of you have been preparing a long time for advancement in your life and your wait will be over in 2015-provided that you hold acceptance of this.

Your acceptance or goodness is all it takes! You may still doubt your worthiness-but with acceptance of our unconditional love, this feeling will fade from you.


Although there will be 'shake-ups' on the land and changes in many areas, the concern needs to leave you. remember that fear grows as love does, so try not to buy into the fear tactics of those who are losing power.


Remain focused and strong in who you are and how you wish your world to be!

Take a deserved break from now on and ease into your new life. You are loved beyond measure and treasured eternally by your support team connected by Source.


Never forget your true heritage, and see how your life reflects this!

With eternal love and gratitude,






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