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Welcome and thank you for being here on Earth at this time .I am so happy to connect with you!
I have many different services available for you, and my mission is to help you to reach your full potentials, and open you up to all of your natural abilities.

I have been working with the divine in various different ways for over 25 years now, and I am confident that you will experience expansion on every level, through following your guidance here.


Shamanic Healing With BDevine®
In person-or over the phone. Order Here!

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A totally new style of healing has begun! BDevine® is offering you a powerful and ancient practice of American Indian Shamanic Healing in a way unique to her.
Working with your own spiritual team of Angels, Power Animals, Ancestors and Spirit Guides, you will go through a time of great transformation on many levels-all from the comfort of your home!
BDevine® works with her own guides as well as yours, to shift you through dimensions and re-set your energetic body, which in turn re-sets your physical, emotional and mental bodies as well.
This is not for those of you who are NOT ready to let go, and change behaviors about yourself that are self destructive.
When you decide to have a Shamanic session, you are also deciding to be pro-active about your healing, and use the suggestions and tools which will be given to you, to re-activate healing in your life. This is not something that is done for you, you must be willing to put changes and healing into practice, with the help of BDevine®
Past Life healing will also occur as well as things that you had no clue were holding you back.
There is nothing like this in any other kind of healing. You will be listening to music with me, and after we chat, you will relax and enjoy the energy healing and ancient knowledge that comes with it. If you go into this with an open heart and willingness to adapt and grow with your changes, your life will skyrocket. Those who have experienced this type of healing with me have experienced the energy of their own guides and opened up their own psychic vision,and healing abilities. You are given information about what will be happening and some of you receive images and knowledge about your future. Deeper healing is achieved if you are willing to let go and allow yourself exactly what you need. Working with “Sitting Bull” during your session, along with the angels and your guides, the healing is incredible. I have not offered this publicly before. This is an opportunity for you to grow spiritually and also have relief from physical ailments. I offer this in two one hour sessions.
Here's what is included:

* 2X1 one Shamanic Healing Sessions
Past Life healing and release
Healing from all types of pain, on many levels (this will be explained further)
Messages from your guides/angels and whoever is with you for your healing
Cleansing of any attachments, and disparate spirits
Re-Set of the entire energetic Field and cellular restructure
Healing from inner wounds and removal of blocks
& Much much more!

Please read some testimonials here:

Gloria Galvan If you're on the fence about getting a Shamanic healing with Becky, don't hesitate and do it! I highly recommend it. In addition, she's offering it for half price which is amazing! I've had severe joint pain, stiffness and inflammation most of my life. It's been depressing at times and I had considered stem cell therapy. The healing Becky did for me was incredible and I have felt so much better and more energized since my wonderful healing!!! Becky, I am so thankful and grateful to you. God Bless!

Shamanic Healing. Bobby Testimonial

At age 16 I had my first spinal surgery. A team of 6 surgeons opened me up and found a mess. There were no car accidents or falls. Just very advanced degenerative disc disease and herniated and compressed discs. They told my parents I would never work and they should plan on going into retirement with me. I decided I wasn't accepting of that fate and lived a full life even touring as a professional drummer for most of it.
I did have several more back surgeries as problems arose, but I always pushed through. In late 2012 the two car garage door at my Austin home reversed and came crashing down on me, striking me in the neck. The blew three discs in my cervical, four discs in my thoracic and two in my lumbar region. 
After several years of failed fusions and re-fusions I hit rock bottom. I attempted to take my own life in 2014 and spent several days in ICU on life support. 
Upon awakening I was a different person. Call it a few near death experiences or me just being done with the mind set I was in... I found myself online searching for a spiritual advisor in an attempt to learn how to meditate. After being unable to with the few individuals I had found I saw BDevine show up in my suggested videos. Her eyes drew me straight in as if I had known her my entire life. I lost my sister several years earlier and Becky's energy was very similar to hers that I missed so much. Straight away I was able to meditate using Becky's guided meditations. It was amazing and it helped me on levels I never knew were there.
I was getting my feet back under me and was in a moderately successful band when I noticed Becky had a Metallica shirt on in a recent video of hers. I commented on the video simply saying "hey, you're awesome ...check out my band when you get a chance. I think you might like us". Within a day I had a msg back from Becky and we became fast fast friends. We remained friends through the years and she helped me immensely as I was my fathers solo caregiver seeing him through stage four cancer. About a year after he passed Becky decided she wanted to begin some physical healing work on me as I had another disc go out with several surgeries in a few months. 
Through our talks I mentioned to Becky that I had a strong lineage with the Mohican Native American culture. She embraced that and offered to use that avenue as a healing technique. She was in Australia and I was in Texas in the USA so a phone healing was our only option. To say it was powerful would do it such an injustice. It was a miracle. My Neurosurgeons were pushing for me to have a complete spinal fusion to connect all the other fusions and fix the eight other blown, compressed and slipped discs. 
With that one session I was able to walk again. I no longer was spending the day going from my zero gravity recliner to my sleep number bed and back again. A complete miracle! My doctors and surgeons are besides themselves and very happy for me. All the screws, rods and various implants I've had over the years still cause me a bit of discomfort, but I know had I found Becky years earlier that could have been avoided. My doctors agree and are amazed. 
Thank you Becky Devine. You've taught me how to live again and given me my life back!

Debi Roeder I highly recommend!! I have been feeling so much better since i had my session. My head is clearer, i can move better and i don't feel like I'm in a fog.

Last night, I received a shamanic healing session over the phone with Becky Devine from Devine Miracles. I highly recommend that everyone books a shamanic healing session with Becky, even if you already feel you have done loads of healing on yourself. During the session I received the guidance that I needed about my healing that I wasn't’t aware of before. It was as if Becky lifted away all of the fog and the truth was revealed. I could feel all of my worries, pain, and struggles lift away but I was also provided with the guidance to maintain this lighter energy. The information that came to me during her session has completely shifted my energy and brought me so much peace. The healing that I received from Becky has changed my outlook on my healing and my spiritual path. I feel as though I am now taking big strides forward in living my life more fully, more healed, and with more love. I cannot thank Becky enough or recommend her services enough because I know her healing will change your life too. With Becky, her healing is comparable to receiving a miracle. Thank you so much & so much love, Amanda Clarke



Personal Soul Readings:

Are you wanting to get to know your spiritual team?
Are you interested in Angels, Spirit Guides, your soul purpose and deeper healing and expansion?
Then my personal readings will definitely help you!
Each reading will include unblocking things that have been holding you back,(in all directions of time)and bring healing messages from your spiritual team, as well as helping you to uncover past lives, and how this is effecting you today. I will also share guidance intuitively about coming events in your life, and the advice and support from your spiritual team. Unlike a lot of readers, I don't tell you what you have to do but rather guide you as to what will bring you the most happiness in any situation.
You may choose either phone readings, or MP3 recordings, which range from 45 mins-1.5 hours long.
*You may also like to see me in person, if you are living in Australia*

You may order your personal in depth reading here:




Intensive Healing/Mentoring:

Are you ready to begin a whole new chapter of your life?
Are you suffering from physical symptoms, aches and pains that can not be defined medically?
Have you always wanted to begin working with your own spiritual abilities?
Would you like to hit the "reset" button in your life? Then my healing and mentoring services will be perfect for you!
Intensive healing and my mentoring program, are an 8 week program designed especially for you,to unblock your full potential, and also clear away and identify physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological issues that have caused physical symptoms or blocked your own amazing abilities from fully surfacing.
I am also available for in person 2 hour intensive healing sessions in Australia.

You will need to read more about these services here:

Space Clearing:

Do you feel like you have had some kind of curse or spell placed on you? Is your home full of heavy energy or bad feelings?
Do you believe that your workplace is making you ill or draining your energy? Do you feel like you are being watched or feel that you have spiritual negative attachments?Are you a natural empathic who needs stronger shielding an assistance?
Any situation where you feel uneasy,or you feel is blocked needs clearing and release.
I work with the spiritual realms, to clear away anything that is not from the light, or that has accumulated around you throughout your life. This is very powerful energy, and I will work with you for at least a week to make sure this is cleansed and cleared, to bring peace of mind, physical energy and mental clarity. In the workplace, or anywhere you frequent, will also have a complete clearing of the negative, and enhancement of the positive. This service can be done distantly, anywhere in the world. I also offer personal sessions to your home, or wherever you choose, if you are in Australia. (through arrangement)

For personal assistance and space clearing please email me here to discuss:






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