The Crystal Game- With BDevine®


The rules are simple. Just choose a crystal or a number that you resonate with, and enjoy the message that comes through.You may choose more than one if you like. This is taken from my Facebook page- Devine Miracles


GAME ONE: OK here we go. Choose a crystal-from left to right the crystals are as follows: 1: Fluorite 2: Amethyst
3: Rose quartz 4: Citrine 5: Clear Quartz 6 : Smokey Quartz. Choose one of these crystals, and the reading follows :

1: Fluorite: Your card is one of "FOCUS" Right now, you are in a time of your life, of great manifestation. What this means, is your thoughts are manifesting very quickly,so you are wise to really evaluate what goes through your mind every day. Are you allowing certain people and situations stay in your mind rent free?? You can decide to allow a beautiful manifestation of everything your heart desires into your life,but first it have to live in your mind. The doubts and worries can be deleted -you know when it is coming up-as hard as it may be to stay in a strong state of mind, it will soon become normal, and your life will change to suit your mind set. Think about this for a moment-your life will change to suit your mind set-you are more powerful that you can ever imagine. Tap into it,now  


2: Amethyst: Your card is "FRIENDSHIP" You are beginning to change yourself in many ways, and have been thinking a lot about who you have company with. Some of you may be looking for someone who is just like you, and wants the same things, and has the same outlook. Right now, you are attracting this for yourself. But you must also see , that your own friendship is valuable. It is easy to fall into a habit of believing that you are the cause of every problem anyone has ever had with you-this blame causes you to accept those who are not who you really like to be with-in a sense, you have lowered your standards, in order to feel accepted. See where you are doing this in your life, not just with friends, but in life itself. You are not to blame for everything, neither should you be made to feel like you are. People will come and go throughout your life, as you move up to new levels of awareness. Know that what you are seeing yourself as now, you are also attracting as new friends and relationships-what is is going to be for you? This is the question you are being asked.


3: Rose Quartz: Your card is "Divine Guidance" The Angels are speaking to you, as well as the entire spiritual realm, through your intuition, dreams and knowing. You may have been asking for direction, in which case, the answer is coming to you right now! You must learn to trust and accept your first thoughts always, as this is always the right thing for you to do. Your angels speak to you with 'feeling' and this then becomes the vision, and way forward for you. Doors are opening for you,learn from the ones that have been shutting. Sometimes the best path for us, is not an easy one at all, but is the most rewarding for us and our life path. Don't rush or try to skip any part of the divine process in your life. Understand, that you are a divine being here on Earth, and as such, you are capable of anything that you desire and more. Never limit what you can achieve, but remember, that there must be benevolence for all concerned, when it comes to timing of events. Keep a close eye for symbols, colour's, and beauty that makes you have goose bumps all over-these are all signposts that you are on the correct path right now!


4: Citrine: Your card is "BLESSINGS" You need to know, that you are creating extra blessings in your life now. You may not be able to see some of the blessings that are always in your life, but here is a chance for you to see real evidence, that your thoughts have manifested a blessed change in your life. You also need to know, that you are a blessing to many other people, and your kindness is always appreciated but not always mentioned.You may feel like you do an awful lot of good things all the time, yet you are left waiting for something wonderful to happen for you-well now and in the next week, you will start to see evidence of appreciation in your life, and blessings for you. See yourself as blessed, even when it is one of the hardest things to do. There are additional angels with you right now, to help you to see and feel blessings in your life. Remember that in order for the angels to really help and intervene in your life, you must ask, and also take steps forward to making your dreams a reality.


5: Clear Quartz: "SERENITY" You are now reassured, that you can obtain peace and peace of mind. Serenity is actually a natural state of being, that you posses, but perhaps have forgotten how to channel this into your life. You are a beloved being, and have taken on a lot of extra burdens, and felt the weight of this very heavily. People are always taking from you (so it seems) there is one thing or another piling on top of you, and in fact your whole life has been one struggle after another. You may have had enough of everything-and this is causing you feelings of sadness and despair. Please know, that you are allowed to be angry at times! Being spiritual does not mean you have to be perfect!! In fact no one can be perfect all the time, so give yourself a break! The one thing you can absolutely control, is what you are thinking. Just understand, that you are not cursed, you are mighty indeed! You gave yourself challenges that you knew you could overcome, and you really are doing a marvelous job! Lift yourself up with kindness to yourself. Do this every day, for a week, and see what happens! Affirm "I am beautifully and wonderfully made, and I am stronger every day!Nothing gets me down, not even myself"


6: Smokey Quartz: "ABUNDANCE" Yes! You have done it! You have opened a new abundant area of your life, and it is going to continue as long as you like it to-but watch that you do not sabotage yourself along the way! If you can imagine yourself having everything you ever wanted and more-(and we can do this) now go one step further, and "feel" what it would be like. What is the first thing you would do? Who would you tell? can you envision the phone call? These are the things you need to meditate on, for true manifestation of your dreams. When you can feel the sensation of having what you want, and keep this feeling going as long as you can, you have tapped into the source of all. You also need to know, that you can be abundant in all ways if you believe it so. Part of the problem we have as being here on Earth ,is forgetting that we are able to do anything that we think an angel or spirit guide can do! We have this ability, but we doubt it. Don't doubt yourself at all. You are abundant and magnificent!!




The crystals are 1 : Auralite 23 2: Citrine
3: Clear Quartz 4: Rose quartz.
Choose a crystal you are drawn to- you may want to ask, "which crystal holds the right message for me?" Now read my interpretation, of the card for you below!

1: Auralite 23: Your card is: Archangel Gabriel. The lucky number is 8.The colour for you is lavender. At this particular time, AA Gabriel is with you, asking you to speak up if something is bothering you-actually speaking up in all areas of your life, where you feel you can not say this or that. It is actually bothering you more than you think, to not be able to say what you need to. It is such a freedom to lovingly assert yourself. You may also be invited to a celebration, and it is important that you go! Again, you just need to understand, that you are valid, and worthwhile, and you need to speak your truth right now. There is good news, and extra intuitive messages for you, so ask AA Gabriel to open your awareness, and clear the throat charka for you today!

2: Citrine: Your card is: Archangel Haniel.Your healing colour is green and your lucky number is 2: AA Haniel, is bringing great news right now! You may have had a question on your mind and the answer is yes ( as a positive answer)You need to know, that you are right on track, with what you have been thinking, feeling, and doing so far. A new road is about to open, so anyone that you meet this week, is going to lead you in the right direction.Some of you may meet with unexpected travel, and start a new job, or new direction in your life. Fertility, and babies are also worth a mention, as really happening or a metaphor to birth new ideas into your life. Be kind to yourself now in all ways!

3: Clear Quartz: your card is:Archangel Cambriel. Your healing colour's are blue and purple and your lucky number is 5. Your awareness and psychic abilities are opening more and more. AA Cambriel brings the energy of new psychic and spiritual awareness, and knowledge into your life. You will also feel when you call on this angel, that your personal strength is increased. This is vital for those of you who are afraid of speaking with someone, or doing something out of your comfort zone! You may also feel, that you have a lot of energy at night, and it is a perfect time for you to be reading, and writing about your day, and perhaps channeling messages in this way! Some of you may experience people coming to you for help-this may also be at night, and when you least expect it. Be open to new awareness, and a clearing of the body, when AA Cambriel is with you! You should also attend any invite that may come your way, as it is answers to your prayers!

4: Rose Quartz: your card is: Angels of patience:Your healing colour's are the rainbow colour's and your lucky number is 4. Now is the time to really try to be peaceful and calm. You may have been waiting on things to change for you, and you are almost there, but stay centered and clam towards you goals now. There are some people who may be looking to you for guidance, and it is not always going to be easy to give all the answers-if there is anger, don't give into this, it will be most important for you. This really is one of the times in your life, where a huge blessing and miracle is about to occur-you have been on the edge of your seat waiting for this change, and now it will come-but you just have to hang in there a little while longer! The angels of patience are a huge band of angels, that work in many different areas of your life, and will come to you instantly if you ask them too. Don't try to figure out the motives of others, or allow them to stay in your mind uninvited. Now is the time to really make firm commitments to honor yourself and who your really are! With many blessings to you all! 



1: "Potch" which is blue opal 2: Amazonite

: Blue Calcite 4: Aquamarine.

Pick one of these crystals, and read your intuitive message!! Today I will be using the 'Life Purpose" cards, by Doreen Virtue. Although I tell you about the card,more information is given by myself for you intuitively.This makes it more personal and profound!

Take the first crystal you are drawn to, as this holds the message for you!!


OK here we go: 1: "Potch" your card is: "heart's desires" The angels are supporting you and protecting you, as your dreams become a reality! You may have been thinking, that you are not on the right path, or that you are doing something wrong-but you could not be more wrong!You really do need to ground yourself, in the knowledge, that you are deserving of greatness, you have been visualizing a different more fulfilling life, and this is being presented to you. All you need to do, is trust that all the details are being taken care of for you. Ask the angels to continue to guide and support you through any uneasiness you may be feeling. Keep focusing on your real goals and dreams, seeing yourself achieving them easily.


2:"Amazonite" your card is:"Flowers" Working with flowers opens your heart and brings blessings to others through your life purpose. Aroma therapy, and flower essences, are essential to your healing and growth now. All natural products are a must, through your body, and will help to alleviate symptoms you may be feeling. Look in different kinds of herbs, to assist with feelings of depression, anxiety, grief and worry-there are so many things that are a natural alternative for you now. You may also be interested in studying in natural therapies and healing, in which case, this is part of your life purpose! You may also feel more connected when you are outside in nature, receiving healing from the elementals!! Don't discount your interests and passion-they are the very things, that will bring you the most success!


3:"Blue Calcite" your card is: "Creative Expression" Your soul longs to express itself creatively. You really release a lot of abundance and tension in your life, by doing something creative. You are a creation being, so it is in your very nature to be creative. Perhaps you are feeling stuck, and bored just at the moment-change the energy in your life, by doing something that is creative for you! Inside of you is an artist waiting to emerge! be it acting, drawing, crafting,music or whatever your creative passion is, it is part of your life purpose to pursue this, and have it part of your daily life. You will feel so much better, and inspiration will begin to flow again!


4:"Aquamarine" your card is "Justice" Your career brings fairness and protection to others who need your help. You are a natural at being a leader, and never let this go to your head which brings comfort to more than you know! No matter what type of work you do, there are ways in which you can help guide people,in a fair and just way, as well as bringing them true direction and peace. You also need to know, if you have been involved in legal issues yourself, that there is going to be a fair resolution for you-try to continue to ask for Archangel Michael's assistance with this, and any endeavor where you just need a fair chance. It is an important time in your life for you now, and you are going to see rewards for all of your efforts! Always keep in mind what is fair, and what is right in all ways! With blessings to all of you! BDevine




Here are the crystals: 1- ANGELITE 2- CITRINE 3-ROSE QUARTZ 4-CLEAR QUARTZ 5-AMETHYST. Once you have chosen your crystal, read below the interpretation for you!


1: ANGELITE- Your card is the Goddess of Justice- What seems like an injustice is actually a blessing. The message for you, is to let go of a situation, that is causing you to worry, and constantly think about it. It is doing you more harm, and generating power to the other person or situation,which depletes you, and makes you feel in a weakened position. It is vital that you remember, that the best defense, is a smile, and that your happiness and determination, will see you through. Perhaps you have been harshly judged, or are sometimes a little judgmental yourself-in which case, keep reminding yourself, that you do not need to be perfect, you only need to do the best you can! Rise above any pettiness, and see the situation resolves itself for the benevolence of all! The colour's blue and purple are significant to you right now!

2: CITRINE- Your card is-God of the underworld- Something which no longer serves you, is about to end. You are about to experience a new beginning in your life because of the changes that are taking place within you. You may have started a whole new way of doing everything, and therefore it is only natural that interests from the past, will no longer benefit your future. You may need to let go of people or a person who has been upsetting you, and causing you no end of problems. Whatever the ending is for you, it does not have to be painful, if you seek a higher perspective, and see that the great wheel of fortune is turning another notch, bringing you into a new phase of life, that is perhaps long overdue. You know in your heart right now, what you need to release-have confidence that you will be better for it! Your colour's are yellow and brown.

3: ROSE QUARTZ-Your card is-Goddess of knowledge-Start to apply what you already know-trust your intuition. Plato once wrote-"All knowledge is simply recognition" indeed, we have all the knowledge that we need flowing through us at all times, yet we may ask ourselves 'how??' or 'I can't hear,see,feel anything!' This is a form of doubt and distrust in ourselves, that forms a energy block within the body! No wonder people say 'I feel blocked' because they have created one! Now is the time, to connect with your higher self. Dialogue with your higher self and the answers will come. To do this, get yourself a piece of paper, and write your question on it. You may address it as'-Dear higher self' Then write down what you think the answer is-if you have asked your higher self to work with you, then you will find your answers are correct. The more you do this, the easier the process is, and the more 'in tune' you become. Try to do this every day, and pretty soon, you will have volumes of information! Your colour's are blue and white.

4: CLEAR QUARTZ- Your card is- Angel of guidance- A renewed sense of direction and purpose will soon manifest. You have been waiting what seems like forever for something to shift, for something to give, and you will not have to wait much longer! Because of your positive thoughts and deeds, you have created for yourself a totally new direction of happiness and success. Of course, it will not always be an easy path, but your perspective of things have changed so you can deal with things differently. Don't discount yourself, or your importance in this world. You truly are an inspiration to more people than you know! Look for signs that you are on the right path! Your colors are magenta and gold.

5: AMETHYST-Your card is- Angel of clearing-Your time of waiting and confusion will soon be over! Your auric field is now being cleared and cleansed, and much healing energy is pouring over you right now. You need to know, at any time you feel that you are in need of a 'boost' of energy, just close your eyes, and say ' I now accept this healing to go where it needs to for my highest good-thank you' and you will receive! You have been reluctant to receive anything, or forgetting that for all your giving, it is only right that you receive! However, it does not always come in the way you thought, or from who you thought either. Never do anything for gratitude, or you are doing it for the wrong reasons. You are going to see your plans coming to fruition now, don't let anything hold you back-not even yourself! Your colour's are lavender and pink. Many blessings to all of you! From BDevine




Take the first one you are drawn to- if you choose 2 then one is a bonus message for you!  Alright, here we go! 

1: BLUE TIGERS EYE- your message is- the shadow self, is that part of us, that we do not like. It may be something that we are constantly reminded of, through other people, places and situations. Perhaps you are also sick and tired of feeling restrictions within your life, and get mad at yourself at times, for feeling this way. The shadow side needs to be honored and respected-right now, there are divine healers working with you, to heal and release anything that you have held secret to yourself, that is not helping you. You can release old behaviors, thought patterns and people from your life, who are constantly reminding you of things you do not like about yourself. You are also supported as you honestly assess areas of your life, that you know you need to change, to get the result you are looking for.Your guides will lovingly show you ways in which you can open up to new things. Love yourself completely, is the message today.:)The colour's blue,brown and gold are healing for you. Your lucky number is 25. 

2: FLUORITE: Right now your guides are working with you, to relieve some discontent in your life. You may be looking for something new and exciting to enter your life,and bring you great passion and joy for living. The message is to see how you can do things differently now, in order to create change, and inspiration for yourself and others. You have a lot of creative potential waiting to let loose,but you need to lose the need to know how everything will end-enjoy the process that leads you to greatness!You are also guided to enjoy what you have made so far, love a little more or go the extra mile for someone. There is going to be special opportunities for you in the next week! Open up to anything being a possibility for change in huge ways, in your life  the colour's green,purple and pink are healing for you. Your lucky number is 8. 

3: CARNELIAN- The time really is now, to initiate new beginnings, and see your dreams and goals start to really unfold. You have the guidance of the divine father with you-whatever that means for you-and so this really is a special time of life for you. You may need a lot of courage in the coming days and weeks, as you push through some boundaries, that in the past, you have been afraid of breaking. As you move forward fearlessly,you will be supported along the way. All you need to do, is what is going to bring you happiness-this always leads to your greatest success, and now is the time to set everything into motion! Release any fears about the future to the full moon Your healing colour's are- Orange, yellow and white.Your lucky number is 11 

4: AGATE- The divine helpers are with you now, because you are on the verge of a beautiful successful period in your life! You are going to have good news in your endeavors, you have got this!You do deserve to shine, as you have worked hard to get where you are today-but just remember to give thanks to all who have helped you along the way-including your spiritual helpers! This is only the start of what you can really achieve, when you see yourself as a success. You need not worry what others think of you as you succeed, and move forward-if worry every overcomes you, change this in a positive way-remembering that you attract what you are thinking all the time. You deserve this next wonderful part of your life journey. See how it answers for you many questions you have had over the years-seeing your success now, will show you why everything has had to be, just how it is  Your healing colour's are Gold, silver and white. :)Your lucky number is 15.

Wishing many blessings to all of you!! BDevine





I am using the deck-"Goddess Guidance" by Doreen Virtue. Today's Crystals are- 1: Aquamarine 2: Clear quartz 3: Auralite 23 4: Smoky quartz. 
Now, lets see what the messages are for YOU!  

1: Aquamarine- your card is- "Goddess BAST" Your independence is a foundation for your strength and success.You may not think that you are talented, or unique at all, but you really have to widen your view on yourself. You are here as a protector of innocents- you do your best for everyone else, but you do not always protect or look after yourself like you should. Now is a time to really think about who you are, and what you want, without belittling yourself in any way. The Egyptian goddess Bast, transformed herself into a cat, at night, to watch over her loved ones. Perhaps you need to embrace transformation, that wants to take place in your life right now. You are the one who can change your life. Remember who you really are, and stand proud of what you have achieved, and what is yet to come. An idea you have, is about to take off- but,you are ready! Your healing colour is gold and green. Your lucky numbers are 1 & 11.

2: Clear Quartz-Your Goddess is-"Kuan Yin" Release judgments about yourself and others, and focus on the love and light that is within everyone. Kwan Yin has vowed to stay close to Earth, to help all of us become enlightened. When we actually realize, that we are BORN enlightened, we have found it! You are being asked to remember, that compassion for everything, is the essential part of your journey-compassion goes both ways. You must be compassionate to yourself, at all times-or else you may be easily offended, more so than usual, at the way others are behaving towards you, or just in general. If you find yourself annoyed by someone else, maybe this is something that you find annoying within yourself. Try your best, to move past limitations within yourself. You are wonderful just how you are. You are also going to receive, the love and support that you need, to get you through your life, by keeping your mind above the mundane, appreciating the self, and feeling compassion for all beings. You are understanding, and kind- if you are not receiving this in return, time to re-asses what you have been thinking and feeling.Take a little time out for quiet thought, and contemplation,whilst releasing any judgments you may have made. Your healing colour's are pink and white. Your lucky numbers are 2 & 19.

3: Auralite 23- Your Goddess is "Athena" You know what to do. Trust your inner wisdom and take appropriate action without delay. Grecian warrior Goddess , she asks you to rely heavily on your intuition at all times. The more you use it, the stronger it gets! You need to really trust yourself, and stay firm to a decision. You already have worried about it enough, and it is not helping you to do this. When you trust, it is always rewarding to you-sometimes you may not understand what happens when you rely on your gut feeling-because things can seemingly go wrong at times! Everything is revealed in time, and the reasons behind the sequence of events. You need to believe in yourself, and ask for support too! Athena is with anyone who needs it, bringing you deep wisdom-IF you trust your intuitions, and follow through with this. It is so important for you to get through this stage of the journey. You never ever repeat the exact same things twice-so let go and trust, that all will work out benevolently for everyone. You can do anything, with the power of your mind! Your healing colour's are green and blue and your lucky numbers are 3 & 6.

4: Smoky quartz- Your Goddess is "Mother Mary" Have faith that your prayers have been heard and are being answered. Mother Mary, is with you bringing peace to a long standing problem-possibly concerning children-or family in general. It is hard to always try to be positive, when at times, there are things that are just so hurtful, and unfair to you. (at least it seems that way) You are just being asked, to look at a situation from a different point of view. As your perspective changes, are you see things through the eyes of everyone involved, it becomes easier to understand, why things have had to be this way -but all of this is changing, to your benefit. Miracles can occur, when WE take a step FORWARD to better ourselves, and our lives. Right now, a miracle can occur, because you are doing just that. Stay in a state of gratitude, that allows you freedom right now, and a change in circumstances.You are beloved now and always. Things in your life, are about to change for the better-expect this, and be happy. You have come a long way!! Your healing colour's are brown and white. Your lucky numbers are 4 & 14.
To sum everything up, here is a quote from BDevine "You can do, be, or have anything you wish-all it takes is a vision of success" 

Wishing many blessings to all of you!! BDevine 





I am using the deck-"Saints and Angels" by Doreen Virtue. Today's Crystals are- 
1: Sodalite 2: Lemurian Crystal Ball 3: Carnelian 4: Citrine 5: Petrified Wood 

Now, let’s see what the messages are for YOU! 

1: Sodalite: Your card is – “Blessings of abundance” from your Guardian Angels. Right now it is a great time of manifesting for you, and because of this, you need to be careful of becoming fearful of the future. The more that you let the Universe, and your guardian angels take care of all the details, the easier your manifestations will flow to you. Often times we become fearful when we do not see results of our constant positivity-when this happens, it can easily feel like nothing is really working, and a lot of people lose faith. However, for those that keep on pushing through, and believing, you will start to see how everything is going to fall into place, with no worry from you. You can choose to cancel any thoughts of worry, and allow the heavens to take care of your burdens-it does require a positive attitude, and forward movement in your life, but you CAN DO IT  be grateful for the blessings you are all about to receive! Your lucky number is 12. Your healing colour's are pink & white.

2: Lemurian Crystal Ball: Your card is “Miracle” from the Lord Jesus. Jesus is with each one of you, ushering in a time of miracles in your life. From healing, to manifesting, to anything that brings you the ultimate happiness and answer to prayers, it is taking place at this moment. Jesus comes to all who call, not just the religious, and he does not hold any judgment toward you for any reason. Much like the angels, his motivation is purely love, and to allow you to love yourself more. As you do this, you are opening a huge wave of healing in your life, as well as blessed miracles, that will affect many people. 
Remember as always, to let go of questions concerning ‘how’ this will happen. Rest assured, you have asked for assistance, and it is here for you. You may also receive knowledge and help from others, who are new to you. Jesus works through many people, and situations, so that you will see the changes taking place, and feel excitement and joy throughout your life. Notice signs in subtle ways. Once you do, bigger signs and information will become available to you. You are part of a beautiful soul family of light and love, and Jesus is also a part of your soul family. Call his name, start talking to him, and feel the difference this makes in your life!  Your lucky number is 6. Your healing colour's are blue & white. 

3: Carnelian: Your card is : “Pause” from your guardian angels. Your guardian angels are asking you to take some time out for yourself. You have been chasing your tail, this way and that way, trying to finish things, and instead, you are doing more for others, than yourself. It is time to see where you are spending too much time, worrying about the needs of others, before yourself. Whilst it is wonderful to do things for other people, and want to help them-somewhere along the way, you have forgotten what it is you wanted to do with your life. What is it that really makes your heart sing? What brings YOU joy? What do you see yourself doing in 5 years? Start to ask yourself, if you are burying your interests and passions, because you don’t think someone else will approve. 
You owe it to yourself, to be all that you can be. Without knowing it, you are an inspiration to many people-imagine how they will feel, when you feel happy and passionate about yourself, and your life again. Open your creativity, and the stress will start to fade. Care more for yourself, and you will achieve more than you can imagine. When you do more for yourself, you will be amazed at how much energy and power you manage to have throughout the day. Your guardian angels are bringing this to your attention now, before you become too worn out to even care anymore! Please take time for yourself  your lucky number is 33. Your healing colour's are purple & white.

4: Citrine: Your card is “Steady Progress” from St. Therese of Lisieux (little flower) You are being asked to see how far you have already come, towards your goals. Bit by bit you are chipping away at what you need to, to make your dreams a reality.
As you keep on moving forward, whilst you are healing from the past, you are beginning to open a whole new way of life for yourself, that makes you feel at peace, and proud of yourself. Remember that you do not have to be perfect, every step of the way. As you are growing spiritually, you may think that you need to be a certain way, or say certain things in order to feel accepted-this is not the case at all. In fact, what makes you unique, is that you can be yourself, and happy with yourself, and this allows others to be comfortable around you.
There is much more that you can do though! St Therese is also working with you on creative projects, especially writing, as a way of expressing yourself. She also wrote a book, entitled “The story of a soul” about her own mystical experiences. Perhaps you need to keep a diary, as the ideas begin to flow to you. Don’t give up on yourself, or your dreams, it is never too late to be all that you ever wanted to be! Your lucky number is 17. Your healing colour's are purple & pink.

5: Petrified Wood: Your card is “Be brave” from your guardian angels. The angels are assuring you, that right now, even if there is a tough situation ahead, you are supported all the way.
Perhaps you have been feeling unsure of yourself, or someone else has made you feel insecure. The angels always remind you, that no one can hurt you, unless you choose to be hurt. This means, that you can choose to try to figure out why someone would treat you badly, and hurt you, or you can change your perspective on it, a brush it off. It is hard to do, when there is a lot of emotion, or even family ties vested in a situation. Once again, your only responsibility is to yourself and keeping yourself happy and at peace. If anyone makes you feel less than important, or makes you feel low in any way, you need to walk away from that right now, because the abuse will continue, while there is a reaction from you. Of course, it may take time for you to have the strength to stand up for yourself, by walking away-please know you are supported whatever your decision is in life. 
The angels want you to know, they are working with you right now, on being brave, standing up for yourself, letting go of negativity, healing, abundance, focus, soul connections, and your life purpose. You are far more capable than you imagine. Allow yourself freedom to shine today  your lucky number is 7. Your healing colour's are blue & black.




I am using the deck-"Archangel Raphael healing" by Doreen Virtue. Today's Crystals are- 1: Rose Quartz 
2: Apatite 3: Amazonite 4: Clear Quartz 5: Auralite 23

Now, let’s see what the messages are for YOU! 

1: Rose Quartz: Your card is – “Forgiveness heals”. One of the most common problems in people’s lives is lack of forgiveness. A lack of forgiveness is always related to the self. In other words, if we cannot forgive other people, it is most likely because we feel at fault in some way in our lives. Anger when stored in our body causes us many different illnesses. Everything that we think has an impact on our lives! If you are experiencing any discomfort in your body, you may very well need to release unresolved anger, and un forgiveness from your heart and mind. As we are moving into the New Year, we are going through changes on profound levels. Old emotions and un-released issues will also have a way of coming to the surface to be dealt with. Give yourself a lot of love, and do not be angry with yourself for the past. Let go of anyone who hurts you or does not understand you with love. When you do this, you are actually allowing them to find their own way, and by sending love, you are also allowing them to heal profoundly, when they reach out for it. Remember, forgiving does not mean that you instantly forget-it means that you are big enough to move on from it, and not allow it to control your life. Your healing colour is purple. Your lucky number is 5 

2: Apatite: Your card is “Ask your body for a message” Often times we hear people say that they do not like at least one part of their body. They look in the mirror, and feel uncomfortable with what they see-they feel that they need to fit into an ideal-something that they feel 'others' will be approving of. 
This is a reminder that if you are doing this, in any way, you may be in pain, or have symptoms of illness that nothing can get rid of. Your body is trying to get your attention, and just like you like attention in loving ways, your body will thrive when you talk to it lovingly.
There is no point trying to look like anyone else, since in most cases, they wish they were different too! You are beautiful in every way, and the more that you talk to your body, and hold each part of your body, gently talking to it, a great and miraculous healing can occur. Also, the more that you look at yourself lovingly, without judgment, the more your body will respond, heal and allow you the freedom to move forward. This card also reminds you, that you are born with healing energy, and you CAN heal yourself, and help others to heal themselves as well. Just as you counsel others and encourage them to feel their best, you must remember to also give yourself credit! Ask Archangel Raphael to guide you in honoring your body-with the right words, food, exercise and adequate sleep! He will help to tailor make a plan that works for you, and lead you to the right information for your journey. Your healing colour is green. Your lucky number is 7 

3: Amazonite: Your card is: “Home Help”. Archangel Raphael is helping you to allow people to help you! This may indicate also that you are looking to work from home, and start a new business. Of course, the beginning of the year is always best to start something new, and take in new energy with it. This is also an indication that you must begin to delegate tasks to others, and allow help to be given to you.
Perhaps you want to do new things, or need help around the home, but lack the way to do this. Right now, allow yourself to give all and any problems over the Archangel Raphael, who will bring you just the right person, or situation, to bring you relief. 
Some of you are looking for a new home, or wish to renovate your current home. Here is validation for you that everything is falling into place nicely for you. Continue to hand all of the details over to the angels to assist you. There is also a calling for each of us to appreciate the home we have. Touching the walls with love, clearing the home with salt, and asking the angels to clear each and every part of it, and stand guard, is vital now, as you move into the New Year. Your healing colour is white. Your lucky number is 3 

4: Clear Quartz: Your card is “Alternative medicine” Archangel Michael is here to assist you in any way that he can. Right now you are guided to have a second opinion in your current situation, or perhaps seek natural alternatives. Your energy is low, and you need to feel complete, and energetic with no pain in the body. If you are not sure of your current medical situation, or if you are worried in any way about your body, please do not ignore any symptoms. You will get clear signs, and ‘nudges’ in the right direction, if you are open and listen. This is also a calling to trust your intuition-if something does not feel right follow this! The same is true when something feels right. We are always given strong feelings-every single person has what is called ‘gut feelings’. In some cases, these ‘gut feelings’ can save your life as well as other people! You are each born with multiple abilities, and this is opening for you beautifully. As long as you trust yourself, seek advice when you need to, and also speak up when you feel something about other people. Do not be afraid of who you are. Listen and act now, so that healing can occur, that is best for you. Your healing colour is red. Your lucky number is 5 

5: Auralite 23: Your card is “Recovery” You are about to have a recovery from problems that have been bothering you for a long time. A lot of you are also recovering lost items and memories now, and this is really going to help you and encourage you in your life!
This is also validation that you are a brilliant counselor, confidant, friend, and mentor, and your perfect job is working with people who need healing-from addictions, to just needing someone to talk to.
You also need to know, that the lessons that you have learned, through all of your hardships, will really start to make sense to you. At the time of your own hurts, you did not understand why everything was happening, and felt so sad and frustrated. But now you will see, why you needed that experience, as people will start to come to you, who you will relate to and be able to help them through.
Your loving perspective and kindness will win people over, and bring much healing and relief.
Trust in yourself to know what to say, and how best to say it. As you help others, you help yourself! This is a very interesting time for you, and a lot of information is coming through. Trust yourself always, and call on Archangel Raphael to assist you! Your healing colour is pink. Your lucky number is 9 

Wishing many blessings to all of you!! BDevine 




I am using the deck-"Unicorn Cards" by Diana Cooper. Today's Crystals are- 1: Auralite 23
2: Auralite 23 3: Auralite 23 4: Auralite 23 
Now, let’s see what the messages are for YOU! 

1: AURALITE 23: Your card is – “LISTENING”. The focus is- “Listen and the answer will be revealed. “
Your mind has been so full of noise and chatter, it is impossible to hear yourself think, let alone be open to the guidance of the spiritual realms. The Unicorn’s are waiting to connect with you, and talk with you, allowing you to release all that is holding you back, and see the world that is in between worlds. Unicorn’s live on the etheric plane, alongside the Dragons, Angels and spirit guides, and they can assist you in meditation, to still the mind, and visit peaceful places. If you quieten your mind enough, you will hear the wisdom and love of your own special Unicorn! As you imagine her to be, she shall reveal herself to you. Your lucky number is 33. Your healing colour is white.

2: AURALITE-23: Your card is “RAINBOW” The focus is- “There is a rainbow beyond the clouds”. The Unicorns can help you manifest your desires, lifting you away from thoughts of lack, into thoughts of abundance, and joy. Something joyful and wonderful is just about to occur for you, and this will enable you to help people, and put your own plans into action. It is time to really notice the signs, that prosperity is with you, and count your blessings EVERY day-not just when you feel there is something big to be especially grateful for. When you can do this, it naturally allows more to flow to you. Don't get caught up with mundane 3D reasoning, which causes your mind to think “oh, that won't happen to me” or “ I will believe it when I see it” Just forget all that stuff, because it hasn't helped you so far! Staying positive, even when crap is going down, will change everything for you, and inspire you! Affirm that you accept prosperity and joy with gratitude. Your lucky number is 26. Your healing colour's are rainbow colour's.

3: AURALITE 23. Your card is: “ARCHANGEL MICHAEL”. The focus is- “Use the sword of truth to help the world” Some people who are in a place of weakness need your help. With Archangel Michael and the Unicorns by your side, anything at all is possible, and anything can be overcome. You have integrity, courage and decisiveness, to see you through, and even if this is a hard task for you, you are encouraged to do it anyway. As you help others, you are helping yourself, gaining strength in many different life areas. You are being called on to step up to the next level of your being, opening your heart and mind to new ways of thinking, and reacting to situations. You have come so very far on your journey, and others are looking to you for the right kind of advice, inspiration and guidance, and you must be assured, that you have the skills you need to get through this. Don’t forget, to ASK that you are protected and guided along the way. Ask the Unicorn, to help you break through limiting illusions that keep you in fear. Your healing colour is blue. Your lucky number is 37.

4: AURALITE 23: Your card is “MAGIC” The focus is- “There is magic around you, so expect excitement and joy” magic is the natural outcome of spiritual energies in motion-the Unicorns work with this all the time, so ask them to work with you, to create magic in your life today. This is especially active during the different moon cycles, and may be a calling to you, to really pay attention to the Moon, and how you feel as it goes through its phases. You can use the moon, to your advantage! Expecting surprise, and excitement, is such a fun way to live! You all want to have a life filled with joy, and excitement, so OWN IT! Don’t let anyone take away what you have worked so hard to achieve, and don’t let yourself, be limited by your current circumstances. Anything is possible, and this is exciting in itself! In the next week, something amazing will take place in your life that turns the tables on everything that has blocked your movement so far. Be ready for this, and expect it most importantly! You are worth it!! Your healing colour is silver. Your lucky number is 18.

A message for everyone today: This is from the UNICORNS, channeled by me, BDevine®

“Dear loves,
We come to you with love and strength, to help each of you awaken to your true , authentic self. We work with you on a soul level, and can carry you through the darkness, and into the light of your true destiny, if you choose this.
We are white horses, who have ascended into higher dimensions, and we work with you in our spiritual bodies as unicorns-much like spirit guides who have had a human life, and ascended into the spiritual realms, to help and guide you. 
We see the great light that is within each of you, and we work with you who have vision that is far beyond yourself, to bring changes to the Earth through you.
A Each of you have a family or a “clan” of Unicorns, that can respond to your surname- so for example, BDevine has the “Devine Clan” as her family of Unicorns. You can call us whatever you wish, we shall work with you in love only. We do not work with those who hold hate, anger, fear or lower frequencies. However, if there is a change of heart, we can once again become involved.
We can help dissolve the past karma, and bring peace into your life. Take a ride with us, and the connection will be felt forever.
We are here with love!
The Unicorns”
Much love and light to all of you, BDevine 



GAME 10:

I am using the deck-"Daily Guidance from Your Angels" by Doreen Virtue. Today's Crystals are- 1: Clear Quartz Egg
2: Clear quartz Soul-Mate Healer 3: Raw Celtic Quartz (WALES) 4: Clear Quartz Cluster 
Now, let’s see what the messages are for YOU! 

1: Clear Quartz Egg: Your card is – “Perfect Timing”. The focus is- “Now is the perfect moment for you to act on your inspirations. The doors are open now, whilst you walk through them, with the angels by your side. Don’t delay or procrastinate, as all of the ingredients are ripe for your success. Everything and everyone is on your side, supporting your positive outcome”. As you move forward in your life, and trust that all the details are taken care of, you begin to see the results of your manifestation work. It is vital, to continue to move forward, if you want things to really change. This card indicates, the help that you need will be there, but you may not see it until you commit to your decision, and walk forward fearlessly. You really do have all the protection and assistance of the Universe right now, so hop to it! Your healing colour is green. Your lucky number is 13.

2: Clear Quartz Soul-Mate Healer: Your card is “Change in Direction” The focus is- “The changes you’re experiencing are divinely directed by your newborn willingness to open your heart to love & our guidance. You are protected now and in the future, so follow your path, to the happy outcomes you desire”. Everything that you have been doing so far has led you to this moment of change. You no longer desire the same things as before & you no longer require the same friends and situations in your life. Your feelings of change and a willingness to move past all of the old ways is part of your soul mission. You know that in order for your life to change, there needs to be major adjustment. There may be a pregnancy, birth or the conception of a great idea that brings with it abundance, joy & positive outcomes. Allow yourself the freedom to find who you really are, and see the blessings that flow because of it. Your healing colour is pink. Your lucky number is 5.

3: Raw Celtic Quartz (Wales) Your card is: “Be Honest with yourself”. The focus is- “Look into your heart and you will know the truth of this situation. It’s safe to admit the truth to yourself, for we will support and guide you through any necessary changes. Lean on use for courage and the strength to take good care of yourself. Focus only upon your true desires, and they’will come to you upon angels’ wings”. When there is a necessary change in your life, it can bring with it uncertainty for the future. So many of us deny our feelings, and go on with situations we know have passed their “use by” date. Relationships, work, home life, and some family situations need changing, and you now need to wake up to this, and just know, that you deserve better. You cannot go on denying your feelings, and thinking that you have to put up with it, because of a thousand excuses you have given yourself. You cannot change someone else’s view-they must come to their own knowledge in their own way. The only person you are responsible for is yourself. If you want better, then make it happen, trusting, that as you move into this, the support will be there. Be honest with yourself, truly and deeply. Your healing colour is purple. Your lucky number is 7.

4: Clear Quartz Cluster: Your card is “Fresh Air” The focus is- “Your body needs refreshment from oxygenated air generated by grass, trees, plants, and flowers. Spend time outside today, as near to Mother Nature’s cradle as possible. Open your curtains and windows to refresh your home as well.” Although this card seems self-explanatory, there are many of us who do sit far too long in front of the TV or computer, and then complain that there is not enough time to do other things, or that they have headaches, nausea, body aches and pains, and also a lack of direction. There are some who spend endless time going over decisions, worrying about the future, checking up on gossip, or watching things that make them feel guilty. Just by getting fresh air, you gain fresh perspective. Ten minutes out of every 50 should be spent outside, especially if you have a sedentary job. You also need the fresh air, to allow the nature angels to clear your aura, and this allows all the abilities to begin to open. You will suddenly know the answers to your concerns, and opportunities open. Don't ignore the advice to get outside-the answers to your questions, come from there! Your healing colour is green. Your lucky number is 17.

A message for everyone today: This is from the angelic realm, channeled by me, BDevine®

“Dear Ones,
Greetings and much love we extend to all of you! Now is a very special day and time for all of you, because there is so much love in the air. A lot of you are sad today, because you are missing the presence of a loved one, or romantic love in your life.
We Angels do understand your pain, but we also know that you can change your perspective on the day, easily. You can dedicate the day to your loved one, making cards, creating rituals, and sharing stories, and you can also0 spend the day manifesting with intention, the love that you desire.
Most importantly, if you do not feel love for yourself, you must ask, how can anyone else love you? If you do not even care for yourself, you are attracting the same all the time. We Angels know that you are all deserving of the greatest love, and life imaginable-there are no limits to what you can do, be or have-only the limits that you place upon yourself.
If you are miserable today, know that no matter what, there are people who love you. You are supported in love by the entire spiritual realms and beyond. 
Express love today in all of its true forms. You do not need to have physical love, to show and accept love.
Choose happiness today, no matter what has transpired, and see things change for you in incredible ways!

With love always,
The Angelic realm”
  Much love and light to all of you, BDevine 



GAME 11:

I am using the deck-"Wisdom Of the Hidden realms" by Colette Baron-Reed. Today's Crystals are- 1: Kyanite
2: Clear quartz 3: Aquamarine 4: Fluorite 
Now, let’s see what the messages are for YOU! 

1: Kyanite: Your card is – “The River Queen”. The focus is- flow, letting go, natural movement.
The River Queen is all about going with the flow of life, and not pushing against it. It is so easy to find yourself in a state of chaos, even though you have been working hard on yourself, and what you are intending to manifest. At times it is all too hard, and it is easy to start to project the unfairness of life, onto others- verbally, physically or emotionally. You may also feel justified in your anger, or frustration, thus this becomes a focus that consumes your mind, and takes away vital energy. It is important, therefore, to practice non attachments to any situation, though or feeling that is causing you to experience distress. When you are low in spirit, it is necessary to try your best to release the worry, and know that this too shall pass. Flow with the natural rhythms of life, and remember that you are allowed to be upset at times, even angry-as long as this does not become a habit, or become an issue that you cannot let go of. Believe that you are capable of anything, rise above, detach, and trust that everything will work out how it needs to be. Your healing colour is green. Your lucky number is 11.

2: Clear Quartz: Your card is “The Ringmaster of Scrutiny” The focus is- discernment, clear vision, details. It is time to look closely and pay attention to the smaller details now, as this is leading you to the answers that you seek. There are deeper issues unfolding in your life right now, and remarkable healing can be yours, if you face these details, as answers to your prayers. You already understand and know what this is. If not, you soon will. This card also brings great awareness to your own special abilities, and also opens you to new opportunities in life. Try not to be hard on yourself in the process of your life. You are doing the best you can, with what you have at the moment, and doing a wonderful job, much better than you think you are! Keep rising above the noise, take some time for yourself, and enjoy your life, as it takes a new turn for the better! Your healing colour is blue. Your lucky number is 9.

3: Aquamarine: Your card is: “The Dream Walker”. The focus is- dreams, the collective good, and illusions. When the Dream walker is working with you, things really can take a wonderful turn in your life. There is a dream that you had for yourself, and it is about to unfold and awaken beautifully for you. Although this life path has many benefits for you, it also has benefits for the greater good of all. Therefore, it is important for you to know, that your life purpose, your dreams, will always have to involve other people, in order for it to be real, and valid. There is not one soul, who truly lives a selfish life- we are each contributing in the best way we know how to. So if you continue to visualize your life, abundant and free, you would be wise to include the support you would give to others, on your journey, and you will see a change in how fast things come to realization for you. The dream walker is beside you, helping you to realize your true potentials, and enrich your life. See yourself how you would like things to; know that the Universe will work out all the details for you! Your healing colour is pink. Your lucky number is 8.

4: Fluorite: Your card is “The Web Weaver” The focus is- synchronicity, Divine intelligence, cause and effect. 
Your creative efforts, love, healing and support, are having a profound effect on so many people-most of you do not know how much you are helping the planet, and the peoples to change into the being they deserve to be-their rightful self. It is really important that you do not give up, or give into other peoples demands, that take you away from what you truly want to do. For too long, you have hidden yourself away, and pretended to be someone you are not. In some ways, you may still be worried about what others may think of you-this is holding you back!! Break free from these type of chains, that are only really an illusion/ Notice instead, all of the signs that are in your path for a reason. Listen to how your body feels in certain situations, and trust it! You always know by your feelings, if you need to move on from a situation. Remember that you are in need of receiving, so don’t be afraid to ask for anything that you want, you certainly deserve it!! Also imagine yourself in your greatest life, manifesting is easy in this way, and is flowing to you now! Get ready for life to really change, to suit your positive thoughts! Your healing colour is purple. Your lucky number is 4. 
A message for everyone today: This is from the spiritual realm, channeled by me, BDevine®

“Dear Ones,
Love and gratitude to you all, for the remarkable work you have each been doing! We applaud you now and always, throughout your life journey.
We want to share, that so many of you are doing things out of the kindness of your heart-giving to others, even when it shows no monetary return for yourself (or so it may seem) when you give of yourself, without expecting anything in return, you truly have reached mastery, and abundance has no choice but to follow you.
However, if you are only giving, in order to receive, you are missing to point, entirely. Service to humanity, it what we bring and we can help you to bring people into your life, in which you can assist, and in turn, you shall be assisted. However, greed will never serve you to your liking, it will always lead to negative emotion and where there is negative emotion, there is negative energy, and thus this is attracted to you.
Can you see how your thoughts and deeds need to be for the highest good of all? In this way, it is a win-win situation for everyone, and everyone will receive because they are worthy of this-not because they feel it should be given to them. We only ask that you be sure that anything that you do, comes from a place of love-in this way, you have nothing to ever worry about, and your health, and lifestyle will naturally attune to your gracious attitude and loving ways.
All of you are blessed beings of the most beautiful light. What do you think a being like that can achieve? You have got it, absolutely anything at all!
We are with you always, even when you do not know it!
Love eternally,
The spiritual realm”
. Much love and light to all of you, BDevine 



GAME 12:

I am using the deck-"Archangel Michael" by Doreen Virtue. Today's Crystals are- 1: Auralite 23 
2: Citrine 3: Angelite 4: Blue Opal (Potch) 
Now, let’s see what the messages are for YOU! 

1: Auralite 23: Your card is – “Your home is protected by Angels”. Archangel Michael wants you to know, that your home is always under watchful eye. If you have been feeling like you really need to take charge of everything in your life, and you are looking for some comfort and change, now is the time to ask with expectation, that this is taking place. Another meaning for this card today is that you may be about to travel, in which case your home will be taken care of, as well as you. Also, you may be looking for something that is missing, and just need to remember, that nothing is missing in the eyes of God. Many of you need financial assistance, and this card also indicates a windfall, new job, or a source of income that you had not expected! Some of you are also guided towards buying or renting a new place. Spend at least 5 minutes with Archangel Michael, explaining your needs, and giving thanks for what you are about to receive. All is truly well, and things are falling into place now, that affects you in the long term future. Your healing colour is purple. Your lucky number is 5. 

2: Citrine: Your card is “Sense of humor” As the card suggests, it is really time to sit back, and laugh at all the things that have happened so far. There are people from your past, who always used to think that you would never make it, or make any changes to your life. But you have! Here you are now, with more than you think you have, and it is time to appreciate all that you are. Smile at yourself, for you are wonderful! Look back at things that used to bother you, and see how your face looked then-and smile about it! It is time for you to appreciate yourself, and honor yourself, for how far you have come, even through trials and tribulations, and being outcast by those who thought they were better than you. You do not need to feel the need to gloat about yourself to others, but having a chuckle to yourself, is totally OK! You are also someone who is naturally a funny person, and you may even be thinking of acting, or doing stand-up comedy-now is a sign to get going, no matter what. How would we know all of this comic geniuses if they did not take a step towards their dreams? I am sure that they did not even know that they were that funny! Take time out for yourself today, and watch a movie on TV or YouTube, that has you laughing. When you are laughing, there is no time for worry or stress; in fact it truly is the BEST medicine of all  Your healing colour is yellow. Your lucky number is 15. 

3: Angelite: Your card is: “Have confidence”. Archangel Michael has been trying to re-assure you that you are supported in all of your endeavors, but still you have been worried at taking the next step in your life purpose. Many of you have had strange dreams that have also left you unsure of the next course of action. Right now, release any fear or doubt about yourself. You need to open up to the next level of awareness, and there is much to teach, as well as much to learn. Trust that your intuition is correct, and have faith that you are on the right path. Even issues that seem like such a ‘mistake’ are actually the greatest turning point in your life. As you begin to feel stronger within, you are also attracting strong people to your side. If you have been wondering about a relationship, you can trust your feelings, as they are right on track. When you are falling asleep each night, talk to Archangel Michael, and you will awaken with a whole new outlook! You ARE doing a fantastic job and you ARE needed to shine your light on this planet. Your healing colour is blue. Your lucky number is 3. 

4: Blue Opal: Your card is “Be gentle with yourself” Archangel Michael is with you, asking you to curb your thoughts and feelings towards yourself, to more gentle and loving thoughts. It is all too easy to get yourself into a habit of berating yourself, for ‘imperfections’ or feeling that others are soon going to call you out on something that you have done ‘wrong’. But remember that these issues are mostly in your mind, so it is also in your mind, that you can heal and change this. You may be on the verge of life change, new job, new location or just wanting to start fresh in your life. The worry pattern needs to change, is you want anything to be truly different for you. Constant mind chatter needs to be replaced with words of love and respect for yourself. Avoid harsh chemicals, stimulants, and harsh energy altogether. You deserve a peaceful and free life, full of abundance. But a worrisome, and doubtful thought pattern, will not get you the most out of life that you deserve. If you want better, be honest about your feelings towards yourself. Really get to the bottom of why you may not like yourself- and change this today! You are just as worthy as anyone else, at having the greatest life. This can only happen when you own it! Your healing colour is pink. Your lucky number is 7. 

A message for everyone today: Archangel Michael asks that we focus on diving and perfect health Here is a channeled message for you all, from Archangel Michael, channeled by me, BDevine®
“Dear Ones,
Blessings to you all! I am Archangel Michael, here to assist you all to becoming beautiful beings of light, and returning to your true self! You are each here to remember that anything is possible, with the power of your mind. You have the ability to visualize and change anything that you wish, with the God given power of the mind. This does not mean that everything always goes perfectly to YOUR will-remember that you have chosen a divine plan, which includes lessons along the way, to help you get to your greatest desires. Now is the time to focus on yourself with perfect and divine health, and follow the guidance you are receiving with regards to your health, and happiness. You already know what you need to do, and you do not have to feel guilty about anything at all. One step at a time, you will come more in tune, with what your body needs to work efficiently, and also what your mind needs, to create an abundant life. You may ask for support on your journey, as we angels are always here for you. Be sure that you are following the messages from your body! You are a born healer-this means, that you have the ability to heal yourself, as well as help others to heal themselves! This is also a message to you all, to start to implement energy healing in your lives! Open yourselves, to your greatest potentials, and love yourself enough, to become your healthiest self.
With love and healing blessings,
I am Archangel Michael”


GAME 13:

I am using the deck-"Messages From your animal spirit guides" by Steve Farmer. Today's Crystals are- 1: Smoky Quartz 2: Amber 3: Clear Quartz Cluster 4: Rose Quartz 
Now, let’s see what the messages are for YOU! 

1: Smoky Quartz: Your animal guide today is – “The Falcon”. Act on the opportunity that is before you, and commit to it without equivocation. The opportunity that is being offered to you, is part of your soul journey. Now is the best time to act on your dreams and goals and accept the help that is coming your way. Don’t be so stubborn, that you are refusing assistance, because it may not fit to exactly what you want right now. Everything is leading you to your greatest life, even what seems like mistakes. As you begin to commit to your goals 100% you will find assistance coming your way, abundance, opportunity, assistance, and support that you need-it really only takes willingness for change, and a commitment to your life purpose. You will now have to ability to deal with any concerns that come up without being distracted by them, or wavering from your path. Key words: focus, speed, strength, agility, gracefulness, observation, vitality, perceptiveness, passion, opportunity, fluidity, adventurousness. Your healing colour is brown. Your lucky number is 22 

2: Amber: Your animal guide today is “Pueo”(Poo-ay-oh)(Hawaiian Owl) Your ancestral spirit guides are offering you guidance now, so pay attention to signs and omens from them. No matter when your loved ones have passed, they always leave message for their beloveds-even if they have already come back to Earth. All the information, assistance, love and support, is stored in spirit, for you to access anytime you need to. This is how we are always in touch. Right now someone who you love, or have loved in past lives, is trying to get your attention. Pictures of owls may be a sign to you- as well as having vivid dreams, strange memories, or feeling, seeing, hearing or sensing that you are not alone. It is important to notice repetition. Your ancestors will try to get your attention by showing you things in 3’s. They may also keep showing you colour's, or words that are repeating to you. You may also feel their presence whilst in meditation, or catch a glimpse out of the corner of your eye. In whatever way your loved ones are showing themselves to you, take a moment right now, to talk to them. Say hello, and that you appreciate their love and support. Your ancestors can also show up as animals, which are known as “Aumakua” (OW-ma-Koo-ah) 
Key words: Omens, guidance, mysteriousness, silence, protection, wisdom, knowledge, diversity, love, assistance. Your healing colour is blue. Your lucky number is 17. 

3: Clear Quartz Cluster: Your animal guide today is: “Platypus”. Stop complaining, and focus on the blessings in your life. Blowing off steam is necessary sometimes, but you may be on the edge of making this a habit. Time to lift yourself up, no matter what is going on around you. Notice which thoughts, you tend to put most focus on. Whatever the nature of these thoughts, you are creating things now, and it is vital that you are thinking about only things you would like to have, do or be. Power does flow wherever your attention may be. Use this power, for your benefit. You may know someone who is always negative, complaining, and has a “woe is me” attitude. How does it make you feel to be around this person? Now is the time to get away from those of lower vibration. Even spending little time with a negative soul, can impact on you for days, weeks even months. Maybe this is why you are feeling lower in spirit yourself. So, the Platypus is here to remind you to live and love in the moment. See the blessings already around you, and be grateful for those. Expect a great outcome to something that is troubling you. Your life is about to change, based on your thought patterns. What will it be for you? Key words; sensitivity, inquisitiveness, uniqueness, adaptability, flexibility, inner sight, thoughts, positiveness, sense of humor. Your healing colour is pink. Your lucky number is 5. 

4: Rose quartz: Your animal guide today is “Condor” You're too enmeshed in this situation, so step back and see the bigger picture before making any decisions or taking action. Right now, you need to practice detaching yourself from any problem-especially other people’s issues. You may never understand the motives of others, and why you have been treated so badly. It is so frustrating, that others could be so cold and unfeeling towards you. If you continue to think over the problem you are giving your power away. You are attaching your energy right back to them, and you will feel lost and depleted over and over. Break away, rise above, and know that the stronger person always walks away from a fight. You do not need to defend yourself, or become angry, or ‘have a go’ at someone, because you have been hurt in some way. If you do this, you lose before you even begin. Now is the time to walk your own walk. Your internal drum is beating away, leading you further onto your own sweet course, and without any action towards another, you will have your chance to shine. You shine in your deeds, and living your happiest life. The greatest revenge is success, and you are on this road right now. Key words; perspective. Vision, awareness, death/rebirth, independence, creativity, leadership, simplicity, sensitivity, detoxification, Pachemama (PA-che-mama) (mother earth) your healing colour is green. Your lucky number is 12. 

Today’s message for everyone- “The Tiger” You are all being called upon to provide leadership, so trust that you are capable of doing so. Fear and doubt may sometimes arise; to deter you from your purpose, but do not let this. You have the skills needed to do a fantastic job, in your field of interest. Some of you are now beginning a whole new way of life, and have been looking to others for answers. You are being guided to look within, and sense the answers to your questions. Know that you have the strength to get through anything, and to lead others through hard times as well. The secret to anyone’s success is NEVER GIVE UP! How do you find inspiration? Be THAT inspiration to others, and you will then find the confidence and strength to do anything and do it better than ever. You will always inspire with your actions! Make them great; make them legendary, just as you are!! Much love and light to all of you, BDevine 

Wishing many blessings to all of you!! BDevine 


GAME 14:

I am using the deck-"Wisdom of the hidden realms" by Collette Baron-Reid. Today's Crystals are- 1: Angelite 2: Blue Calcite 3: Fluorite 4: Citrine 

Now, let’s see what the messages are for YOU! 

1: Angelite: Your card is – “The winged wise ones”. It is ironic, that the crystal for this card is Angelite-because, this represents the angelic helpers that are bringing you miraculous aid right now. When you enter the realm of the angels, please know, that your sincere intentions are being answered, according to the will of the divine. This card can also mean, that you are about to experience divine intervention in your life-so it is wise to trust that the angels know what they are doing, and will assist you in ways that may surprise you. There are also potentials within you, to create miracles and healing in your own life. Many of us do not believe that much can happen in our lives to alter our reality-but with CLEAR intention, and a strong vision of success, anything is absolutely possible. Heavenly beings are watching over you, have faith that all your thoughts are heard, and with divine timing, are answered for your highest good. Messages are coming to you, be open to receiving, and listening to your inner awareness. Observe your thoughts in meditation, and be sure they are positive and limitless. You are blessed! Accept it now! Your healing colour is deep red. Your lucky number is 7 

2: Blue Calcite: Your card is “The River Queen” The river queen asks you to go with the flow of life, and be sure you are following the stream-not pushing against it. If you are fighting for answers, or spending time trying to understand the reasons and motives of other people against you, you are pushing energy against the current of your life. Now is the time to practice non-attachment. Let other people learn their lessons with love and light from you only. It is not our job, to worry about other people’s path-we have enough of our own work to do! This is reassurance also, that you will travel far in your life journey, if you consistently remember, that you need to let go, and allow yourself to be carried by the current of your own life, effortlessly, downstream, to the larger bodies of water, where you can swim easily. As you take things easy, and be easy on others, the path is smooth and effortless. You may be surprised where this life stream is taking you! Be ready to enjoy the ride, waving at others with joy, as you float by. Practice going with the flow, and see the difference this makes throughout your life! Your lucky number is 9. Your healing colour is green. 

3: Fluorite: Your card is: “The Fire prince”. The fire prince is with you, bringing optimism and even assertiveness into your life. You really need to wake up to your true potential, and stop allowing people to push you around! This year is all about moving into a new awareness, changing your life, and walking head on into your life path. You cannot take all of the past with you, or the people who have always sat on your shoulder, telling you how to feel, and what to do. This causes you to feel that you are always doing something wrong, or are going to be judged by your actions. How dare people make you feel insecure about yourself! You have the ability to let this continue to rule you, by making excuses as to why you ‘have’ to do certain things, or you can say ‘enough is enough’ and see the worth of you, who you truly are! The fire prince is a powerful ally, giving you the courage and assistance that you need, to do just that. Respect yourself as much as you feel others deserve it. See yourself in a higher light-knowing that once you make a decision to claim your life back, there will be support available in all ways. Don’t be a victim of circumstance anymore. You are the one who MUST break the cycle that has the potential to change future generations forever, just by changing things now. You can do anything you like, as long as it brings you happiness. Make the changes you need, and feel the energy rise inside of you, with the force of the greatest love possible. You are on fire now, and anything is possible from now on! Your lucky number is 4. Your healing colour is red. 

4: Citrine: Your card is “Gaia’s garden” You have the ability, to make all of your dreams come true. You are now reminded that there is no shortage of anything that you require, by the law of supply, which does not run out. Gaia is the infinite spirit that is visible in all things. She does represent the abundance of nature that will help you to find abundance in your life. She is here now, in this reading to remind you of your intentions, and how this allows you to manifest easily. There is no need to beg or plead, just use the law of attraction as your asset. This means that you will see yourself as always taken care of, abundant, happy and free, without asking ‘how’ this is possible. You must trust that you are always supported, even when you cannot see how this is possible. It is not your job to know how, you only need to give thanks, and trust in the process. This is a sign that you need to remember that your bounty needs to be shared also. You are more than likely going to attract more abundance, the more you hold visions of sharing this with others. Gaia’s gifts are sweeter, when they are shared. Be grateful every day, of all that you already have, in every way, and soon, there will be more to be grateful for. Your lucky number is 9. Your healing colour is gold. 

A message for everyone today: The Phoenix, is with each one of us, right now, reminding us all of our ability to rise from the ashes, into the most beautiful being imaginable. We have the power and abilities inside of us, to do anything that we choose. If we believe a limb can grow, then it will. Our belief systems are so important, towards our life, and our healing. If we can believe, that anything is possible, then we are taken back to our true divine natures. We are here to remember who we are-that is, we are here to remember that we are creators, and as creators, we can do anything. We are not here to be a nothing; we are born as amazing souls, with much to share with the world. As divine beings, we should not think we are above others, rather believe that we are all unique, divine, powerful, beings of light. United we should stand, as divided we fall. Don’t listen to egotistical souls, who have not learnt that their separation, only leads them to loneliness. Be careful of being pulled into anyone, who promises you the world, if you give up yours. More of this sort of thing may take place this year, as when love begins to rise, fear will always try to stop this. Stand true and tall in your beliefs in yourself, and your beliefs in the world as a whole. Believing in yourself is not egotistical, but believing you are more important than others is. Let’s stand together and accept each other no matter what, lifting everyone to the wondrous being that they are. Let them see the true beauty that dwells within, and how they can manifest anything at all with the power of their thoughts.  Much love and light to all of you, BDevine 


GAME 15:

I am using the deck-"Atlantis" by Diana Cooper. Today's Crystals are- 1: Blue Calcite
2: Sodalite 3: Kyanite 4: Citrine 
Now, let’s see what the messages are for YOU! 

1: Blue Calcite: Your card is – “FUN”. The focus is- “Lighten up and laugh today. “
In Golden Atlantis the people enjoyed simple fun and laughter, and relaxing leisure time, was of most importance to the vitality and inspiration of the race. The more that you are joyful, the more that you experience the higher realms of existence. We do get caught up today, in the demands of society, that by the time we get a chance to relax, we are already planning what is next. Too often this can lead to missed opportunities, through burnout, which did not happen in Atlantean times. Be sure you are socializing with people who bring you happiness, as this lifts you both up, into your true enlightened selves.
Your lucky number is 24. Your healing colour is Purple.

2: SODALITE: Your card is “DIVINE ESSENCE” The focus is- “Be true to yourself”. In Golden Atlantis, the people lived in their essence-in other words, with the joyful innocence as a child. As they were also telepathic, they could read and understand each other instantly, so there was no need for secrets, or misunderstandings. You are being asked now, to really look at a situation in your life, where they has been a misunderstanding, and ask yourself, is it really how things are? Or is it your perception of things, based on the way you have always been treated. Return to the basics of spirituality, which is all allowing, and acceptance of everyone. You do not need to accept abuse, and certainly this is not your natural state of being-but your natural state is highly evolved, so just be careful of areas, where you are not being true to your divine self, and see how this may affect others. Forgive yourself most importantly, and start on a fresh slate every day. Your lucky number is 31. Your healing colour is white.

3: KYANITE. Your card is: “THE GREAT CRYSTAL”. The focus is- “Use your power for the highest good” In Atlantean times, a huge quartz crystal, of pure source energy, graced the temple of Poseidon, and created an intergalactic portal. This was also the central power generator, providing pure and safe energy for the peoples. It is said, that the great crystal, now lies in the center of the Bermuda triangle. Now is the time, to really look inward, at your source of power. Everything that you do creates energy, and this can work for you, or against you. If you are always aiming for the highest good, you can create huge amounts of loving energy, like the great crystal that YOU are, that will help the world. Remember that others may be sensitive, just like you are, to what they perceive to be judgments. You may only be trying to help, just remember, to come always from a loving base, and you can’t go wrong. Adjust your frequency, with intention, and see the difference this makes, to yourself, and the lives of others, through your work and messages. The lucky number is 4. The healing colour is orange.

4: CITRINE: Your card is “CONTENTMENT” The focus is- “Be content as you are” In Golden Atlantis, everyone was honored. They were happy to be themselves, and no one was more special than anyone else. Each were encouraged to expand their gifts and knowledge, express themselves, open their creativity, and be whoever they wished to be. This does not need to be lost today! You should feel happy and satisfied with how far you have come today. The old ways of being have no place in the future, and can delay your progress. Acknowledge yourself, as you are, and see that just like everyone else, you are doing the best that you can! There is no need to beat yourself over past mistakes-and people who love you will understand, that not everyone is perfect, but each doing what they can to effect change in their lives. The better you feel about yourself, the more harmonious situation will come into your life. Your lucky number is 30. Your healing colour is pink.
A message for everyone today: This is from the Atlantean council, channeled by me, BDevine®

“Dear hearts,
We embrace you all, as the Atlantean high council, which is still very much alive today, and will begin to work with you, should you allow this in your life. You only need to reach out, and ask and you will start to notice our presence in your life. 
Each one of you is a valued contributor to the changes on Earth, back to the times of the Golden Atlantis. It was here, that you all found your true selves, but in doing so, the natural jealousies, of opposition, and dominance for power began to take over. Can you see how there is a sense of dominance for power still reigning on Earth today? Even between each other, there is a sense of competition, or who has the best ideas, or thought of things first. There is still much change to be done, but dear family, you have come so very far in this mammoth task, of changing the frequency of Earth.
We say to you, to hon our yourself, as well as you fellow brother, as they and you go about your learning journey. Appreciate the knowledge that you receive, as well as the knowledge that has already been laid out before you, as this is how you have learnt, and adapted things in your own way. You are ALL deserving of source knowledge, and you ALL own the rights to it. It is part of who you are, so how could it be any other way? See how this source knowledge is already working with you. If it is truly from the source, there are no lower energies attached to its message, or to its actions.
Remember that each one of you is a great crystal of knowledge and love. Learn to harness the power that resides within you, in loving ways.
With great love and respect, we are eternally yours,
The Atlantean Council”




I am using the deck-"Healing with the Fairies" by Doreen Virtue. Today's Crystals are- 1: Red Phantom Quartz
2: Amber 3: Orange Calcite 4: Blue Celestite
Now, let’s see what the messages are for YOU! 

1: RED PHANTOM QUARTZ: Your card is – “INNER POWER”. The focus is- “It is safe for you to be powerful. “
You are now allowing yourself to experience and express your true power. It does not come from an ego based position, but rather realizing how much you can accomplish with your positive thoughts, and deeds, and how this is bringing you into your true divine state. If you are abusing your power, this is a card warning you of the repercussion, of reaping what you are sowing. You each have unique abilities that you cannot yet even begin to fully comprehend! Now is the time to allow yourself to be open to the guidance that is coming from the spiritual realms, and your own fairy guardian, is helping you to be at peace with who you are! Time to step into your new life, and leave all the past situations behind you, where it belongs. Your healing colour is red. Your lucky number is 15.

2: AMBER: Your card is “QUIET TIME” The focus is- “Give yourself permission, to spend time alone”. We know it is not always easy to get some time to ourselves-even when we do get the chance, often times, there can be things that hold us up or hold us back from truly relaxing. Over thinking can create more problems, instead of releasing them. Stress could be having an impact on your current situation, and can put your manifestations on hold. You are being asked to hon our yourself, and your soul, by spending time alone, as soon as possible. Time to learn more about yourself, by spending time alone, and letting go of anything that is weighing heavily on your mind. You deserve freedom from worry, and you deserve an abundant and joyful life-please heed the caution, to get some down time Your lucky number is 6. Your healing colour is orange.

3: ORANGE CALCITE. Your card is: “DETOXIFICATION”. The focus is- “Clearing your mind & soul of toxins” Your inner guidance is telling you what this card means for you. It does not mean that you should be feeling guilty about anything, because this too is a toxin. In fact, guilt can be the number one reason, for a heart attack! You know the things that have run their course in your life, and what things make you feel like crap. You have been guided for some time now, to take the next step in your journey, and release the deep seated fears that keep you attached to toxic situations. You deserve the best life! Don’t let anyone or anything drag you down to lower levels. Just start in small steps, watching what you are eating, drinking and saying to yourself and others. Just changing one small thing, can make all the difference to your growth at this time. Honor yourself and your body, and ask that you are surrounded by support. You may begin to desire natural products that make you feel amazing. Your healing colour is purple. Your lucky number is 3.

4: BLUE CELESTITE: Your card is “LOOK INSIDE YOURSELF” The focus is- “Tap into all the knowledge of the Universe” It is a mistake to believe, that you have to go to outside sources, to receive answers, or knowledge. Everything that you ever need to know is within you and you can directly obtain further information yourself, through the Source & of course, the entire spiritual realm. Not many people believe in this process, because they may have fears or doubts about themselves, or have been told that they are “useless” their entire life! People sometimes can feel fear surrounding their own strength, without ever knowing where it has come from. This is a message to really look within, ask yourself why you have felt the way that you do, and clear and release anything negative, from interrupting your flow. You always know what is right for you-some of us may not always listen, but we always know what we need. Trust yourself to make the right decisions, based on love and not ego. If it is love based, it will make you and anyone else pleased. If it is ego based, there is a sense of tightness in the body, and worry also. You have light of the Universe inside of you-use it to your benefit! Your healing colour is green. Your lucky number is 5.

A message for everyone today: This is from the Fairy Folk, channeled by me, BDevine®

“Dear Loves,
With wonderful happiness, we extend a warm welcome to each one of you!
We Fairies are everywhere there is nature, and if you ask us, we can become a bigger part of your life.
It is time for you to treat yourself with the kindness and love that you believe others are so deserving of. Treat yourself with utmost care, and release those things that are creating blockages in your life!
One of the things we are able to instantly help you with, is clearing your Aura, of impurities, attachments, tears and breaks in energy. We surround you with a beautiful rainbow and golden light, to cleanse and restore your Aura, as often as you feel that you need!
Don’t be afraid to talk to the trees, and nature, because there you are also connecting with us! We live all around you, and we can help bring good luck, abundance, and joy into your lives.
Please ask and accept our support, and feel free to leave something shiny and colorful for us, outside 
We sure do love trinkets 
With loving support, 
The Fairy Folk ”

Much love and light to all of you, BDevine 



Game 17:

I am using the deck-"Wisdom Of Avalon" by Colette Baron- Reid. Today's Crystals are- 1: Orange Calcite
2: Sodalite   3: Snow Quartz 4: Angelite
Now, let’s see what the messages are for YOU!  

1: ORANGE CALCITE: Your card is – “LOVE”. The focus is- “Am I blocking love?”. “
How are you feeling? Are things going well for you? Are you beating yourself up over issues that really are not your fault? The meaning behind this card of Love, is to ask you how you are feeling toward yourself, because you are attracting your feelings. In relationships, you may be looking for someone who is confident, cool, funny, spontaneous and very thoughtful-are you all of these things yourself? Are you still caught up somewhere in the past? These are a lot of questions, and they each require honest answers, because until you are truly honest with yourself, you may not manifest exactly what you want-but more of what you think you are entitled to, or think of yourself as. Love is the essence of the divine in you! It is time to appreciate and respect yourself, as a living breathing being of light on earth who is worthy of, and deserving of the best life. Remember that the energy of Angels, is also love, and you are reminded that you are always surrounded by Angels, and therefore, can draw in the energy of love, in all of its forms, close to you. Take your mask off, and show yourself!! Your healing colour is brown, orange. Your lucky number is 9.


2: SODALITE: Your card is “THE NOVICE” The focus is- “New Skills”. You are always in a state of learning, and indeed our knowledge never stops! The Novice is here as a marker in your life, to let you understand, that more knowledge, is coming your way-and you may have a lot of questions, as everything unfolds in your life. There are lessons to be learnt, in every life situation-you are being asked “what lessons can be learnt here?” Although we often see lessons as challenges, or hard times, they do not have to always come that way. You are being guided, to see things through new eyes. Trusting, that you will have all revealed to you in time. Be gentle with yourself-the Novice always reminds you, that you are at the beginning, in one or more parts of your life, and you are not required to be all knowing-just always listening, trusting and following the guidance coming your way. You are on the path, to creating your dreams, and manifesting your future! Absorb all the knowledge around you, and put your new skills into practice. Your healing colour is burgundy. Your lucky number is 5.

3: SNOW QUARTZ. Your card is: “THE LADY OF THE LAKE”. The focus is- “Absolute truth, courage & self-respect” The lady of the lake is working with you, to open up your magical and spiritual side more into your daily life. How many of you are in hiding about your beliefs? This is a time of truth and courage, and if you ask, she will lend you her sword, and stay by your side, as you open up about yourself more completely. There is ways in which to speak up for yourself, which do not need to be harsh to others-speaking your inner truth is so very important, as long as it brings honor to who you are. You are being presented with many signs, and omens now, as to what your next step will be. You may be pushed to move past your comfort zone, into the unknown, but trust that you will be guided and cared for every step of the way. She is turning up as a marker today in your life, and you have chosen a new chapter to begin, so now you must take those bold steps forward. Remember that the strength of Avalon is behind you in support of your quest for abundance & truth. Your healing colour is purple. Your lucky number is 8.
4: ANGELITE: Your card is “THE WASP” The focus is- “Protect yourself” The Wasp is here as a marker to not only protect yourself, but be careful of lashing out, or saying something that could have long term effects on you. Although some people can be cruel, it is their own karma they are creating, and you are creating yours by your response. It is vital that you think about always putting protective layers around yourself. I often use the cloak of ‘mirrors’ with pink light of love. This way, anything that is directed toward me with bad intent is reflected back to the person with love-same thing for those sending love toward me, it is reflected back, and more love sent their way. This is the benevolent way to protect yourself. Remember, that it does not always mean that you will never have an issue with someone or something. It just means that you are handling it in a loving manner. You are only ever responsible for yourself, and your own actions. Now is the time to protect yourself, and reflect on lessons learnt. You do not have to be perfect, just willing to be kind and loving in all that you do. Your lucky number is 3. Your healing colour is yellow.


A message for everyone today: This is from Avalon Council, channeled by me, BDevine®
“Dear hearts,
We welcome each of you with love. Have patience with yourself, along your journey. We do know, that life is very difficult, and full of pain and hardships- but there is always blessings for each of you, if you are open to it, and willing to see them.
We guide each one of you, as a mighty ‘team’ of helpers and you may call on us, or an aspect of us, whenever you need to. Don’t forget the true essence of spirituality, and what you are here to learn, in your human body. It may not all make sense to you at all right now, but over time, you will understand the necessity of you and your life, and what a difference you are already making in the world.
As each of you expands your abilities, thoughts, and dreams, you are having a wonderful healing effect on the globe and Universes.  Yes we say Universes, because you are a part of all of them, even if you do not know it consciously. Part of who you are is living on many other planes, and you have the ability to tap into this as well.
Don’t be hard on yourselves! Uplift yourselves, and know that anything is possible, as far as the mind can conceive it. You can achieve it!
With love to all,
The Avalon Council”



Game 18:

I am using the deck-"Magical Messages From The Fairy’s" by Doreen Virtue. Today's Crystals are- 1: AMBER 
2: RED QUARTZ 3: PETRIFIED WOOD 4: FLUORITE. Now, let’s see what the messages are for YOU! 

1: AMBER: Your card is – “Your Desire Is in Reach”. The focus is- “Have faith, as everything is working in your favor “
The Fairy’s bring you good tidings, and news of importance is on its way to you now. Of course, it has been difficult for you to wait things out, and still keep the faith, even when there was little to no evidence of your desires coming to fruition.
It is vital that you learn to rejoice, long before you have what you desire. The “emotion” of “having” and “abundance” is KEY to it manifesting quickly. If you can imagine what it would feel like to win the lottery, for example you are on the right path. But learn to take it one step further-stretching out the vision for as long as possible. SEE yourself getting comfortable on the lounge, ready to watch the lotto. SEE yourself watching the numbers one by one roll out. SEE yourself checking them off of the ticket. SEE the excitement on your face, as you realize you have won. SEE what you would do next. Who would you first tell? Would you jump up and down for a while? This is an example of how you can manifest quickly, anything without limits. Be open now, to ALL that you CAN achieve & broaden your thinking, to hold no limits. Your healing colour is purple. Your lucky number is 13.

2: RED QUARTZ: Your card is “FLOWER POWER” The focus is- “Spend time with flowers and flower essences to increase your personal healing power”
The Fairy’s bring you the news of opening the senses. I remember pulling this card myself and rolling my eyes a bit, thinking “why in the world would I get this card?” It was not what I thought one of those “interesting” or “all revealing” types of cards that bring you quick answers. 
What I feel this card is indicating to you, is something that is blocked and repressed within you, becomes unleashed, when you work with fragrant oils, fragrant candles, and placing beautiful flowers in and around your home. The sense of smell can do more to trigger memory, then you currently may think. We can all imagine smells that make us feel good, like a great meal in the oven, or a cake baking for instance-but have we stopped to really wonder why it affects us as it does? Could a deeper memory, of having that same meal be waking up inside of us, tempting us to look further within? Test out some different fragrances when you meditate, or are working on your spiritual path. A difference in scent, can make all the difference to your mood and emotional well being, at the same time, revealing subtle memories, from this life, or ancient times gone by- a missing piece of the puzzle if you will. So it is not such a “boring” card after all!! Your healing colour is pink. Your lucky number is 5.

3: PETRIFIED WOOD. Your card is: “SUMMER”. The focus is- “Everything that you are asking for becomes yours in the summer”
The Fairies have a way of delivering news just at the perfect moment. They are constantly living in a state of joy, laughter, dance & happiness. They do not only celebrate when things go right-they constantly celebrate all that life has to offer.
This card has come up for you, because you have been wondering about your next move. It is not time to rush or feel pressured to move right now. The timing does not seem to be quite right, so don't mistake waiting, for being unheard or unanswered. 
This card also brings warmth into your life in other ways. The goddess of the home, “Bridgette” is also always there waiting to help guide you to the right home for you, or else bring love and warmth into your existing one. She is a beautiful red haired goddess of light, who is very actively tickling my face whilst I am typing! Simply asking for assistance in helping you to feel warmth in your life, may be all that you need right now. Light some candles and give thanks for all you have, and all that is coming your way! Oh, there is also a message about children, who are coming to your home, in one way or another. Travel and adventures are also on the horizon. 
This is also a message for you to take care of yourself on the inside, and keep giving love to all the places you may not like with your body, and also give love to any areas that are in pain or dis-ease. Sending waves of warmth from your hands, with intention of “release” makes any healing possible. Your healing colour is green. Your lucky number is 7.

4: FLUORITE: Your card is “Get Some Exercise” The focus is- “As your body becomes stronger, you begin to become stronger in all ways” 
The Fairy’s bring you the message of healing with walking, or anything that takes you outside. You may be contemplating what type of exercise will give you the best results and this card is validation that your thoughts and current ideas are on track for you. 
Grueling regimes may work for some people, but for others, is only makes matters worse, by releasing a stress hormone into the body called “Cortisol” this makes is near on impossible to lose weight, or gain muscle, because your body is on alert. It alters immune system responses and suppresses the digestive system, the reproductive system and growth processes. Almost like the ‘danger’ button within is pressed, and the body tries to essentially save itself, and buffer any more ‘impact’. Your whole body become affected and strained.So if your regime is grueling, but you don’t seem to get anywhere, cut back, and see the difference! 
This is also a message to work with crystals, and exercise your senses-all of them! Do some meditations on chanting, whilst working with different crystals, incense and candles. Work internally, on your muscles-seeing them strengthen and tone, ON THE INSIDE! It may sound strange, but the results are worth it. The entire body, mind & soul need to be working together in harmony. Try to bring all of this knowledge together, and see the amazing difference in your body and your entire mind set. 
Your strength and vitality will cause a ripple effect throughout other people’s lives as well. Most important, listen to your body, and what it needs. You will always know, what is right for you, based on your feelings. Your healing colour is red. Your lucky number is 19.

A message for everyone today: This is from the spiritual realm, channeled by me, BDevine®

“Dear Ones,
There is no need to feel like others have more or deserve more than you. You have inherited ALL THAT IS, and it has never left you!! Instead it is you who have searched everywhere else for it, instead of acknowledging its existence within you.
Start to really focus on the infinity of who you really are as a soul. You can do no wrong, for you are here to experience. Each one of you are welcomed home to the light, with infinite love, peace & understanding. Do try your best in this World, to accept and love you as a soul, and let go of restrictions in your psyche that are blocking your fullest potentials. You are loved, you are never alone, and you are magnificent just how you are!
The Spiritual realms”

  Much love and light to all of you, BDevine