Angel of March- "Machidiel "

Element: Fire
Overseeing: Aries

Tarot Cards: Wands
Chakra: Third Eye & Crown



Archangel Machidiel, (Lightening Of God) is a powerful Angel of

guidance, fortune and brings courage and strength in the face of adversity.


He brings with him the energy of many thousands of Angels, (as all the angels do) and can shield and release you from long held ties.


March can be a tricky month for many people, as the energy of March can bring with it (in some cases) some strokes of what we think is bad luck, and some situations of extreme agitation and issues from the past coming back to haunt us.


Machidiel can help you through any trials, showing you, with love, that you are far more capable than you give yourself credit for.


Negative attachments, can come from all directions, and especially since we are opening more and more to our own sensitivity, and abilities, we are going to notice more and more how we are affected by our empathy levels rising. It will be important this month, to remember when you are being super sensitive, and asking for clearing from this, shielding in light, and release from any psychic attack or attachments from people you meet, whether you know them or not.


Machidiel works with you to bring peace into your heart, to creative luck and allow your dreams to come true. A magnificent warrior of light, he is always with you, as long as you ask.


As an ambassador of protection, he works closely with the band of Angels that are dedicated to serving and protecting the world and all of it's inhabitants.


Opportunities for growth are all around you this month, even in the darker times, when you will find that you truly are a positive light worker, and there is nothing that can ever keep you down!


Thinking of him, or asking for protection can bring this Angel, close to you immediately, so don't think that you are not heard!




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Crystals include: Carnelian,Coral,Malachite,Rose Quartz.

Essential Oils include:

Rose, Ylang Ylang,Vanilla & Tea Tree.


Incense: Floral,lemon,Nag Champa



He/She also brings the "Fire" energy of the elements, and you can read more about it here :


For each month of the year, there is an 'overseeing' Angel or a group of them.


There is also an "overseeing" Angel, for each element.


Earth's overseeing Angel is "Uriel"

Air's Overseeing Angel is "Raphael"

Water's Overseeing Angel is "Gabriel"

Fire's Overseeing Angel is "Michael"

On with the key points for this month!



Key Points for March 2016


1: Luck


2: Growth


3: Opportunity


4: Strength


5: Helpfulness


6: Creative energy


7: Release of attachments


8: Transition


9: Fast Events

10: Confidence


11: Courage





Message from 'Machidiel':


"Greetings everyone,

We Angels send you limitless unconditional love now and always!

We thank you for your courage and faith in the divine plan you have set out for yourself and we endeavor to help you and guide you along the path.


Fear not the thoughts and opinions of others-each of you are doing the best you can in your ever changing world.

Allow us to bring opportunity and growth of every level of your life, as you trust your intuition and go with the flow.


Shield and release negative attachments daily as your light is increasing, which can attract unwanted energy towards you.


As you ask, sense or intend or feel the Angelic support, it instantly removes anything you do not need for your growth.


Trust yourselves, for you are far more wonderful than you can imagine .


We send you love always!!


Blessings and light!
Archangel Machidiel and the Angelic realm :) "






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