Angel of October- "Bariel "

Element: Water
Overseeing: Scorpio



Hi everyone! Thank you for taking the time to read this month's guidance messages.


This month, we are working with the beautiful energy of 'Bariel'.


Bariel is known as the "Wisdom Of God " and brings happiness,knowledge,relief and celebrations for all.


As you connect with Bariel,you will find that you are learning more about yourself and what you will accept into your life.


Bariel will work with you on completing your life mission and awakening your soul talents and true desires.
When you wish to release people and situations from your life, you may need healing to get you through. Don't forget to call on the strength and wisdom of Bariel, to help you through to the other side of this. He will also offer protection to you and your loved ones as well as help to recover memories from past-lives.


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Crystals include: Amber,Rose,Malachite,Aquamarine,Ruby & the Quartz family.


Essential Oils include:

Rose, Ylang Ylang & Peppermint.


Incense: Natural,Myrrh,Cinnamon.



He/She also brings the "Water" energy of the elements, and you can read more about it here :


For each month of the year, there is an 'overseeing' Angel or a group of them.


There is also an "overseeing" Angel, for each element.


Earth's overseeing Angel is "Uriel"

Air's Overseeing Angel is "Raphael"

Water's Overseeing Angel is "Gabriel"

Fire's Overseeing Angel is "Michael"

On with the key points for this month!



Key Points for October 2015:


1: Insight:


2: Past Lives:


3: Creativity:


4: Healing the past:


5: Family:


6: Letting go and moving on:


7: Spiritual practices:


8: Soul Love:


9: Manifestation:




Messages for the elements:


Fire signs- Archangel Michael. Your message was from the Angel Of Transformational Energy. His name is Nathaniel, and represents the healing fires of light that wash over you as you open yourself to true commitment to your Eternal Self.
As you decide that you want to transform, the Angels hover over you, and help to prepare the way forward with unconditional love.

Nathaniel is there for you anytime, but particularly when you need a change or are looking to transition into something new.

"Commitment to the light activates the Angels to hover over you with the fire of soul love" (Kim Marooney)

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Water Signs-Archangel Gabriel. Your Angel was Amitiel-the Angel of truth.

It is time now to face the truth about yourself and your feelings throughout your life. Perhaps it is the truth of your family, work,relationships or deep feelings. Whatever it is for you, it is now the perfect time to let go and allow this truth to come to the surface to be more in line with you Eternal (Higher) Self.
It is perfect timing now to let go and allow the shifts that need to occur to happen to better you and your life.

"The Eternal self, is your individualized part of God's personal presence".
(Kim Marooney)


Air signs-Archangel Raphael. Your Angel is Amarushaya-the Angel Of Blessings.

You are being given the opportunity for great blessings in your life. As you give gratitude for all that you have, there will be more for you to be grateful for.

The great Angel of blessings shows no favor,only asks that there be an acceptance in your heart for great things to occur. The expectation needs to be within you that blessings will occur and let go of things that don't keep you in that vibration.

"Create your own opportunities to give praises to celebrate and include the Angels in your life" (Kim Marooney)


Earth Signs- Archangel Uriel. Your Angel was Archangel Michael-protection.

You are expanding your spiritual awareness and abilities. It is constantly with you no matter what else is happening in your life. It is vital that you are protected on your path and continue to live the life that you choose, not what others want you to do. It is the biggest but most rewarding challenge of your soul journey.

"If the importance of your Spiritual Path is constantly expanding,you are working with the energy of Michael" (Kim Marooney)




Message from 'Bariel':


"Dear ones,

Blessings to you! Open your hearts and arms to receive divine love.

You are all part of a giant family of light and unconditional love. Each one of you are learning in your own way to be free of limitations and release yourself from negativity,judgment,fears and worries.

You are all beginning to see how easy your lives can become with simple methods and reminders that as you follow, you begin to see the changes you have been waiting for.

All your challenges and burdens have been shaping you into your true authentic self.

Although hard for you to deal with at the time, it shapes and shifts you into more awareness and strength. In some ways the burdens have taught you more than blessings do. It makes you appreciate more, all that you have.

See this month as a transformation month into more of who you desire to be. Pretend daily that you have already become all that you seek, without question, and watch how reality catches up with you.

keep going! Such wonderful things are coming your way. Embrace yourself and feel joy in all you do and abundance will always follow you!

I am Bariel"








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