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Thank you so much for your interest in the past life therapy sessions.
Working with me and your "spiritual team" as well as working deep with Source energy.This creates a healing that is deep and of course, most interesting!
Get ready for your life to change in the most amazing ways! We will set times for (2) sessions, so you can truly experience the amazing benefits, of clearing away past energy, and past traumas that may still be haunting you! We will also be upgrading your energy centers, aura, portals of light will open, and thus your true abilities will begin to emerge easily.

Your first session, will include what to expect from your session, and we will need to go over your needs, past issues, and help you to understand what can and will happen, with your true belief and trust in it.What you experience, will always be exactly what you need.

In my experience with this therapy, already there have been astounding breakthroughs & certain medical miracles! Here are just some of those.
* Psoriasis & skin issues

* Hair loss

* Back bone and swelling healed

*complete spinal fusions healed

*no medications

*Eye sight restored,




*Ribs-broken and scarred.


* Total body healing

*Cancer-It does not matter what kind.

*Emotional issues-on every level.

*Past life issues.

* Cell regeneration

* and countless more issues all healed!


This method of healing is for everyone, and is life changing. However, I do recommend, that you have a session only when you truly feel guided to do it, and you are ready for a complete change. Again, the results of your session, rely heavily on your willingness for change and healing.

Your session will also be recorded for you, to further integrate the healing forever. I am a level 2 dedicated QHHT practioner, and will be using some techniques taught in this process, however, this is different and unique for each person. This is not a standard QHHT hypnosis session, and you will most likely remember most of the session.
However, you will be safe and relaxed and absolutely anyone can have success with this.
We have (2) sessions together for the price of one!

You will need to have no interruptions, and also be willing to speak freely with me about what has been occurring in your life-physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally etc.ALL SESSIONS ARE CONFIDENTIAL!
You may choose to share your recording with others, however, all sessions are secure with me, and will be deleted after 24 hours of sending your file.

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Here is a beautiful testimonial from my first cancer patient-and it was a huge success!!


This is my Testimony to Rebecca Devine (Devine miracles)

Dear Becky.

Thank you.

As a spiritual guide, and healer, you have taken it upon yourself, with my full agreement, to be involved in my healing. 

Initially, your role was a remote one, via your friend Felicity Ryan. 
Subsequently, you flew from Adelaide to see me, free of charge, for a quantum hypnosis session, which lasted 5.5 hours.

At the conclusion of this session, I believed, and felt that my healing was finally cemented inside me, after 58 years or so.

You allowed me the necessary space, in which I was therefore able to do the necessary worth to complete important stages in my healing. I could not have done what I did without your presence, your compassion and your facilitation.

 Subsequently, I briefly lost some ground in this ongoing process, whereby you returned for a somewhat briefer follow up session, at my request. This time, I was ready for the finishing touches, which we duly achieved. 

Subsequently, I was able to get through a period of depression, lasting about 6 weeks, while I was receiving a second round of chemotherapy, which nearly physically killed me. This was something that I had to do, for me.
Now, 6 weeks down the track, my healing is beginning to shine through me, and my positive energy has returned in abundance. 

My latest CT scan has confirmed complete remission of a stage 4 terminal squamous carcinoma of the nasal septum/vestibule, with a metastatic nodule in the left lobe. 

I am healed, yet the journey has just begun, as I maintain the process of healing, in every present moment. I will never look back after what you have so simply, yet so effectively, enabled to emerge from within me...the choice of life.

Shine on
I Love  you

Dr. Kim Ryan

More Testimonials:

"If there was ever the perfect person to see for your readings, reiki, quantum healing and spiritual growth and learning, Rebecca Devine from Devine miracles is that person. I have thoroughly been astonished with my sessions with Rebecca, and always blown away by the helpfulness of my time with her. Rebecca is an accurate reflection of the truth that lay already inside all of us and I am also constantly impressed by her generosity, and the self teaching she provides and encourages in everyone through her Facebook page/YouTube. Devine Miracles is a Devine gift along the road to anyone's spiritual journey, and One could not ask to come across a greater speaker of the light." C. Waterhouse

" I have been to many different 'healers' 'readers' and spiritual guru's, and was quite hesitant to reach out, considering all I had been through, and the money I had spent on so called 'healing's'. However, I was drawn to BDevine through her YouTube videos, and felt an instant resonance, which pushed me in her direction. I came for a Past Life Regression session, and she only asked for a donation, if I could not afford it. I was blown away with her, and my results! I had always had back pain, knee pain and suffered from being overweight and daily migraines. By the time I left her house, I was walking taller, with no pain whatsoever-and 3 months down the track-it has NEVER come back! BDevine guides you beautifully to where you need to be to have the healing you need. She is with you every step of the way, and will push through barriers you may be putting up to somehow protect yourself, or block the real healing. She helps you to feel great about yourself and excited for your future! Don't hesitate to contact her, and make a booking. If you are really sick of how you are feeling, and the pain you are in, and want relief, it is only a call away. I can not recommend her higher, she really is the 'real deal'. " C. Jones










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