Angel of July- "Archangel Verchiel "

Overseeing-Star Sign Leo


Chakra-Solar Plexus/Crown



Hi everyone! Thank you for taking the time to read this month's guidance messages.


This month, we are working with the beautiful energy of 'Verchiel' the Angel who is known as the "bringer of surprise"

Right now, we are ever evolving into a brand new energy, and you may have found it difficult to deal with everything that has been coming to the surface, to clear and change.

There is an energy of "holding the light" and this has been something that we are becoming more accustomed to, yet, also finding this increasingly difficult. The more filled with light that you are, the more aware you become- therefore, there are those who will try to emotionally keep you where you don't want to be. Your old emotions can be used against you, so you will have to remain vigilant in your positive affirmations, and high vibration.


Remember that nothing can harm you unless you allow it, so be mindful of the thoughts you are having, and whether these are higher energy or not.
You are also manifesting rapidly, so use your mind to bring what you really want into your life, and not what you don't want for yourself.

Verchiel brings the element of surprise, the feeling of excitement when you know that something has change, or something exciting is happening. Think about all your wishes coming true, and embrace that feeling as your reality.

This will speed up time, and change your progression to be very quick.


As all the Angels help us to awaken our healing abilities, Verchiel "attunes" us to excitement and joy, and brings healing to our life from where we think these things are lacking.

You may also be asked to look deeply into your reactions to the past. Are you reacting the same old way? Do you always blame yourself for the past? Do you always feel guilt for things you couldn't change?
Believe me when I say, the energy of all of this, is much deeper, and goes much further back then you might realize.


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As you work with changing energy, changing vibrations and clearing energy, it can be very draining, so also bring in Verchiel, to bring in new energy and awareness of what is causing depletion.

A new force is with you now. You are not the same person as you where yesterday, and you are continuing to grow on every level. You don't have to be perfect, you just have to work at being your own personal best.

True happiness, always leads to success, this is why it is so important to watch who drains your energy, or who is always negative around you.

If you can't forgive something or someone, allow the creator energy to take over. This relieves the burden and allows you to move on.

Spiritual warriors of all kinds are uniting now. We are done with the same old same old. It is time for us all, to reach even greater potentials, and manifest at higher levels than ever before.


Ask Verchiel for assistance, and believe the energy is always working for your highest good!

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Crystals include: Ruby, Clear Quartz, Citrine, Yellow Jade, Peridot.

Essential Oils include:Ylang Ylang, Rose, Neroli,Orange.


Incense: Fruits



He/She also brings the "Fire" energy of the elements, and you can read more about it here :


For each month of the year, there is an 'overseeing' Angel or a group of them.


There is also an "overseeing" Angel, for each element.


Earth's overseeing Angel is "Uriel"

Air's Overseeing Angel is "Raphael"

Water's Overseeing Angel is "Gabriel"

Fire's Overseeing Angel is "Michael"

On with the key points for this month!



Key Points for July 2019:


1:Intensified attunements:


2:Protection/Home & Personal:


3:Fast Action:




5:New Relationships:










Message from 'Verchiel':



I am one of the Angels of change, surprise and joy, working with the Earth and all of it's inhabitants, to bring new light, and healing codes onto the planet.
It is truly time, for the advancement of all of you, as souls, so that you can reclaim, and hold your true inner light, and divine guidance.
Each of you have the power as creators, to change your whole life and existence, into the new, and now it is time for this to be seen by you.

Use the knowledge, and assistance, that we are sending to you-by way of people, energies, new opportunities, waves of abundance and joy, which will help you all to manifest.

There are those who are still trying to figure everything out. We applaud all of you for where you are on your journey. It is time for new developments, and change, and an increase in protection, as you move up and up into the new existence, you are now creating.

Dwell not, on negativity-just allow us to clear this out of your awareness, long before it has a chance to affect you.

Work with people who will be guided by Angels to help you in the best way, to release everything that is trapped within you. Trust is always key.

Have trust and faith that everything is working in your favor, and forget anything lower that this. Allow this to be your vibration, and anything false, will have no choice but to fall away.


Now is your true time to shine!!

With love and powerful assistance,

Archangel Verchiel"

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